The blind side michael oher football scene from meet

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the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

Michael Oher was just 16 years old when his life changed forever. His story was documented in the Oscar-winning film “The Blind Side,” yet while the film Michael Was A Better Football Player Than They Depicted On Film And S.J., who was eight years old when he met Michael, was not responsible for. For Michael Oher, the true story of his life was much different than what One such scene involves the moment Sean Tuohy meets Michael Oher. To do this, he trained with a real, top-notch college football team in order to. The Blind Side () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors , writers and more. Michael Oher . Wingate Football Player (uncredited).

A serious athlete Michael may have maintained a friendly relationship with Sandra Bullock, but he still regrets the film ever being made. Instead of being treated like a serious football player who overcame many obstacles to reach his goals, he feels that many people just see him as that celebrity football player from the movie. Before he got the role, he was just a simple security guard who had never even been on an airplane.

Not only did Aaron get flown to his second audition for The Blind Side, he also got starry-eyed during his first ever trip to Los Angeles. His life changed drastically after he got the role, and he was introduced to the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle that came with it.

She submitted his information for him, and waited by the phone patiently hoping to hear some good news. Quinton Aaron had to go through a great amount of intensive training and practice to make the role work. The new actor also had to lose some weight for the role. Determined, Aaron shed pounds in just a few months.

Who would have known that he also had a gift for acting? Tim McGraw was not the only actor who has ties to the music world, Lily Collins who played Collins Tuohy, is also the daughter of the one and only Phil Collins!

Role of a lifetime Sandra Bullock certainly made a name for herself long before appearing in The Blind Side. The beautiful actress had already a long list of films under her belt including the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves.

She even starred in the popular rom-com The Proposal in the same year as The Blind Side appeared in theaters. Despite her credentials, many believe that her role in The Blind Side gave Bullock her biggest break yet.

the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

Record-breaking numbers After The Blind Side hit theaters, audience members of all different ages and backgrounds instantly fell in love. The film not only won big in events like the Oscars and Golden Globes, they also broke a tremendous box office record. The film became the highest grossing sports movie ever made. Artistic moment One of the most touching scenes of the film takes place during Thanksgiving dinner.

The whole Tuohy family, Michael included, is seen sitting around a table crammed with homemade food. The NCAA investigator, Jocelyn Granger, insisted on finding out why Oher picked Mississippi, assuming that he did so due to pressure from his adoptive parents. She said she interviews top prospects and monitors their recruitment process.

She said that her job is not to intimidate or verbally attack the players, like the movie suggested. Complete fiction The portrayal Joyce Thompson was not the only part of that scene Hollywood got wrong. During the scene, Granger interviewed Oher in an office of a tall skyscraper overlooking the city. Well, Thompson called this false also, claiming that she actually interviewed Michael in his home, next to his father.

Leigh Anne was also invited to join him, as family members are always permitted, but she was not present at the time. Before attending Briarcrest, Oher went to 11 different schools in only 9 years. He was not known as the best student, and was absent from class more often than he was present. By the time he started his first year of high school, his GPA was only 0. The actual beginning of his essay is: The teachers are not aware that I have no idea of anything they are talking about.

I do not want to listen to anyone, especially the teachers. But how big was he exactly? When he was just years-old he was already 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed about pounds. In Michael Oher was listed as being about 2 inches taller. The actor who played Oher, Quinton Aaron, was actually even bigger than the real Michael. Aaron is 6 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs about pounds! He always played the sport and had a passion for it.

The Blind Side shows Oher learning football from scratch, like he had never played before, with his adoptive mother on field cheering him on and telling him to protect his team like he would his family. Happy holidays Just like in the movie, when Christmas time came around, the Tuohys included their new adopted son in their annual card.

The photo sparked some questions by friends and relatives of the family, especially those who had never met Michael. That makes sense considering it is the story of how he became a professional football player.

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However, Michael Oher actually had a passion for another sport as well, basketball. He definitely had a good height for the sport and could easily make it to the net! He was actually quite good, and was runner-up Player of the Year at his Tennessee high school. Athlete father Oher is not the only talented athlete in his family.

His adoptive father, Sean Tuohy, was actually quite a star himself.

the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

Inhe got drafted to play for the New Jersey Nets, but decided against it in order to be with his father when he was sick.

He took a different career path and now owns about 80 different chain restaurants. Not a fan As soon as The Blind Side hit theaters, it was a huge success.

the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

The critics raved and audiences everywhere fell in love with the feel-good story. He commented that the film poorly represented his life and even mentioned that the film did more damage than good. While Aaron is an incredible actor and gave a great performance, he portrayed Michael as someone who is more serious and shy, almost like a loner. The real Michael is anything but reserved, and although he takes his work on the field very seriously, he always plays with a huge smile on his face and has a roaring laugh.

In the film, Michael Oher appears to take to the Tuohy family immediately. The Tuohys see him as the perfect son and sibling, and Oher accepts them as the nurturing parents he never had.

The Real Story Behind The “Blind Side”

Sadly, things were not as sunny as the film might have you believe. Tension existed between them and likely never broke.

Even so, things were far from terrible either. Oher still thinks fondly of his adoptive family. He ended up bonding pretty well with both S. However, it all took time and did not quite happen overnight.

Again, that Hollywood illusion of instant perfection can be alluring but deceiving. While Tuohy did play a major role in shaping the young football star, he did not gain all his training and all he needed to learn about the game from her. Vulture Michael Oher felt that in an attempt to milk out a touching mentor-and-mentee story, the director left out a lot of background information that would have shed some light on what it really took Oher to achieve what he did.

As far as he is concerned, the film glossed over the hard work he himself put into reaching his goals. After all, she even won an Oscar and Golden Globe for her performance. But even she had her doubts about the part. Pinterest Sandra Bullock was offered the part several times but declined because the thought of portraying a pious Christian made her nervous.

Bullock thought her mind was made up until she met the real Leigh Anne Tuohy. After that, she finally took the role. Sandra Bullock took her place in the end, giving an exemplary performance that would reshape her career for the better—as will be even more evident further along in this list. Just Years Apart Most people who fell in love with the film and who were reasonably-devout football fans can see how Quinton Aaron might pass as as the football legend Michael Oher. They have the same build, after all, and stand pretty close in height.

However, there is a small thing that separates the two. Amirite Quinton Aaron is actually slightly older than Michael Oher. His birth year iswhereas Michael Oher was born in Still, the ages match up close enough for the difference to matter very little, right? Quinton Aaron still makes one fine Michael Oher! Famous Friends Although Michael Oher was not a fan of the film overall, he appears to harbor no ill feelings toward the actors and actresses who helped bring his story to life.

ABC News — Go. Little did he know he would enjoy the spotlight after all. It is not just because of how the film ended up portraying him as a person and as a football player. It is also because of how people perceive him today. To his dismay, he feels that too many view him as that player who had a movie made about him.

In real life, though, it was a little more complicated than that. His coach did advocate for him, yes, but he had to complete some rigorous academic assignments before he could be officially admitted. How else did this movie veer from reality?

The Truth Comes Out Michael Oher did everything possible to correct the errors that were made in the film. The film portrays her to be quite the high achiever herself as a cheerleader and a member of the volleyball team. Not only did she end up becoming a cheerleader at Ole Miss, she also was a state champion in the sport of pole-vaulting while in high school.

Like her adoptive brother, she went on to attend Ole Miss. When Michael Met Sean As is becoming clear, what we see on the screen is not always what really happened.

the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

At the game, Oher is cleaning up the debris left behind by hungry spectators. In reality, Tuohy first visited Oher at his school. Mighty Preparation for a Mighty Role As tough as Quinton Aaron was at the time, there was still plenty of work to do to get him to the top of his physical game. To do this, he trained with a real, top-notch college football team in order to really get into the role. For this incredible role, getting to know the field was as important as knowing the fellow actors and actresses.

Doubts from Briarcrest Authorities at Briarcrest Christian School were less than enthused about the name of the school being used in the film. News — The Commercial Appeal As fans know, the school was still represented fully in the film. Director John Lee Hancock was even sure to remember one subtle detail: Not only would he play the leading role in an Oscar-nominated film, he would enjoy the glitzy life that came with such an honor.

The Hollywood Reporter Before he accepted the role, Quinton Aaron had never flown on an airplane in his life. He would get to experience that when he returned for the second audition for the part. At that time, he would get to experience another first: Pushed Along Supportive parents can be a real blessing. Quinton Aaron learned that quickly, as he might not have even gotten the chance to try out for the part as Michael Oher if it had not been for his doting mother.

She read the description of what they were looking for, noted the towering size requirement, and knew instantly that the part was made for Aaron. Thus, she submitted his name for him, hoping that good news would come to her and her son.

Determined to Make It Work Intense training, lots of practice, and more. That is what it took Quinton Aaron to ready himself to play a convincing Michael Oher on the big screen. In total, he lost pounds in order to get in shape for the role. But Aaron considered that a small price to pay for such a great opportunity.

Thus, he shed a significant portion of his body weight over the course of just three months. Sean Tuohy To some, Sean Tuohy in the movie might look pretty familiar — especially if those people are fans of country music.

That is because the actor portraying him is none other than the country music sensation Tim McGraw. Who knew that he had a flair for acting as well? You probably recognized another famous last name from the music world: The actress already had plenty of credits to her name.

the blind side michael oher football scene from meet

She also got to see a record be broken. For the first time ever, an actress would have the spotlight to herself. The film not only made a name for itself at prestigious award events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. It also broke a significant record at the box office. It ended up bringing in way more than that: