Eu uk relationship

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eu uk relationship

In the referendum on 23 June – the largest ever democratic exercise in the United Kingdom – the British people voted to leave the European Union. The UK was not a signatory of the three the European Communities, including the most. Draft Political Declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom, agreed at.

UK is committing to level playing field provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement, this agreement assumes similar levels of commitments. No explanation of how standards will be monitored and enforced.

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Yes, the Chequers white paper envisaged alignment on competition and state aid and promised no regression on other areas except tax where the UK made no commitment. Intellectual property Both sides to ensure protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, going beyond the World Trade Organization WTO standards and World Intellectual Property Organisation conventions.

Protections for geographical indications to be negotiated. Intellectual property rights chapter to be negotiated — prospect to maintain current high levels of protection of certain rights under copyright law, and artists resale rights.

eu uk relationship

Specifies arrangements to protect geographical indications such as feta cheese and Champagne will also need to be negotiated Yes, although geographical indications are yet to be agreed. The UK and EU should commit to procurement standards and make remedies before judicial authorities available.

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This is an opening position for future negotiations, without a specific aim besides going beyond commitments their WTO commitments which the UK is currently negotiating. Yes, but goes further with a brief mention as area that could be negotiated.

eu uk relationship

UK not able to discriminate between member states. Therefore, if the UK wants to facilitate access to employment opportunities for French and German citizens, then these must be identical for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens, too.

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So good news for those who, like the prime minister, place ending free movement above all less. But less good news for anyone wanting future certainty on moving to the EU or recruiting from Europe. This could mean any number of things, but given insistence on the integrity of the single market as a core EU principle, the most likely scenario is that if the UK wants a free trade area, it will inevitably have to apply EU law but without having any say over making it.

eu uk relationship

This is unlikely to meet a favourable response from Brexiters. But this will fall well below the current level of integration for the UK in the single market.

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Financial services similarly receive no obvious commitment beyond cooperation. For the UK, this should be a major worry. In other words, it might well exist in the future in theory, but not so much in practice. The same can be said of so many other aspects. For example, the UK and EU agree to cooperate on sanctions policy, such as sanctions against Russia — but, in reality, the UK will not have the same leverage as it currently has over other member states on the detail of any sanctions.

In short, nothing is completely off the table and the development of future relations depends on future leadership, particularly in the UK. Can technology and 'max fac' solve the Irish border question? Anyone hoping that this document will close one chapter of the UK-EU relationship and start another on a new footing will be disappointed.