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There's no denying that the size of this filter results in better engine cooling ability and, in all likelihood, high filter flow rates perhaps the highest. Toyota uses a a fairly inexpensive-looking bypass valve, but we think it's safe to assume this valve is adequate. Considering the low price of the OEM filter when compared to all the other filters we looked at, the OEM filter seems like a very good value. Wix filters generally perform well in Internet oil filter comparisons like this one see notes section for some links.

This comparison is no different - the Wix has a very solid combination of a quality anti-drainback valve red silicone rubber and a cleverly designed bypass valve. When the external pressure on this o-ring is high enough, it compresses the spring and opens up a gap that oil can flow through right near the front of the canister.

This type of bypass valve would seem to be the most expensive, mostly because it requires more assembly and greater manufacturing tolerances than the plunger-type design used on the OEM filter or at least that's our opinion.

tacoma world meet 2013

Of all the filters we looked at, the filter medium used in the Wix most closely resembles the filter medium in the OEM filter. This would seem to be a good thing, as the OEM filter material was definitely the sturdiest of the bunch. While sturdy filter material might not matter much, it seems logical that stronger filter fibers hold up better during prolonged filter use.

Combined with metal endcaps, this seems like a very sturdy filter.

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The metal sleeve inside the Wix has a large spiral groove that supposedly increase flow rate Fluids flow in what is called a 'no-slip' condition, which means that spiraling the inside of a filter isn't going to have nearly as much impact on flow as spiraling the inside of a gun barrel has on the speed and stability of a bullet. According to an interview we did on TundraHeadquarters. The metal end caps on the filter cartridge present two problems.

First, the pleat spacing is pretty uneven Additionally, the end caps are 7mm tall, and the filter medium that sits inside each cap probably doesn't flow a lot of oil. The other area of concern is that the Wix filter medium is both thin second thinnest in our comparison and low density when compared to the OEM material.

Again, if we assume that the OEM filter meets or exceeds all of Toyota's minimum requirements, we have to wonder about filters that would seem to do less filtration The problems with the Wix filter are the uneven pleat spacing, the thinner and lighter filter material, and the thick end caps that decrease the effective surface area. The strong points are that the Wix still has the second largest surface area, a quality anti-drainback valve, and a very clever bypass valve.

Despite the uneven pleats, the Wix filter's beta ratios are solid and it definitel seems like a good choice. Before we cracked open the canister and really started looking over the innards, the Bosch filter was off to a good start. The cartridge end caps are metal, the anti-drainback valve seems to be of good quality, and the total surface area of the filter medium is second only to the OEM filter.

tacoma world meet 2013

Unfortunately, we found corrosion aka rust! Flakes of rust flowing through the oil system aren't desirable - not one little bit.

First, we have the corrosion more on that in a minute. Second, we have the bypass valve. It uses a torsion-type spring that is very, very difficult to depress with your bare hands when compared to the bypass valve springs found on competing models. While it could be that the Bosch bypass valve spring loosens up when it's surrounded by hot motor oil, it could also be that the bypass valve sticks.

And, even if the valve operates better at warm temperatures, that still presents a problem at cold start when the bypass valve is sorely needed. As for the corrosion we found inside this filter, there are a few possibilities. First, it's possible that our cartridge sat on the shelf for a long, long time.

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This seems likely, as the box was pretty dusty. Second, it could be that the filter was contaminated at some point, but this seems less likely because the corrosion occurred under the anti-drainback valve which sort of attaches to the metal. If someone spilled Pepsi inside the filter and put it back on the shelf, it seems unlikely it would collect inside a tight-fitting rubber or silicone ring.

Third, it could just be bad luck that this Bosch filter contained rust. An isolated manufacturing problem that made it's way into our comparison and nothing more. Still, for what it's worth, there was a lot of excess glue on the outside of the cartridge assembly, and that's not something that would have been added after the fact. It seems that, based on the sloppy application of the glue and the uneven pleat spacing, there just might be a quality concern with these filters that manifested itself into rust.

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Or maybe not - hard to say. To be clear, we're not saying that Bosch filters are bad If you're comfortable assuming that this was an isolated incident that could happen to any filter, then the Bosch filter seems like an OK choice Opening up the box, we're greeted with a beautiful blue piece of metal, easily the best-looking filter of the bunch.

However, cracking open the canister, we find a filter that is in almost all ways identical to the SuperTech Wal-Mart brand oil filter. There's more filter medium in the ACDelco filter. Just like the SuperTech filter, the bypass valve is a bit of a joke here.

It technically works, but it's not something we would choose over the other options listed. The ACDelco's pleats were uneven in terms of both spacing and length, making the filter cartridge look very much like a misfit toy. The filter medium in the ACDelco filter is also the thinnest of all the filter mediums we looked at. Thinner is better when it comes to flow rate, but it's not necessarily better when it comes to filtration Without testing, we're just guessing on flow rates vs.

It's hard to imagine a filter with lower manufacturing tolerances, and it's more than a surprise to see ACDelco selling parts that could just as easily be found on a shelf at your local Wal-Mart. For these reasons - and the fact that the ACDelco filter we bought was more than twice as much as the Wal-Mart filter, we feel pretty comfortable saying that this is the worst filter of the bunch.

The MicroGard filter is good as far as we can tell, but also very average. On the plus side, it uses the same type of bypass valve and anti-drainback valve as the OEM filter and it's the second most inexpensive filter we evaluated. However, while there's nothing notably bad about this filter, there's nothing notably good about it either. It's near the bottom of the pack in filter medium surface area, it uses inexpensive materials cardboard-like fabric cartridge end caps and low-density paper for a filterand it suffers from the same uneven pleat spacing problem found on some of the other filters we looked at.

The only flaws are the uneven pleat spacing and the presence of a "super pleat," aka two pleats glued together. Both of these flaws are typical. For the price, it's not bad.

Toyota Tacoma how to get best price???

In our Tundra filter comparison, we learned that the MicroGard filter for the Tundra 4. The box the Fram oil filter comes in is one of the nicest in the bunch, and it includes cellophane wrapping which we assume keeps the gel-like substance hidden inside the cartridge from drying out.

This substance looks like motor oil gel, and according to the box it's a "time released oil renewal" additive that helps your oil perform better or last longer between changes. The nose cone is important and often will leak oil through a failing seal causing the bearings to run dry and fail faster. This will often cause a lot of noise and a mess in your engine bay. Replacing the coupler can help with performance and can cause issues with how the SC functions.

A bad coupler causes slop in the connection between the nose shaft and the rotors. Any slack or slop will cause a lack of performance. Here is a video displaying a bad coupler. I got mine from here: Even threw in a free nose cone seal when I ordered. For the black 2nd gen kits you can purchase a pre-rebuilt nose cone directly from Toyota 1st gen model has been discontinued. It will have all new bearings and seals and come with new oil, coupler and gasket maker.

By that rationale, you will be getting a free shop press by doing it yourself. There is also a refresh kit that can be bought to replace the coupler and oil. Again not a very good deal, but not horrible. A shop press is very helpful for the rebuild and recommended if doing it at home.

I got a 20 ton and it is perfect for pressing out the bearings and rotors.