No significant learning without relationship between education

no significant learning without relationship between education

that education is not the sole responsibility of parents, but that at a certain point society differences and the resulting handicaps pose a greater learning task for . There is no significant relationship between the type of teacher expectation of. "No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship" - says Dr. The students were coming to school without the proper skills to be. No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.

no significant learning without relationship between education

Educarers also develop relationships with families and the community. Educarers operate under the mindset that children don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. If you ask a teacher what they teach, they will respond that they teach first grade or fifth grade or algebra. If you ask an Educarer what they teach, they respond I teach children and I am making a difference in their lives!

Educarers understand that the three most powerful words in education are Relationships, Relationships, and Relationships.

no significant learning without relationship between education

They develop relationships with each and every child. They are focused on developing the whole child. Educarers understand that the power behind them is greater than the task ahead of them. They not only make a difference in children's lives, they are the difference in the lives of the children they touch, teach, mentor, and inspire each day. At Tarrant Elementary, all of us -- from our principal to our secretary and our custodian and aides -- are Educarers.

Connections-based Learning: What Relationships do for Learning

We care deeply about our students. The relationships we have built by connecting with our community have proved to be rewarding. In recent years, discipline referrals have decreased and absenteeism has dropped by several percentage points. But the greatest pat on the back we received was when we achieved full AYP Annual Yearly Progress in and became fully accredited for the first time in our history.

As you and I travel into a new school year, I hope that my message might encourage and empower you, as an educator, to become an Educarer! The Power Is in You! It's All About Relationships Dr. Deborah Stipek, dean of education at Stanford University, posed a simple question to K students: Even though the two-dimensional apple on the page doesn't look like the real apple, students come to understand that the drawing represents the apple.

In math, students need to understand that a numeral represents a specific number of items. Teachers can help students become comfortable with the abstract representations characteristic of school by giving them mental models—stories, analogies, or visual representations.

Mental models enable the student to make a connection between something concrete he or she understands and a representational idea. For example, in math, one can physically form a square with the number of items represented by any square number. We can teach students this concept quickly by drawing a box with nine Xs in it. The student can visually see that 3 is the square root of 9, because no matter how the student looks at the model, there are 3 Xs on each side.

Excellent teachers use mental models all the time, although they may not call them that. I have found that using mental models decreases the amount of time needed to teach and learn a concept. Teach Students How to Ask Questions When you have asked a student what part of a lesson he or she didn't understand, have you heard the reply, "All of it"?

This response may indicate that the student has trouble formulating a specific question. Questions are a principal tool to gain access to information, and knowing how to ask questions yields a huge payoff in achievement Marzano, In their research on reading, Palincsar and Brown found that students who couldn't ask good questions had many academic struggles.

To teach students how to ask questions, I assign pairs of students to read a text and compose multiple-choice questions about it. Forge Relationships with Parents Many low-income parents are so overwhelmed with surviving daily life that they can't devote time to their children's schooling.

Even when time is available, the parent may not know how to support the child's learning.

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript | TED

It is essential to create a welcoming atmosphere at school for parents. Ask yourself these questions about the kind of experience parents have when they enter your building: How are parents usually greeted? With a smile, a command, a look, or the parent's name? What is the ratio of educators to parent in meetings?

Six educators to one parent? Many parents experience such a situation as being "ganged up on. This is much better than having the parent walk into the room cold. When the meeting is over, have all the educators leave the room and don't have another obvious consultation in the parking lot. The person who met the parent ahead of time should walk the parent out of the building, ask how he or she is feeling, and find out whether the parent has more questions.

Nine Powerful Practices

Is the language used in parent meetings understandable, or is it "educationese"? Are parents often asked to make interventions they do not have the resources to make? Do parents realize that people at the school care about their children? Parents want to know first whether the school cares about and respects their child. Communicate this message early in the conference.

no significant learning without relationship between education

It also helps to say, "We know that you care about your child, or you wouldn't be here. Arrange to have a substitute for a particular day and send a letter home to a few parents saying that because teachers always ask parents to come to school, a pair of teachers would like to come by their house, say hello, and bring a gift.

The gift should be something small, such as a magnet listing the school's name, phone number, and hours. If a parent wants to have an in-depth talk about the child, schedule a time that's good for both parties to talk further. Schools that have taken this approach, such as East Allen County Schools in Fort Wayne, Indiana, have strengthened the rapport between parents and teachers and lessened discipline referrals. The Gift of Education Educators can be a huge gift to students living in poverty.

You were so excited, we just let you go. I wondered, "How am I going to take this group, in nine months, from where they are to where they need to be?

And it was difficult, it was awfully hard. How do I raise the self-esteem of a child and his academic achievement at the same time? One year I came up with a bright idea. I told all my students, "You were chosen to be in my class because I am the best teacher and you are the best students, they put us all together so we could show everybody else how to do it.

  • No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship- Dr. James Comer

We have to show the other classes how to do it, so when we walk down the hall, people will notice us, so you can't make noise. You just have to strut. I was somebody when I came. I'll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful, and I am strong. I deserve the education that I get here.

I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go. Applause I gave a quiz, 20 questions. A student missed Laughter He said, "Ms. Pierson, is this an F? You got two right. You didn't miss them all.

no significant learning without relationship between education

See, it's hard to teach kids who stink. Laughter And kids can be cruel. And so she kept those things in her desk, and years later, after she retired, I watched some of those same kids come through and say to her, "You know, Ms. Walker, you made a difference in my life.