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The upcoming film Bohemian Rhapsody explores the life, music, and loves of as Mercury (and with an obviously killer soundtrack), Bohemian Rhapsody is expected to be the Related: Meet Bohemian Rhapsody's Star-Studded Cast . Browns' victory over Broncos keeps Cleveland in playoff hunt. The play and the film deal with Perry's signature character Madea going to Plot After a high-speed freeway police chase (seen in Meet the Browns) "Superfly" is a song by Curtis Mayfield, the title track from his soundtrack album for the It was the second single released from the album, following "Freddie's Dead. All Soundtracks Song Lyrics [Freddy Vs Jason] .. All I Think About by Bad Meets Evil .. Before It Happened by Gumby Brown And The Nifty Critters *.

May recounts how serious the singer was about Austin - in early interviews s, Mercury calls Austin his common-law wife, saying while they were not officially married, they considered themselves as such.

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Mercury referred to Austin as such until his death, despite his relationships with men. She noticed something was off about Mercury during the last two years of their relationship, shortly after the band joined John Reid Enterprises. In Untold Story, she describes how she'd notice Mercury "avoiding situations" and how she sensed he was feeling bad about something. Mercury came out to Austin as gay in after reportedly having an affair with a man, ending their relationship - but not the love they had for each other.

To know that I had guessed more or less right," Austin said in Untold Story.

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Mercury moved out of their London flat and bought Austin a home nearby, employing her as his personal assistant and adviser. In the biography Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury, he's quoted saying"All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary, but it's simply impossible. I couldn't fall in love with a man the same way I did with Mary. Mercury passed away from bronchopneumonia resulting from AIDS a mere 24 hours after releasing a statement about his disease in After Josh asks Ellen to help Candace, Ellen gets her a job interview, but it results in sexual harassment by the interviewer, who Candace kicks in the groin before storming out.

Just before Madea's trial, Ellen asks Josh how he knows Candace.

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He tells Ellen that they were close friends from childhood through college, but during their college years, all of Josh's friends mistreated and bullied Candace because of her background and he started pushing her away out of embarrassment. He breaks down when he talks about one particular night when he took her to a party. He ended up going on a date and leaving Candace behind at the party, where a group of his friends gang-raped her in his absence.

Since then, Josh has continued to harbor deep-seated guilt for leaving her behind and failing to protect her. Ellen comforts him and tells him that he shouldn't continue holding on to the guilt and that it was never his fault, especially since Candace already had personal troubles beforehand.

At the district attorney's office, Josh's best friend, Chuck, runs into Linda and discovers that she is falsifying Candace's file to deliberately get her sent to prison and away from Josh, a practice she has been engaged with other defendants as well, including Madea.

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Linda blackmails him to keep his mouth shut under the threat of telling their and Josh's boss, the head A. Candace refuses to show up to her trial and returns to prostitution, until she is arrested by an undercover policeman.

Due to Linda's falsifying of her file, the judge gives her a seventeen-year prison sentence. Linda later lies to Josh back at the office and tells him that she "tried" to be lenient, but that the case was too severe. Chuck overhears this and nearly tells Josh the truth, but hesitates because of Linda's previous threat towards him. While in prison, Madea befriends Candace and comes to her defense when she is sexually harassed by Big Sal.

Madea's cellmate and Donna Candace's fellow prostitute friend attend a class taught by Ellen at the prison, in order to have time reduced from their sentences.

During a lesson about forgiveness, Madea notices that some of the inmates would rather play victim instead of taking responsibility for their crimes. She tells the class they need to stop seeing themselves as victims and forgive those who led them onto the bad paths they've been on, as they weren't the ones who ended up in jail. Candace is moved by her words and during a visit with Josh, she admits that back when she was raped at the party he took her to, she called his name repeatedly as the attack happened, but he never came for her.

Candace held on to her anger at him for so long that she forgot how to move on, which resulted in her dropping out of school and becoming a drug addict and prostitute. But with everything she learned from Ellen and Madea, she finally decides to forgive Josh and pick up the pieces of her life.

On Josh's wedding day, Chuck, serving as best mantells him that Linda falsified Candace's file. During the ceremony, Josh, appalled by Linda's deceit and fraud, tells the congregation, including their boss, the Mayor and the Governor what she has done and jilts her at the altar.