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find what colleges meet your needs

Peterson's Undergraduate Schools description goes here. Meet Your Match Once you find schools that match your interests, save them to your personal. Use College Raptor's college match tool to see and compare thousands of colleges based on your estimated net price and academic fit at each institution. Learn the basics about the college search and find out how to start a college list.

All of these amount to "free money". So, when comparing the costs of different colleges, you should consider your net price, not the sticker price. Prices shown on College Raptor are our best esimates. They are often not perfect, but generally close to the net price estimate that you would receive by using a college's official net price calculator. All prices are per year and calculated for full-time students living on campus.

Match Categories College matches will be organized into one of five match categories: These categories are based on your estimated admissions chance at that particular college. Some colleges—particularly very selective colleges like Ivy League schools—will be categorized as a "Huge Reach" for all students, including those who match their academic profile.

This is because even for well-qualified students, it's still very difficult to get accepted to these colleges. Admission Chances Estimated admissions chances are based on a combination of the student's academic information and the overall acceptance rate of a college.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy July 23, at Please read the lesson on net price calculators to learn more about them. That is a good question to ask college admission offices is how accurate are their calculators. There is no reason to have to wait to find out what it is. Reply CW July 16, at 6: What loan-free monies are available to help meet his out-of-state financial obligation?

Thank you for taking time to advise me!

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It is deeply appreciated! Reply MaryTango July 15, at 9: Most of the listed schools use CSS profile, which adds home equity, savings, and not the age of parent into formula.

find what colleges meet your needs

Also, adds in Perkins loans and work study. What type of college location is best for you? However, if you prefer starry nights to city lights, you might be happier at a more rural school. Looking for the best of both worlds? Consider a suburban school with easy access to the city.

List of Colleges That Meet % of Financial Need

Maybe you want to go far away, or maybe you want or need to stay close to home. Questions to ask Do I want to attend college in a rural, suburban, or urban area? Do I want to be far away and on my own or close enough to travel home on the weekends? What is the weather typically like during the academic year? What kinds of recreational opportunities and amenities like grocery stores are in the area?

What is the crime rate typically like in the area? Can I live off campus? Or if I want to stay on campus, is housing available all four years?

What is the average cost of living and general quality of life? Are you seeking an intense research university? What about a school with bleed-the-school-colors spirit? Do you want to attend an institution affiliated with a religion or with a strong commitment to athletics, Greek life, or the arts? The campus atmosphere will likely be an important part of your happiness at school—and that can have a profound impact on your overall college experience. Happy students are more likely to graduate, so spend some time thinking about what makes you happy, and look for colleges with opportunities that match.

Questions to ask What is the social scene like on campus? How do students spend their free time on campus and off? What are the students generally like in reality, not just stereotypes!

find what colleges meet your needs

How many students live on campus full time? How many stay on campus during the weekends? How many are on campus during breaks? What kinds of fun things are available to students through the school and in the community?

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How friendly and welcoming do the students and staff seem? Athletics and other extracurriculars A lot of your time in college will be spent in activities outside the classroom—as it should be! College extracurriculars span virtually every interest you can imagine, from academic clubs to cultural groups to theater troupes to intramural sports. And they can help you develop all kinds of useful skills, from teamwork to creative problem solving among other things employers like to see.

Student-athletes should start by realistically assessing their abilities and considering which schools are most likely to give them a team jersey. What kinds of extracurricular opportunities exist on campus in art, music, theater, community service, athletics, etc.? How many students participate in extracurriculars? Are there clubs or pre-professional associations related to my major s or intended career?

Can students start their own clubs? How easy is it to do?

The Ultimate Guide to the College Search: How to Find Your Perfect College Match

What is the athletic recruitment process like? What athletic conference and division is the school?

find what colleges meet your needs

Size Big university, small college, or something in between: Big schools offer a wide variety of classes and majors, but they can also be a bit daunting and professors may be less accessible. A smaller student body generally means a lower student-faculty ratio, but course offerings and activities may be more limited. However, keep in mind that you can totally find your niche at any large university.

And who cares if a small school doesn't offer a bajillion academic and extracurricular offerings as long as they have a handful that matter to you?