What is an ideal perfect relationship

what is an ideal perfect relationship

What you think your relationship is might not be the reality. We all hold the idea of the “perfect” relationship, an idea that may Finding the ideal partner and relationship may be a matter of perception. Wondering what the perfect relationship looks like? Here are a few signs that indicate you're in an ideal relationship.

But in general what they are looking for and what I'm looking for is completely off in another direction which makes me sad! P I also found many of these guys might date more for the image rather then getting to know someone deep down. Though this could just be the guys who interacted with me. I always did attract the wrong type. I like being kept on my toes too. I am still working on it. P My ideal relationship is not a dream, it is reality. I'm in my ideal relationship!

He is exactly what I want.

what is an ideal perfect relationship

I am exactly what he wants. Our relationship has most of the things on the OPs list, but more importantly, our relationship is exactly what both of us want.

Seven Qualities of an Ideal Partner

Reality is better than a dream. What are the chances of that?

13 Secrets for a Happy Long-Term Relationship

It is hard to find, but it is out there! That gives me hope.

How to Create Your Ideal Relationship: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

I find many of the "super sexual" guys have left me be which is nice The idea of a child scares them and they also finally realized I was looking for a long term relationship leading to marriage.

They seemed to never believe me.

what is an ideal perfect relationship

I think they do now. P I'm still not ready to be with anyone. I have too many things to work on myself first. The ideal partner is open and undefended, and is willing to be vulnerable. As a result, they are approachable and receptive to feedback without being overly sensitive about any topic.

Their openness also enables them to be forthright in expressing feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires. It includes an interest in personal and sexual development.

An ideal partner is honest and lives with integrity. The ideal partner realizes the importance of honesty in a close relationship. Honesty builds trust between people.

Dishonesty confuses the other person, destroying their trust along with their sense of reality. Nothing has a more destructive impact on a close relationship between two people than dishonesty and deception.

Even in such painful situations as infidelity, the blatant deception involved is often more hurtful than the unfaithful act itself. This goes for all levels of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

An ideal partner is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities.

Ideal partners treat each other with respect and sensitivity. They do not try to control each other with threatening or manipulative behavior. An ideal partner has empathy for and understanding of their partner. The ideal partner perceives their mate on both an intellectual, observational level and an emotional, intuitive level. This partner is able to both understand and empathize with their mate. When a couple understands each other, they become aware of the commonalities that exist between them and also recognize and appreciate the differences.

what is an ideal perfect relationship

An ideal partner is physically affectionate and sexually responsive. The ideal partner is easily affectionate and responsive on many levels: They are personal, acknowledging and outwardly demonstrative of feelings of warmth and tenderness.