Meet the teacher night parent survey

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meet the teacher night parent survey

It is easy to read and easy for parents to fill out. Use this sheet at meet the teacher night/orientation or give to parents to bring back the first week of school. Back To School - This is a parent letter and survey to use during the beginning .. from Day Have parents fill out this simple note at Meet the Teacher night so. Results 1 - 24 of Browse parent survey editable resources on Teachers Pay first weeks of school and back to school night/meet the teacher night easier.

meet the teacher night parent survey

What's the best way to reach you? Email, text, or phone call? With so many ways to communicate, it's important to make sure you and the teacher are on the same page. Ask how your kids' teachers want to be contacted and whenhow they want students to contact them and for what issuesand which contact method they prefer for different concerns.

If you need to clarify the homework for your kid, that might be a simple text. But if your kid doesn't understand the homework, he or she might need to send an email or make a phone call. Which websites or apps do you use the most in the classroom?

Some programs let teachers differentiate the lessons for different learning styles, levels, and proficiencies and provide vital insight on individual students' strengths and weaknesses. Take the opportunity to find out which programs the students use and how you can help your kid get the most out of them. Which apps should we get and which sites should we bookmark for homework help? It's been a long time since we parents were in school.

meet the teacher night parent survey

The way concepts are taught hello, Common Core! Teachers want parents to pick apps and sites that reinforce the methods they're using in the classroom.

meet the teacher night parent survey

If you have 10 minutes with the teacher: How much homework will require a computer or an Internet connection? Knowing how much your kids will need to go online will help you prepare for the nightly routine.

You might want your kids to get their online homework out of the way first, for example, and focus on nonscreen stuff closer to bedtime. It also will help you keep your kids on track once they go online.

For Teachers: A Back to School Parent Questionnaire

You can allocate time, coordinate your kids' schedules, and plan accordingly. Does my child need her own device for school? If so, what do you recommend? Many teachers assign schoolwork to be completed on a device.

But whether you can get away with letting your kid use yours or if she'll need a dedicated machine is an important concern for your back-to-school budget. You may need guidance on what type of device to get tablet, laptop, e-reader. Your teacher will have a good recommendation for what's appropriate for your student.

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If your school does not provide a device as part of a 1: Does the school use a private network for grade reporting, homework, and other communication? More school districts are using online portals -- basically, small private networks -- for grading, homework assignments, and communications.

Find out how the teacher expects both parents and students to use the system. For example, parents often want to check grades every day, but the teacher may prefer that you check once a week, when grades are updated. Keeping expectations aligned is key to good communication among teachers, parents, and students.

meet the teacher night parent survey

If a homework assignment includes visiting a popular website such as YouTube, how do I make sure my kid stays on task? In an effort to engage students, many teachers incorporate favorite websites and apps into schoolwork.

But when kids go online to work on their assignments, it's easy for them to get distracted by, curious about, or absorbed in other subjects and start clicking around the web. Ask the teacher for tips on how to make sure your kid sticks to the task at hand with questions such as how long the assignment should take, what exactly it encompasses, and how much "extra" online research the student needs to do to complete the work.

Learning to tune out distractions, focus on one thing at a time, and delay the gratification of online browsing are important skills for kids to develop. If you have 15 minutes with the teacher: Does the school allow teachers and students to be friends on social networks? It may seem odd to you especially if you're not an avid social media userbut it's not uncommon for teachers and students to be friends with each other online.

Some teachers use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter strictly to communicate class-related information to their students.

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But some teachers and students "follow" each other on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socially. Ask teachers if they use social media with students -- and talk to your kids about what's appropriate to post, especially if they're interacting with teachers. What media -- and how much of it -- do you use in class? Movies, YouTube videos, and TV shows all are used in the process of teaching and engaging students.

But it's worth finding out what your kid is watching, how much screen time he's getting at school, and even whether the broadcasts include commercials or sponsorships. Is it OK for my kid to do her daily reading on an e-reader?

Again, this will free you up to give enough attention to each family. These station signs you see above along with all of the other printables can be found in my Meet the Teacher resource. Also, they are editable so that you can change the text to fit your classroom. In addition, I used standing alligator clips found below to stand them up on tables.

This is something you can easily create using my Meet the Teacher letter editable template. Parents love to talk about the college you went to, your family and children, etc. You can edit the text to share personal information with your students and families! Another thing you can do to have a successful night is get parents involved.

I provide parents with a detailed parent letter outlining my classroom policies and expectations. In addition, I always like to include some helpful tips for parents that they can use to get their child prepared for school each day. In order to learn more about my students, I also like to set out a parent questionnaire. There is no one that knows your students more than their parents. This questionnaire will provide you with a lot of great information and show parents that you care and appreciate their input.

How to Plan Your Meet the Teacher Open House Night

Meet the Teacher Open House night is an opportunity to gather other important information to help your year run smoothly. Two very important forms that will help you manage your class effectively include a transportation form and a volunteer form.

Getting this info before the year starts is a lifesaver. By providing parents with a volunteer form, you are more likely to increase parent involvement and encourage parents and other family members to volunteer in your classroom. One of my favorite areas of my classroom during Meet the Teacher Night or Open House is my supply donation area. I always find so many students and their families gathered around this area.

I used to feel bad asking for things like this, but each year I always found that parents are so happy and willing to help. Families can take a supply off the display to donate to your classroom. Also, you can get this wired frame on Amazon to use in your own classroom below! This is another creative way to free yourself up to meet with families.

In addition, it gets students and their families out into the other areas of your school to meet other staff members. I remember talking to our librarian and gym teacher one year, and they both said that they were always bummed during this night because no one came to visit them.

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In addition, students can show parents or guardians different places around the school like our office, cafeteria, art room, etc.

It should be about students, too! You can do a coloring station for students with bookmarks.