What is a meet and deal panel interview

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what is a meet and deal panel interview

Panel interviews might seem intimidating because you have to meet with so many interviewers at the same time. However, they do not have to. To be successful in panel interviews, follow these seven tips she would now meet them all at once in a minute panel interview. “Jackie”. I had a first round interview with the SSA yesterday for Contact Representative or Claim Representative Meet And Deal Panel Interview.

At a minimum, the interviewers will expect you to have knowledge of the job role, the company, its products, services and competitors, how it's viewed and issues within the market. Such information can be found online, on the company website, in the media and by speaking to experts such as recruitment consultants and industry bodies.

You're likely to be asked for examples of when you demonstrated certain skills or experience. Have three to five success stories up your sleeve to bring out on the day and make them results focused. Think about how your individual actions and approach led to a positive result.

what is a meet and deal panel interview

Also, check who will be on the panel by asking the recruitment consultant or person you secured the interview with. Read up on their job roles, career background and recent work success. That way you can ask questions that are relevant to them as well as to the role.

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Rehearsing by asking friends or family to fire questions at you is a great way to help you get used to the environment. Look through your CV for any obvious curveballs — is there a gap in your employment that needs explaining?

And, rehearse the answers to any difficult questions like this. Think about your appearance, particularly as you will be judged side-by-side against other candidates.

If in doubt about the company dress policy, always err on the side of caution — a dark, smart suit is usually best.

what is a meet and deal panel interview

Pay attention to detail such as tidy hair, polished shoes and subtle makeup and accessories. Finally, check the finer details like the journey — always plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early; being late for any interview is inexcusable. The day of the interview The golden rule of a panel interview is to engage with the whole panel, not just one specific member of the group.

what is a meet and deal panel interview

When you first get into the room, look at all of the interviewers, try and remember the names of each and address them accordingly. Shake them firmly by the hand if you're standing and then wait to be invited to take a seat. When sitting down, maintain an open, positive and engaged body position.

Don't fidget, sit up straight and lean slightly forward in your chair. When you're asked a question, maintain eye contact with the person asking it, but when you answer, address the whole panel. The candidate then gets about 15 minutes to present their answers to the panel. The candidate is given 20 minutes for this step.

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For example, one scenario is that the candidate runs into the head of a prospective client company and must convince him to choose their firm. The panel interviewers have an evaluation sheet for each section and must rate the candidate on key requirements for the role.

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Panelists rank the candidates, and the firm looks for a consensus on the top two. Caesars Entertainment When Caesars Entertainment interviews for cashiers, the interview process is quite extensive, according to how one candidate described the process on Glassdoor. The beauty about the interview format at Caesars is that it combines a group interview, a panel interview, and a skills component.

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During the group interview, the candidate was asked a group of personality-oriented questions by recruiters. The goal is to get to know the candidate better to discern whether he or she is a good fit in a people-oriented position like that of a cage cashier.

Since the cage cashier position is a number-intensive job, the skills section is designed to see if the candidate has the basic math skills necessary to do the job. Finally, the candidate reaches the panel interview portion. During this portion, the candidate is once again questioned along with other people interested in the position.

what is a meet and deal panel interview

This time the panel consists of two interviewers asking the questions. Candidates must take two different personality or pre-employment tests prior to an initial interview. Once the pre-employment testing is over, candidates go out into the field with sales reps in order to get an honest preview of what the job involves.

This is when they get a one-on-one interview with a manager.

what is a meet and deal panel interview