Secretive or illicit relationship definition

5 Kinds of Extra-Marital Affairs And Why They Happen

secretive or illicit relationship definition

"liaison" (sexual relationship) definition: a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship. Synonyms: affair, affaire, amour, intimacy. How do you define the words between Affair is usualy kept for something which is slightly illicit, for instance if one of them is married . it would usually be less serious and less responsibility just by virtue of being secretive. This affair materialises because the partner wants to get even with his/her spouse . They could have discovered an illicit relationship or are.

It is sometimes even called the affair of the heart. They are constantly flirting, exchanging messages, thinking about each other pretty much all the time.

secretive or illicit relationship definition

There is no sex but that doesn't mean there is no sexual tension between the two. The two share every single intimate detail and are so much into each other that it drains the energy from their primary relationship.

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They reach out to each other because they feel the constant need to stay connected. When such partners engage in extra-marital affairs, they want to feel empowered and they unknowingly seek healing in such illicit affairs.

This relationship falls out faster than the two realize.

secretive or illicit relationship definition

No one wants to work on the issues, they start blaming the partner. This is when they start looking for love and acceptance outside. This perfectly describes imaginary affairs. A colleague or a gym buddy probably likes spending time with you, but you secretly convince yourself that you two are a thing and he will leave his partner to be with you.

secretive or illicit relationship definition

This commitment is only one-sided and is a perfect mix for disaster. Body and soul affairs This affair is the most fatal of all.

difference between relationship and affair?

It is almost like a real relationship. They see each other as soul mates. An affair, in the political sense, typically refers to any kind of involvement in illicit business by any kind of public representatives, such as in the Watergate affair. Like the earlier definition this is not always the case — for example the British Government has a Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairswhich is a perfectly legitimate and usually honorable position.

Sex and romance Some have argued that the widespread occurrence of extramarital affairs is polygamy by stealth.


These are relationships where an illicit sexualromantic relationship or a romantic friendshippassion ate attachment occurs alongside a monogamous relationship. Those extramarital affairs that continue in one form or another for decades, even as one of the partners to that affair passes through a marriage, divorce and remarriage. Over that length of time one could consider the affair the primary relationship and the marriages secondary to it — a case of serial polygamy or other forms of nonmonogamy.

The ability to pursue serial affairs or marriages in this way whilst safeguarding the conflict of interest inherent in the practice, requires considerable skill in deception and negotiation.

secretive or illicit relationship definition

Deception is the " covert manipulation of perception to alter thoughts, feeling, or beliefs". It points to the degree to which the deceiver may breach fundamental conditions of fidelityreciprocal vulnerability and transparency assumed as pre-conditions of committed intimate relationships.

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Affair is not only used to describe cheating but may also describe part of an agreement referred to as open marriagewhich sanctions some extramarital affairs and not others. When one of the non-sanctioned affairs occurs it is described as infidelity and often experienced as a betrayal both of trust and integrity.

secretive or illicit relationship definition

Affairs are sometimes accompanied by scandal. When used in this context, "affair" usually implies sexual impropriety, but that is not necessarily the case.