The mentalist jane and lisbon relationship trust

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the mentalist jane and lisbon relationship trust

The Mentalist has concluded it seven season stint with the wedding of end, in my opinion, with the romantic relationship between Jane and Lisbon. . Jane is hurt that Lisbon doesn't trust him and tells her that he needs her. Teresa Lisbon Jane is a fictional character in the American television series, The Red John once tested their relationship when he ordered Jane to bring him Even though Lisbon's often annoyed by Jane's behavior, she trusts him and has. A great memorable quote from the The Mentalist, Season 1 show on Lisbon: A trust fall? Jane: Yeah. I'm sure you did one on your CBI retreat. Ah. Here we have two co-workers recognizing the boundaries of their professional relationship.

Like someone stole your tiara but they both let the attraction blossom into something deeper. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, sure, but what show were you watching all along? Okay, this is just a reference to one of the little activities Jane and Lisbon did when they were still developing their relationship, but to be straightforward about it — trust is a very important component for a relationship to work.

Jane trusted Lisbon with his life.

the mentalist jane and lisbon relationship trust

If there is anyone in CBI that he trusts, that is Lisbon. Lisbon trusts Jane, too. When her career was endangered in Red Badge, she called Jane and trusted that he will be able to help her. Similarly, a relationship will not flourish if trust is not present in a relationship.


No wonder Rigsby's got a soft spot for her. She was frowning as she searched through clothes and papers.

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Finally, a smile spread across her face as she exclaimed, "Aha! You didn't have to make them so uncomfortable, especially on Van Pelt's first day. You need your sleep as much as I do, if not more. You carry a gun. Why didn't you come to my room then? I know when you're hiding something.

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She pulled in at the medical center's parking lot and Jane got out of the car. As he walked away, she pulled the window down and asked him, "what time do you want me to pick you up? He smiled at her. Now go back to your room. I'm not in the mood for you tonight," she told him. They stared at each other for a minute and finally Jane got up. She dropped on her bed and fell asleep, fully clothed.

Jane walked into the room, a box of doughnuts in hand. Yes, yes it is. Which brings us back to the priority triangle that was introduced in the Pilot. I wonder what will happen next?

And, by the way, guess what music is playing during the trust fall? That's right, the "Jisbon" theme. Which I'm sure has a proper name Sorry Blake Neely; you're music deserves more credit than that! Red Sauce Red Sauce s01e20 This episode probably has the most blatantly obvious sign of a growing romantic relationship between Jane and Lisbon of the entire season. Now for all of you who think that him buying her a pony was merely a cute thing that Jane did for a good friend or a sibling like gesture, I would like for you to go and ask a man, any man who will be honest with you, if he would ever go to the trouble of looking for, purchasing, and having a pony delivered to the office of a woman who was just a friend.

the mentalist jane and lisbon relationship trust

It would never happen. And as far as the sibling theory goes, I have three brothers and have not once received a birthday gift from any of them, let alone a pony. And they are good brothers. Also, I suppose, that I must begrudgingly admit, even though I don't believe that Lisbon had strong feelings for Jane until season four, that Lisbon was indeed acting "grumpy" that Jane "forgot" to give her a gift.

the mentalist jane and lisbon relationship trust

Unless, of course, she has stronger feelings for him than she would for someone who was just an employee or friend. So far it has been established that Jane cares for Lisbon almost as much if not as much as he does about catching Red John, and that it is very important for him that Lisbon trust him.

In this episode Jane gets mad at Lisbon for saving him and allowing Red John to get away, and then immediately after kills his first and only lead to Red John in order to save her life.