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meet the ends of

Synonyms for make ends meet at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for make ends meet. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that 43 percent of American adults struggle to make ends meet in a new survey. To earn just enough money to pay one's bills. To make ends meet, Phil picked up a second job delivering pizzas. After the large income tax hike, many people.

That's why I'm always broke," he wept;: So, did the person that had told me the 'time of the depression' story misrepresent its origin, were they possibly remembering this poem, or, is this poem the true origin of the phrase?

meet the ends of

The poem, though, seems to be making a pun of something that's already well-known. They wouldn't be making a pun unless people already thought of it as 'both ends meet'.

To The Ends of the Earth: meet Canon Master Krystle Wright, adventure photographer

Wouldn't be funny, otherwise. I know that in these archives someone said, "To make both ends meet is to live within one's means, but what are the ends in this instance?

meet the ends of

Most probably the term comes from accountancy where "meet" used to be an adjective meaning "equal" or "balanced". The end was the end of the financial year in which both profit and loss accounts had to be balanced: And, that is the most common thought of how it's used today, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it didn't originate as the 'Both ends meat' concept.

Anybody have any more information about that?

Make Both Ends Meet (Meat) - phrase meaning and origin

The "meat" interpretation is spurious. Rather than continue with the traditional Scottish piecemeal approach to reform, should the Executive and the profession not get together and agree that there should be a full blown review of the way the justice system operates?

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Hard statistical evidence is needed to aid those who would seek to reallocate resources to produce a better system. Would it not make sense to look at the whole picture, enabling the Executive to target its application of public funds?

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For its part, the profession must recognise that the Executive does not have unlimited funds to spend on the justice system. It is better for the profession to participate actively in the process of determining where the finite funds will go, rather than be involved in ad hoc battles to obtain money for particular areas.

Working in partnership with the politicians, the profession can contribute greatly to the longer term planning and development of the justice system. Contrary to what the public may think, lawyers are far from averse to reform.

Make Both Ends Meet (Meat)

Lawyers are in the forefront of implementing the changes which Parliament and the Executive visit on them in the plethora of legislation now handed down from both Westminster and Holyrood.

The legal profession is full of talented people who, over the past few difficult years, have shown themselves able to adapt to radical changes in working practices.

meet the ends of

None of this need mean less remuneration for lawyers. In fact, a more efficient system should deter fewer clients and allow more lucrative rates for the profession.