Meet celebs in nyc

20 New York Celeb Hot Spots (Where We’re Almost Guaranteed To Spot A-Listers)

meet celebs in nyc

Welcome to pulsd NYC, New York City's personal concierge. pulsd is the go to lifestyle site for New Yorkers. pulsd showcases the best celebrities events in NYC . pulsd covers a range of exclusive events, from cocktail Meet Jackie Chan. New York City has long been recognized as a town filled with Celebrities. needs a home base where he can easily talk to his manager and meet other actors. I would LOVE to run into a celebrity. My friend, who goes to New York all the time, has told me so many stories of meeting celebs in the city, so I know it's.

The singer spent her childhood taking music lessons in the city before bursting onto the local scene.

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Nowadays, she has a coveted address overlooking Central Park. The actress was born in Manhattan and grew up taking acting classes in Greenwich Village and Union Square. She splits her time between Europe and New York these days, but she still considers herself a real New Yorker.

Like many of the stars on this list, the Academy Award-nominated actress has an apartment in Tribeca, where she lives with her two children.

meet celebs in nyc

The actress recently moved from a Soho loft to a gorgeous West Village townhouse with her husband Hugh Dancy and her family in tow. The West Village is his closest stomping ground, as the actor and his family occupy a triplex on Perry Street with stunning views over the Hudson. Though Stone now splits her time between New York and L.

He also seems like the kind of guy who enjoys chowing down on a basic meal of hamburgers and fries, so residents should keep their eyes open even when they stop by the neighborhood diner. Plus, Jon gets occasional acting gigs, so he needs a home base where he can easily talk to his manager and meet other actors. Subsequently, NYC is the perfect place to live for this down-to-earth guy.

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Fanning has a more successful career than most famous actors in New York. Today, her IMDB profile lists more than 50 acting credits to her name. SoHo residents with a lot of luck might see Dakota Fanning walking down the sidewalk with her younger sister Elle, who is building her impressive resume. Share your Celebrity Sightings Imagine spotting these celebrities on your way to the subway station. It seems like a pretty good way to start the day.

meet celebs in nyc

In this small area of the city, a mere 0. This makes it one of the most difficult establishments to get into in all of the New York, a city which already has a reputation for needing VIP status to get into many of its landmark hot spots.

16 Stars Tell Us Where to Spot Them on Your Next Trip to N.Y.C.

With more shows than can be tracked, there are theatres playing musicals, plays and stage performances all the way from 42nd to 53rd Street, over 10 blocks. With so many actors and actresses putting on dazzling performancesit makes sense that film stars are going to come out and support their fellow thespians. It is not uncommon to see many celebs taking in a show under the bright lights of Broadway, especially for the grand premieres of the bigger shows.

Popsugar This one is rather obvious, but it has to be listed.

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So many celebrities live in New York City. Their jobs require them to travel to and from set locations and it is a common occurrence to see them landing and departing from any one of the three airports situated in or around NYC — LaGuardia, JFK and Newark.

It is a given that at courtside at just about any MSG event, there are going to be a slew of celebrities getting up close and personal with athletes and musical performers. Not only will you see the stars on the court or on the stage, but there's an almost-guarantee you'll see them in the stands too.