Cdd relationship stories breakup

A Spanking Story

cdd relationship stories breakup

Reddit users disclosed their most heart-wrenching breakup stories and it'll In this case, sometimes calling it quits on a relationship can be a. The end of any relationship is painful, and overcoming that pain can be hard. Coping with lost love can be a traumatic experience, and here are some tips to. Christian Domestic Discipline (Wife Spanking): A Personal Story, and a Closer Look at I was in such a relationship for a while. and is the author of a book on abuse in Christian homes, says CDD isn't about religion—it's .. That's why Hollywood had/has such a high divorce rate – two stars who were.

And I was told that since I was acting immaturely, this was the consequence. It took such a long time because that line had been blurred from growing up and then being married. It was not like he was drunk and beating me with his fists. It was confusing because it felt no different than when I was at home. I am doing much better now and am very glad to be removed from all that. Not only him, but the church and the people there. I imagine the biggest thing other women might be experiencing is that embarrassment, demoralizing, and feeling very disempowered.

Even the words used I think make some women question whether it is wrong or not. I know for a long time I did not consider myself a battered or abused wife. It ranged anywhere from a swat or two over my clothing up to him pulling down my pants for episodes that left me bawling. But he never swore, or acted out of control. Lauren Lauren, The size difference between you and he is considerable and would be very threatening.

The Breakup - 1 Year After Ending My 8 Year Relationship & Engagement

From what you describe, it sounds like he had a sense of entitlement over you — you were an object to be owned rather than a cherished wife to be treasured and loved. Was your church part of a particular denomination? Were you homeschooled or was homeschooling prominent in your church?

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Did you hear of anyone else going through the same thing? How about at your own home growing up, was your mother spanked? Did you meet your ex-husband at church or was he from outside the church? At times he could be very sweet and charming. But often I would struggle or try to escape but he was big and strong enough to hold me in place and then would tell me I was getting more for disobeying and struggling.

Our church was non-denominational but was charismatic and evangelical. It was not required since I know lots of kids in my youth groups were in regular schools but home-schooling was definitely pushed. I was home-schooled and was raised to not even think about college. I never heard or suspected anything growing up. Until I moved out, both her and my father spanked me, although he did most of it.

His mother had passed away long ago and his father died shortly after our wedding and I never got to talk to him much. Until I left the house, with being petite along with their ideas of modesty, I still wore little girl style underpants. Comfortable, but very childish, very full coverage stuff.

A Spanking Story

I remember being mortified our wedding night and wanted to find something sexy that would make me feel good and I thought he would like, too. I bought some lingerie nothing really scandalous and wore a pair one night.

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The only excuse I can muster is that I was hurrying to make the library before it closed. I couldn't argue that this was exactly the kind of thing a discipline was designed to manage. I was taken into the bedroom and told to lean over the foot of the bed with my knees on the bed. My husband thinks a maintenance session might help me get back on track. I have neglected my health as of late and have been a bit ill, followed by an exacerbation of fibromyalgia.

I am behind on housework a bit just a bit -- I've been careful to keep that going. I'm behind on homeschooling. My husband calls these the three H's -- Health, House, Homeschooling. Letting these slide will get me in trouble faster than anything. Christians, fundamentalist or otherwise, would likely reject such practices as expressly un-Christian. Just check the "comments" sections, or Google around a bit. And these bloggers make explicitly clear that their lifestyles are voluntary; as far as these individual couples are concerned, gai gezunterhait.

Reading through these sites, what feels most disturbing to me is the experience of seeing things one may fairly or unfairly suspect about a particular sub culture writ so large, literal and raw.

The stress and frustration with myself consumed me, and it made me physically ill. It went on like this for a day or so, and then my husband came in the bedroom as I was going to bed one night and wouldn't leave until I told him what was going on. It took probably an hour, but he ended up staying and comforting me through the ugliest, most hysterical breakdown I've had in recent memory. Thankfully, the emotional crisis was short-lived, and I can laugh about it now. But I have not forgotten that I need to make a change, and, today, I have plenty of ideas for how I can show more interest in my husband's life.

cdd relationship stories breakup

I feel confident and sure of myself, but a few days ago, I felt so awful that I had disappointed him. I felt like the horrible wife who only thinks about herself and forgets all about her husband's hopes and dreams. But I didn't want to tell him that I felt awful, because that was yet another thing about me.

Does that make sense? I sense that we may not be the only couple that has this problem. Even if we live with the people we love, we still have different jobs, different friends, and different goals for our individual lives.

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It's rather easy to just focus on our own things, write our own to-do lists, and forget to ask each other what the heck is going on. Except my husband, wonderful man that he is, does not forget to ask about me.

cdd relationship stories breakup

I'm not saying he's never forgetful, but he asks for details, and he always shows an interest in my often mundane life. I am interested in my husband's life, and it took a lot of frustration and hurt for me to realize that I wasn't showing it.