Lightning serah relationship quiz

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lightning serah relationship quiz

He doesn't have the ideals of Lightning or Snow and seems to be .. I think his relationship with Vanille really helped his character for me. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "This game portrays Lightning and Serah's relationship. Lightning's original name in this Final Fantasy game is Claire Farron. . relationship but he joins her group on their quest to save Serah (and.

Alyssa was with a friend during the Purge. After the fall of Cocoon, a new era began. What does AF stand for? After the fall Q: From the central pathway of Academia, if you cross the bridge west of Chocolina, what will you see on the sign in front of you?

What phrase is used by his fans when cheering him on? How does a hedge frog return home to lay its eggs? They attach themselves to other animals Q: How many blades are on the windmill in Oerba? How many consecutive slot machine wins were achieved in the memorable Double Lucky Seven Incident? How many lights are there above the gate of the mysterious fighting arena linked to Sunleth? How many toes does a sheep have? Besides military personnel, what group of people was exempt from the Purge?

In order to tell the duplicates apart from the humans, how are they programmed to greet people? Which of these four monsters weighs the least?

How did he hide it? He wrapped a yellow bandana around it Q: Which is not one of those reasons?

lightning serah relationship quiz

When Serah lived with Lightning, they had matching accessories. On what body part did they adorn the jewelry? What is his weakness? In the Steppe, how do the smaller sheep act towards the bigger sheep? They linger near them Q: Why was he there? He was in love with Alyssa Q: What is the unique characteristic of this dessert? It feels like balloons popping in your mouth. In Gran Pulse mythology, who is referred to as the false demon? In New Bodhum, what group of people frequently uses the path along the shore?

Kids love Chocobo Biscuits! What flavor is the new black biscuit? Kids love to ride the Cocoon Liner. Which car is their favorite? Lebreau is younger than Gadot. Gadot is older than Yuj. Lebreau is older than Maqui. Many online shops were available in Cocoon. Which is the oldest store that handles one? Which specialized in medicine and health products? Which specialized in outdoor gear? One of the Academy researchers in Yaschas Massif is a dog lover or a cat lover depending on the era.

In which year was she a cat lover? Who did Serah and Noel think was responsible for hacking into the Augusta Tower security system? Who is the fashion guru of New Bodhum? Serah has two stuffed animals in her room. One is a Carbuncle. What is the best way to defeat them? Get rid of the tentacles first. The Parthenocissus sunlethus is the vine commonly seen in Sunleth.

What unique characteristic do these vines have? Their fruit shine Q: The chemical linoanin is found in gysahl greens. What diet-friendly effect does it have? The kids of New Bodhum love dares. One popular dare requires going into the woods late at night to retrieve an object. What is the item? Sensory perception device Q: What was the title of the first volume? The remains of what facility can be found in Oerba?

The silver lobo is seen in many circus troupes.

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What is the one act it cannot perform? Sawing someone in half Q: They say the long gui eat their own weight in food. How many shoalong guis equal one long gui? What anthem can be heard at any sporting event since the fall of Cocoon?

What are the names of the Shiva sisters?

Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz Guide - Final Fantasy XIII-2

Styria and Nix Q: What can be found on the logo of Wooly Sheep Soda? What can withstand heavy winds, lightning, or even a whole through its body? They learn from Hope and Alyssa about the Farseersa nation led by the seeress Yeul who had foretold the city's destruction, inciting conflict among its people and the prophecy to be fulfilled. With the ancient device called the Oracle Drive they witness images of the events on the Day of Ragnarok and Lightning in Valhalla.

lightning serah relationship quiz

Using the new artefact they got from Hope, Serah, Mog and Noel enter a Time Gate to solve the paradox causing the eclipse that also is affecting the Oracle Drive. They wind up in Oerba during the year AF, only to find it being sucked into a void.

After solving the multiple paradoxes, they find another Oracle Drive at the old schoolhouse that projects images of Serah's reunion with Lightning, but are apprehended by Caius and Yeul. Noel is shocked to see her and calls out her name, but Caius reveals there is more than one Yeul across different eras, and that she is not the Yeul Noel knows. Yeul has been watching them through her seeress's visions, and Caius seeks to punish Serah and Noel for tampering with the timeline.

After a battle, Yeul and Caius leave Oerba, and Noel and Serah use the artefact they left behind to leave as well. As they have solved the paradox in Oerba, they have also solved the paradox in the Yaschas Massif. They meet another Yeul, who says she and Serah are the same in how they can show others the way.

lightning serah relationship quiz

Hope and Alyssa are still at the ruins and the four reunite, even though Hope and Alyssa don't remember meeting them before, causing Serah and Noel to repeat their meeting.

Hope shows a recording from the Oracle Drive, which displays clear images of Lightning battling Caius in Valhalla and Cocoon's crystal pillar crumbling. Hope will have the Academy prepare for the time Cocoon will fall to try minimize the damage while Serah and Noel continue to solve the paradoxes.

lightning serah relationship quiz

After Serah and Noel leave, Yeul dies in Caius's arms and he takes her body away. Serah and Noel end up in the rift between gates known as the Void Beyond where they briefly explore before returning to the Historia Crux.

Serah is reunited with Snow. They find Snow battling a giant Flan called Royal Ripenessbut upon defeating it together, it regenerates. After Noel demands Snow to explain why he left Serah and is now fighting in the future, Snow reveals the reason Serah never heard back from him is that he has also become a time traveler. He explains Lightning had appeared to him in a dream, asking him to protect Cocoon's pillar, and in turn, Fang and Vanille resting inside it. Following a trail of Miniflan, they find two artefacts to use in solving the paradox causing Royal Ripeness to grow.

As Snow stays behind and promises to wait for them, Noel, Mog, and Serah first visit the Coliseumand obtain the White Hole fragmentthe source of the local paradox, from the Arbiter of Time. Next they venture to the Archylte Steppe at an unknown time period where they learn from a group of hunters that a faeryl is sucking flan into its mouth, summoning them in the Sunleth Waterscape.

Defeating the faeryl, the trio receives the Black Hole fragment and returns to Sunleth Waterscape, only to find Snow not waiting for them like he had promised.

They find him fighting the Mutantomatothe flan's true form without being affected by a paradox, and they defeat it together.

Lightning and Serah - Fearless

Noel reprimands Snow for his recklessness. Snow apologizes and asks Noel to look after Serah for him. When Snow begins glowing, Noel says it is because the paradox has been resolved and things that shouldn't exist in this time are disappearing.

Serah notices a l'Cie brand on Snow's arm before he fades away. Noel says Snow may have asked to become a l'Cie to get the power to protect his friends and carry out his task.

Serah and Noel are surrounded by Cie'th.

lightning serah relationship quiz

Noel tells Serah the Farseer tribe from which he hails from always had a girl with the same appearance, voice, and power who was always called Yeul. The fal'Cie spots Serah and Noel and transforms citizens into Cie'th.

Serah, Noel and Mog run into Caius who tells them they are contradictions in the timeline and that he has every reason to eliminate them. He tells them they met in a tower years earlier and that they died there after learning the forbidden history sealed inside. Now that they are here, alive and well, they have caused a paradox. Caius leaves them with a band of Cie'th and after defeating them, Serah, Noel and Mog give chase to Caius, but he disappears every time they catch up to him.

They run into Yeul being attacked by several Cie'th, including Zenobia. After Serah and Noel defeat Zenobia, Yeul tells Noel about her vision of death before Serah realizes Yeul is dying because they are causing a paradox.

Yeul tells them Caius was never in the city and dies, leaving them an artefact. Yeul appears to Noel and Serah in the Augusta Tower.

In the tower, they spot Caius ascending its levels. They discover the tower's staff are artificial duplicatesand meet a duplicate of Alyssa who reveals the forbidden history from the year 13 AF.

The tower's artificial intelligence rebelled against its creators and killed everyone, including Hope and Alyssa. Afterwards, the AI constructed the Proto fal'Cie and created duplicates to cover the massacre.

Serah, Noel and Mog make their way to the top floor where they meet the same Yeul they had met in Oerba, who gives them an artefact.

Yeul reveals Caius is immortal and knows the entire timeline from remembering the seeress's visions. She explains Lightning's disappearance from Gran Pulse was caused by the future being changed and that if Serah and Noel continue to solve the paradoxes the past will return to the way Serah remembers it. She reveals the Caius they encountered in Academia was a fake created by the sentient AI, and that they saw the real Caius in the tower.

Serah and Noel venture into the core to defeat the AI. Yeul sees the future where everyone is happy and dies smiling. Caius arrives and mourns for Yeul, vowing to remember her pain, and takes her away.

Hope and Alyssa greet Serah and Noel in the future. Serah and Noel arrive to the tower's core and encounter the Proto fal'Cie Adam, which is using the AI and a paradox to keep itself functional and it is reincarnated every time Serah and Noel defeat it.

As a last resort Serah shouts at Hope for creating the Proto fal'Cie. Her yelling reaches out to Hope via the Oracle Drive and the Proto fal'Cie ceases to exist after Hope decides not to build it the first place. Having resolved the paradox, Serah has yet another vision. They are greeted by Hope and Alyssa, who used a time capsule Hope invented to get to Academia in this time period without aging. Back in 1X AF Hope had begun the "New Cocoon Project" to create a new Cocoon after the old one is destroyed when the crystal pillar collapses in the future.

After seeing the Thirteenth Ark in the Oracle Drive in 13 AF, he and Alyssa entered the time capsule and awoke in Academia to learn how it can be made airborne. Hope and Alyssa meet them at the gate to see them off, promising to meet again a century in the future. When Serah and Noel enter the gate Alyssa smirks but only Mog notices. Alyssa betrayed them and tricked them into Caius's trap because she is a living paradox and won't exist in the corrected timeline. Revelations Edit Serah faces Caius.

Serah goes on alone and meets several Yeuls from different time periods. Each Yeul tells Serah certain truths about her, the l'Cie who saved Cocoon, and history's change, ending in revelation that like Yeul, Serah has the " Eyes of Etro ," the ability to see the future, a skill granted by the goddess herself. The last Yeul tells Serah that whenever people die in the Void Beyond it takes the shape of their heart's desires, and warns her that as she changes the timeline she brings herself closer to death.

This Yeul transforms into Caius, and Serah is forced to fight him. He tells her about Noel's fate and that as the result of Etro freeing her and the other l'Cie on the Day of Ragnarok, the lives of the Yeuls throughout time were cut short. Caius plans to send everything back to Valhalla to save Yeul from her fate of constantly being reborn even if it means destroying time itself.

Caius impales Serah from behind causing chaos to burst from her body. Fang and Vanille appear to help Serah escape her dream world. She is confused as they tell her she never left on a journey and have never heard of Noel. It seems she is in a dream where everything is the way she wants it to be: When the fake Lightning attempts to convince Serah to remain in the dream world forever, Serah remembers the real Lightning is fighting in Valhalla waiting for her, and refuses, causing the fake Lightning to disperse into chaos.

Serah hears a familiar voice giving her words of encouragement and encounters Vanille and Fang. The pair reveals they reached Serah since she rejected the fake Lightning and came to help her escape the dream in the Void Beyond. They tell her Noel needs her help to escape from his own dream. Leaving a spacetime distortion to lead Serah to Noel, Vanille and Fang return to their dream inside Cocoon's pillar. Serah heads into the distortion to find Noel and save him.

Noel is caught within his own dream world based on his past memories from his home of the Dying World at AF. Serah follows Noel and witnesses his conversations with Caius and Yeul. Caius tells Noel he must kill him to become Yeul's next Guardian and receive his Heart of Chaosa manifestation of Etro given to him by the goddess centuries ago to make him immortal.

Should it stop beating the goddess will die, the unrestrained chaos of Valhalla will be unleashed into the mortal world, and history will be destroyed. Serah saves Noel from being trapped in his dream. Noel refuses and Caius forces him into a battle.

Caius defeats him and realizes Noel is not strong enough to kill him. Caius uses the affinity he has with chaos to depart for Valhalla to slay the goddess Etro to free Yeul from her cycle of reincarnation, abandoning Yeul as her Guardian for the first time.

Serah witnesses Noel talking to Yeul who has a vision of the future and dies in his embrace, promising him they will meet again. Noel pursues Caius and gets drawn into the sky by a light which would lead him to Valhalla, but Serah catches up to him and helps Noel awaken from his dream. Serah wants to continue their journey, but Noel is reluctant, because he now knows why Yeul died. Every time a seeress has a vision of the future a piece of her life will vanish, and if she has a vision strong enough she will die.

Since Serah has the same ability, she, too, is in danger of dying the same way each time she and Noel change the timeline, but Serah is willing to take the risk to save the future. Serah and Noel return to where Yeul died, and the Oracle Drive shows her dying vision of Noel fighting to save the future and the two of them reuniting.