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meet mr slave south park

Mr. Garrison has a new teachers assistant, Mr. Slave. From Season 06 Episode 14, The Death Camp of Tolerance. Mr. Slave, is the husband of Big Gay Al. The lessons become increasingly sexual, and degenerate in nature, culminating in Mr. Garrison inserting the class gerbil, Lemmiwinks, into Mr. Slave's rectum. In "South Park is Gay!" he and Mr. Garrison get annoyed about the Queer Eye for. Clip: Meet Mr. Slave. From episode: The Death Camp of Tolerance (Season 6, Episode 14). Now that he's teaching fourth grade, Mr. Garrison has replaced Mr.

He was seen later making cameos in " The Ring " masturbating in the audience at the Jonas Brothers concert and singing " Queef Free " along with the other guys in " Eat, Pray, Queef ". In " The F Word ", Mr.

Slave both helped to change the definition of "faggot" from a gay person, to an annoying Harley Rider.

meet mr slave south park

In " ", after Country Kitchen Buffet was destroyed, Mr. Slave is seen saying his catchphrase when he spotted Jesus and the other members of the Super Best Friends. Slave returns in " Not Funny ". The townsfolk are convinced that bombing Denmark is the preventative solution for their internet histories being made public.

The town convinces Mr. Slave to call President Garrison and convince him to do so. The two had not spoken since the events of " Follow That Egg!

Dismissing Garrison's subtle advances, Mr.

Meet Mr. Slave - Video Clip | South Park Studios Nordics

Slave intentionally provokes him into attacking Denmark. Slave looks rather similar to Glenn Hughessharing the handlebar mustache, black leather clothing, and the instantly recognizable cap that he wore as a teacher. To see images of Mr.

meet mr slave south park

Slave was one of only two people in the show to have previously worked at South Park Elementary in earlier seasons and not be deceased along with Mr. He is overall the second known person to survive an employment at South Park Elementary, the others after him being Randy MarshPrincipal Victoriaand Mr. Slave's voice can be heard. This may or may not be him, for he debuts one year later in " The Death Camp of Tolerance ".

Slave appears to be a Jonas Brothers fan, as he can be seen at their concert rubbing his groin as they perform in the episode " The Ring ".

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Used as part of Mr. Garrison's get rich plan, but the school instead sends The Boys to an Auschwitz like "tolerance camp". At the end he and Mr. Garrison are sent to the camp themselves. While he and Mr. Slave are angry about the metrosexuality fad and the robbery of gay culture, Kyle is angry about getting beat up over the fad. Shoves Paris up his ass, similar to how he shoved a gerbil up his ass in an earlier episode.

Slave is gay, he broke up with Ms. Garrison for being a woman after a cosmetic operation.

meet mr slave south park

Officer Barbrady and Ned Gerblanski also make brief cameos. The Stick of Truth Mr. Slave makes an appearance in his house, where his package was mixed up with Ms. Cartman 's, and Douchebag has to fetch his package from the post office while he gives the package to Liane. After that, he becomes a summon which involves him forcing enemies up his ass.

He decides to perform outrageous sex acts in the classroom, hiring his partner Mr. Slave as his teaching assistant. Although the children complain about Garrison's inappropriate activities, their parents mistakenly think their children are intolerant of homosexuality.

Meet Mr. Slave - Video Clip | South Park Studios Nordics

However, despite their thoughts about that, the adults bring the children to the Museum of Tolerance to learn about tolerance of minorities or those with different life choices, though they hypocritically attack a nearby smoker with verbal abuse. Garrison, annoyed that no one has complained about his actions, steps up his campaign to get fired by shoving Lemmiwinks, the class gerbilinto Mr. Slave's rectuman act called gerbilling.

The children mention their discomfort to Chefwho in turn, reports Garrison's actions to Principal Victoriabut ends up being sent to a "tolerance seminar". StanKyleCartman and Butters refuse to attend class, so their parents send them to an Auschwitz -like "tolerance camp" it is unknown if this is the same camp Chef was sent to.

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Although the parents finally understand what their kids were telling them about and are indeed shocked at Garrison's behavior, they cannot bring themselves to criticize it, as they fear being branded "intolerant". When the people continue to call Garrison and Mr. Slave "courageous" for their actions, Garrison finally breaks down and shouts at them that tolerating something "doesn't mean you have to like it.

The parents hurry to collect their malnourished and emaciated kids from the tolerance camp, but fail to realize that they tried to tell them about Garrison's behavior. Principal Victoria concludes that Garrison and Mr. Slave are "intolerant of their own behavior", and she is sending them to the tolerance camp so that they will accept themselves.