Meet your future self game

Now You Can Meet–And Talk To–Yourself 20 Years Into The Future

meet your future self game

Change My Face provides innovative ageing software allowing people to visualise themselves November 11, Comments Off on Meet Your Future Self. Talk to Future You (You in ) in Orange's Unnerving New But this time, it's personal: the FutureSelf website takes you forward by 20 years. Twenty years from now, I'll be a silver-haired fox and speak with a British accent, judging from this "Future Self" campaign created by Publicis.

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meet your future self game

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You perceive as a child, filled with wonder and delight, full of pain and agony… focused upon the goal of survival and accomplishment. In truth these are humanistic perspectives. Your belief that knowledge is attainable from your current position… your current state of mind… is as foreign to me as thinking that your Earth is flat is to you.

meet your future self game

From where I sit, your insistence upon knowledge, as you know it, is equally as archaic and limited. What is required, in order for you to move to the next level of understanding, is that you relinquish the goal of acquiring knowledge and instead focus upon extending your consciousness beyond its currently fixated position.

For as much as knowledge was once as important to your development… as air to your lungs… it now acts as an impediment to your growth and so must be set aside. As you already know, true knowledge comes from the quiet mind, actively experiencing all it is capable of… without measurement or judgment… without expectation or volition.

This is a maneuver that requires a maturity that I know you are capable of. Still, you stand firmly on the border between the imagined world of knowing and that of being. Knowing precludes being in the sense that all perceptions are filtered through the guise of desire, guilt, and fear. Long have you made an identity of yourself, based upon these tenets, and then defended it at all costs. From your current perspective, you see the futile violence that comes from such a rigid stance, for the ridiculous action it is, and yet you feel at a loss as to how to proceed in transcending it.

I have connected with you in order to help. In doing so I am helping all. In silence, you create mightily. All power is provided the quiet mind. As you know, in such as state of mind any thought becomes a command. To achieve such a state of mind, one must release the rigid grasp on the notion of a static reality that is clung to in the name of sanity.

You may truly be considered insane in the judgmentally fixated mind of humanity for imagining such a progression. From a certain perspective this is quite true… yet from where I sit the gesticulations of the current state of the human race are despicable to say the least. They border on the refined animalistic instincts of an ancient ritual… the ritual of conquering an impossibly opposing force that you call the universe.

It is the primal dance of aggression and control that dominates nearly every facet of your society. This dance has become refined throughout the centuries but it is still the same force that it has always been. As long as control and domination, in any form from the subtle to the overt, dictates your actions, there is no way for you to see clearly and no way for you to act in a loving compassionate way. Further, there is no way, from this primal stance, to experience the truly powerful being that you are.

Guided Meditation for Meeting Your Future Self (Special Collaboration with Jason Stephenson)

This power comes not from warring with a harsh and cruel world but from a quiet mind that has no interest in gain or loss… beginnings or endings… domination or acquiescence.

This is a self-regulator that is inherent in your path of ascension. One cannot ascend to a level of true power until one has released any desire to control, dominate or to acquire on any level. This exchange we are experiencing, is evidence that you are ready to continue.

Orange: It’s Time To Meet Your FutureSelf | Digital Buzz Blog

I touched upon the idea of a loving compassionate act. But to you this infers an act of sacrifice. This is a perfect example of how mistakenly you view your reality. Compassion involves the ability to be conscious of what is required in any circumstance and the wisdom and courage to follow through with its requirements. The most compassionate act is one of aiding in the transcendence of the afore-mentioned primal motivations.

When you see, as I do, that state of mind is quite literally everything, then the only assistance one can provide is based upon the development of such vision. Such acts of compassion take on many forms. They are based upon interacting within the delusional state of the subject s. However, one does not become drawn into the delusion, on the contrary, it is the vision that is aware of the delusion that provides the compassionate the opportunity to engage and to be impacting and thus loving.

This is a thin line to walk, given your human proclivities, since it can very easily be misused as a subtle mode of control and domination.

meet your future self game

Great care must be taken, through a continued focus upon awareness, not to fall into the trap of these subtle forms of egoic motivations.

In the instant one feels the slightest leaning toward desire, it is quenched by the silent mind. Nothing else will suffice. We thus stand in the middle of an imagined raging storm and see it for the delusion it is.

My Future Self and Me - TV Tropes

We do not continue it through our own acknowledgement of its reality. This is true of both experiences you think of as outside yourself as well as those you think of as inside. For in reality there is no inside or outside… there is only one.

The experiencer is the experience… there is no separation… no division… Through unconsciousness, you create in a chaotic and very limited manner.

You call this unconsciousness the subconscious, which is not far from the truth. For you, the notion that you are creating your experiences is inconceivable. You say that if you are creating your own reality, it is happening from a sub-conscious level. This is nearly true. But from my perspective, I see that you are in denial of who you are.

You know that you are a creatively unlimited being and yet look away from that realization in favor of some perceived worldly gain of security in one form or another. This gain is usually in the form of bolstering an idea of self.

Writing a paper on myself

You spend so much energy defending this false view of who you are that you blind yourself to all but a petty belief in whatever it is that you are thinking at the moment. But as you have seen, you can think anything you want and believe it is true. This in itself should expose the fleeting nature of these thoughts and dispel once and for all your faith in them.

Yet, you continue to cling to that sinking ship… that boat will float no more my friend.

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Aspirations may seem valid and sane to those who believe there is something to attain. Only from a sense of desire and a perspective of lack could one imagine an idea worthy of the energy put into them. As you have described to many others, you learned to quiet your mind, not through struggling with it, but by simply doing it… or perhaps better said… by not making the noise.

Thinking about quieting the mind, is the antithesis of quieting the mind. So it is with every aspect of that which you perceive as your life.