Relationship between goku and chichi tumblr

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relationship between goku and chichi tumblr

Hello~ This blog will feature beautiful pictures from DB/Z/S doujinshis, especially of the wonderful couple Gochi~ But will also include the. goku y milk | Tumblr Goku And Chichi, Dbz Characters, Dragon Ball Z, .. Vegeta /Bulma Dragon Ball Super aesthetic moments “I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for .. DBS: Goku and ChiChi's abusive relationship lol. ARE YOU INSAIYAN? My Goku and Vegeta - Saiyan Analysis & Appreciation blog, with all the love and respect for the two warriors, and for life.

Especially if you watch the English dub it does make Chichi look like she abusive and forcing Gohan to study. Her role in Dragon Ball z is just to be an over protective mother. The reason she yells at Gohan and tells him to study is because she wants her son to have a good education because her and Goku did not.

It is the same concept as your mother telling you to do good in school because she wants you not to struggle like she did. But she is not. I think they have fixed this in the Kai version? And in the Japanese anime dub they voice her character a little more nicer. It is there intended to be funny and not taken seriously. Also, she has shown many times that she does care for her husband and sons.

For example, You can even see her protecting her little boy here!

relationship between goku and chichi tumblr

He saw them as strong, firey women, but also he was a bit sexist towards their portrayal too. I do not know if you have watched Dragon Ball or read the manga but I would recommended that you do.

Implying that in his opinion spending time with this girl he barely knows and marrying her is a much more interesting adventure than being god. So people saying that Chichi forced him into mirage is completely untrue. He said yes on his own terms.

Dragonball Goku and Chichi Blog

For example, in the movie it shows Gohan intrigued in what he is learning. He is a little more lenient and willing about it. Instead, they play in the snow, run around in the rain, and laugh together doing simple sweet things in their simple sweet home in the mountain. I think this scene also shows how Goku loves and treats Chichi differently from Krillin or Bulma or even his own sons. Have you ever seen Goku act this way around any other character? Next, is Goku actually a henpecked husband?

Is Chichi actually an irrational nagger who cannot accept the kind of person her husband is? Chichi also shows here that she, despite everything she usually yells about, believes in her husband and in the potential of their son.

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Goku appreciates this, and thanks her. He understands just how much courage it takes to accept this kind of fate for her family.

relationship between goku and chichi tumblr

They kiss for like seven seconds in front of Master Roshi. If you think about it, contrary to popular portrayal in fanfiction, Goku and Chichi are usually not embarrassed to show their love in front of others. They treat it as if it were something natural.

How do I know? His gaze lingers on her longer and he has this satisfied smile on his face.