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meet the friedmans case

Capturing the Friedmans () Andrew Jarecki at an event for Capturing the .. officials involved in the case with glimpses of the family's life caught on film and. Friedman requested case documents in under the Freedom of Award- nominated documentary “Capturing the Friedmans” raised. The Film "Capturing the Friedmans" about a case of child molestation in Great Neck, Long Island has been nominated for an Academy Award.

The videos were not made with publishing in mind, but rather as a way to record what was happening in their lives.

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The movie shows much of this footage: Arnold's wife, Elaine, was unsure of her husband's guilt and advised him to confess in order to protect their son; she soon divorced him. Arnold Friedman pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sodomy and sexual abuse.

According to the Friedman family, he confessed in the hopes that his son would be spared prison time. Jesse Friedman later confessed as well but later claimed he did so to avoid being sent to prison for life. He said in mitigation that his father had molested him. According to Jesse's lawyer Peter Panaro, who visited Arnold in a Wisconsin federal prisonArnold admitted to molesting two boys, but not those who attended his computer classes.

He is also quoted as claiming that, when he was 13, he sexually abused his younger brother, Howard, who was eight years old at the time; Howard Friedman, interviewed in the movie, says he does not recall this. Jesse Friedman, in a subsequent statement, said that his father told him and his brothers that he sexually abused Howard. Jesse Friedman was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility in after serving 13 years of his sentence.

Currently, he is running an online book-selling business. Jarecki so recognizes the archetypal figures in the Friedman home that he knows to push things any further through heavy-handed assessment would be redundant. This is a film about the quagmire of mystery in every human soul. Sometimes guilt and innocence are discovered in court, but sometimes, we gather, only truths about the law are demonstrated.

In one of the few negative reviews, Los Angeles Times writer Kenneth Turan wrote a critique of both the film and Jarecki, stating, "Jarecki's pose of impartiality gets especially troublesome for audiences when it enables him to evade responsibility for dealing with the complexities of his material. In his review, Ebert had recounted Jarecki's statement at the Sundance Film Festival that he did not know whether Arnold and Jesse Friedman were guilty of child molestation.

meet the friedmans case

Ebert roundly praised Jarecki for communicating this ambiguity. Jarecki's film omitted a third co-defendant, Ross Goldstein, a teenage neighbor who also pleaded guilty to charges of child molestation and who corroborated some of the children's accusations at the time and went to prison. What's also not included in the movie is a tearful confession by Jesse Friedman in prison on Geraldo Rivera's talk show in Jesse Friedman detailed how his father had molested him as a child.

meet the friedmans case

Uncut footage of the prosecution's star witness. Friedman family scrapbook and hidden audio tapes. There were many other children who were also abused by the same perpetrators, Arnold and Jessie Friedman.

Arnold Friedman died in jail, but Jessie Friedman is now attempting to appeal his conviction with the help of a wealthy filmmaker, the producer of the film "Capturing the Friedmans. I am asking for you to help all of the victims who were involved in the criminal investigation of Arnold and Jessie Friedman. We want to protect our privacy from further invasion and it is my position that the State should provide that help.

You may or may be aware that a motion picture was made about this conviction, and that the director of the motion picture is planning to fund some type of appeal. I have recently become aware of the fact that this film has been nominated for an academy award.

I am sure that the cinematography is excellent. I wish the director the best of luck in the pursuit of his award, however, I find his position as a financial supporter and advocate for Jessie Friedman's appeal questionable at best.

meet the friedmans case

It seems obvious that ancillary to this appeal is an opportunity for him to advertise himself for the purpose of furthering his professional career. He is biased due to the substantial stake that he has in the outcome of the appeal.

The culmination of his life's work is his movie that is now aligned with the legal status of Jessie Friedman. A victory in the courtroom would validate his film as a so called "important work" that carries with it the force to impose its will upon our criminal justice system.

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What aspiring director would not desire such recognition as a social force to project his or her career into the stratosphere of the film-making industry? This director's cause is wrong and his purpose is self serving at my expense as well as at the expense of the other victims. Arnold and Jessie Friedman violated my trust for them as educators by sexually abusing my classmates and I at their home where they purported to teach computer skills to young people. As a child I was often placed by my parents into the custody of others whether be it at school, or at an after school care program or at a summer camp.

This seemed quite common among my peers and I was comfortable with trusting adults as authority figures. Arnold and Jessie Friedman portrayed themselves as educators who would teach young children how to operate a computer. Many parents were quite enamored with the idea that their child should be equipped with the advantage of computer literacy as the computer technology boom began in the mid 's.

It was under the guise of an educator, that Arnold and Jessie Friedman used computer technology to show young children pornography, to take photographs of young children reacting to that pornography, and to take photographs of sexual acts being performed by young children. I was seven years old when I was in the custody of Arnold and Jessie Friedman. At that time I did not understand the dynamics of human sexuality, I only understood fear.

I became afraid of everything beyond my control. My childhood curiosity was replaced with an inherent distrust for adults, authority figures, and every unknown. As a victim of sexual abuse perpetrated by Arnold and Jessie Friedman, I should not be obligated to bear any burden, for the purpose of justifying their conviction ex-post.

The criminal justice system is an apparatus that society uses to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community. It operates by apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, and sentencing those members of the community who violate the basic rules of group existence. The action taken against lawbreakers is designed to serve three purposes beyond the immediate punitive purpose: This system is imperfect.

It is based in theories of retribution and punishment. Furthermore, the victims are entitled to closure, with no obligation lasting in perpetuity to certify, in whole or in part, the prosecution of the criminal defendant by the State ex-post. I am now a twenty-four year old law student who has confronted my past. It seems absurd to me at this point that I may be subpoenaed by a court once again to authenticate my testimony that I gave to a grand jury as a seven year old child.

meet the friedmans case

It is my position that the State should protect me and all the other victims from having our privacy further invaded. As a victim of sexual abuse, I can tell you first hand how embarrassing it feels, despite having done nothing wrong. The sexual abuse was bad enough, but the process of being a part of an investigation and testifying before a grand jury was also very painful.

It would be unjust for the State to abandon us now when our privacy may be threatened once again by Jessie Friedman, a convicted sex offender, and his ally, the director of the film "Capturing the Friedmans. Arnold and Jessie Friedman were found guilty of sexually abusing children. The Court determined there was no reasonable doubt that those defendants had committed those crimes.

We victims bore our burden by participating in the investigation and testifying. I, nor any of the other victims, should now be placed in a position to defend the conviction of Arnold and Jessie Friedman ex-post. If there is anything that you can do to help us I would be eternally grateful. Sincerely, John Doe Statement by the mother of one of boys who Jesse Friedman pled guilty to molesting.