What can make or break a relationship

Healthy Relationships: The Reactions That Make (or Break) a Relationship

what can make or break a relationship

It's a defining time, where the reaction of your other can make or break you both, so intense and important is this event. It's indicative of who. You may not think very much about how you respond, but reactions can have a significant impact on the health of your relationship. Over the last 4 months, I have learned an immensely simple, yet important lesson . DON'T SETTLE. And yes, I'm referring to who you choose to.

How can you manage frustration better next time? How can taking accountability help your relationship?

Healthy Relationships: The Reactions That Make (or Break) a Relationship

Mutual respect No one deserves to be treated with disrespect. Even a single moment of being treated poorly by your partner can make or break your relationship.

what can make or break a relationship

If an insult is thrown by you, recognize your mistake and apologize. Resolve to avoid using hurtful language in the future. Was it your partner who showed disrespect toward you?

what can make or break a relationship

You need to speak up for yourself right away. Balance Not feeling like your partner and you are on a level playing field can feel unfair. Each person should have a say in the decisions that affect both of you.

5 Things That Can Make (Or Break) Your Relationship

If your partner is power-hungry, it can make or break your relationship. In romantic relationships, usually the highest income earner has the power in the relationship, and traditionally the men are the higher income earners. In each study, women reported greater relationship quality, equality, and stability to the extent they perceived their partner to be a feminist; they also reported greater sexual satisfaction. Intimacy Look, no one is wishing they had less sex.

For men, just sex is usually all they need because the touching is included with the act. Women like the same amount of touching, just spread over the whole day. Relationships outside your relationship. Treating your partnership as a priority, or not, can really make or break your relationship. Your respect for your relationship should be equal to the respect that you would want for yourself. Do not speak ill of your partner to others.

But in their day-to-day lives, they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other which all couples have from overwhelming their positive ones.


They have what I call an emotionally intelligent marriage. In The Seven Principles for Making Marriage WorkGottman outlines seven key principles that can help a couple grow closer and stay together. Enhance your love maps The little details matter more than you might think. He also refers to it as making cognitive room for your relationship. When she orders him a salad, she knows to ask for his dressing on the side.

Nurture fondness and admiration Remember that mutual admiration you had from the start. Always try to find something to love about him or her. Look for ways to remind yourself why you fell in love. Turn toward each other instead of away Connecting with each other regularly is hugely important. Learn to relish the seemingly unimportant activities in life together. Gottman says this is essential to forming a connection. Couples who engage in lots of such interaction tend to remain happy.

Couples who do so are building mutual trust. Let your partner influence you Working through things together shows respect. Also learn to see both sides during an argument and master the art of compromise. Gottman emphasizes that for a relationship to thrive, a couple must form a partnership. Solve your solvable problems Solving problems is better than ignoring them. When you let problems fester, resentment will build over time.