Greek word for until we meet

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greek word for until we meet

When traveling to Greece, you can greet the locals you happen to meet with a friendly "kalimera," but only before noon. (or hear it combined) with "yassas," which is a respectful form of greeting by itself meaning "hello. Greeks know that their language is hard, so they don't expect you to master it at all. As a rule of thumb, you would say kaliméra (good morning) up until you will find in every taverna are vegetarian, Greeks are big on meat. The easy guide to basic Greek words for travel. You would say 'kalimera' (good morning) up until pm, from here onwards 'yia sas' Nice to meet you.

Он уходил корнями в давние времена.

greek word for until we meet

В эпоху Возрождения скульпторы, оставляя изъяны при обработке дорогого мрамора, заделывали их с помощью сеrа, то есть воска.

Статуя без изъянов, которую не нужно было подправлять, называлась скульптурой sin cera, иными словами - без воска. С течением времени это выражение стало означать нечто честное, правдивое.

  • εις το επανιδειν
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Английское слово sincere, означающее все правдивое и искреннее, произошло от испанского sin сега - без воска.