Ltbmw meet 2013 dodge

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ltbmw meet 2013 dodge

The second LTMW Show of brought a slew of cool cars and major presence from Japanese tuner, Liberty Walk. Check out our top five. -Socal and can meet almost anywhere in Los Angeles (Will ship at buyer's expense) -The wheels are currently off my car and are at LTBMW. When it comes to modifying BMWs, Long Tran and his crew at LTMotorwerks ( LTMW) are no strangers. Formerly known as LTBMW, the shop.

Fast-forward to the present day, and nothing much has changed. My appetite for car magazines has only grown with each passing year, to the point of compulsion.

The Keen Project Safari – Fatlace™ Since

You see, I love collecting magazines from all over the world, and make of point of buying up examples from each country I travel to. However, I do have to wonder what the future holds for printed car magazines. For many magazines, circulation figures are continuing to drop as audiences turn to the immediacy of the web, tablet and social for their instant, up-to-the-minute fix of automotive content.

The knock-on effect of this is that with each passing month I hear more bad news about automotive journalists being laid off, offices being scaled back and magazine page counts declining. Automotive media as we know it is evolving fast. The sanctity of the exclusive auto-journalists club is rapidly being replaced by the empowered car fanatic: We are all Speedhunters after all.

ltbmw meet 2013 dodge

Which group of car-media creators, car companies, racing teams, motorsports organizers and automotive lifestyle brands will make it through the next five years alive remains to be seen.

Will Speedhunters be able take a place at the table with the big, established automotive brands? Plans are being hatched, deals made and agreements established as we start to lock down what is going to look like.

Some of you may recall our preview shots of this Japan based, street driven Porsche Group C machine which we shot in collaboration with Motorhead magazine.

A Good Day for LTMW x Liberty Walk Meet

At last the full story is coming. We are also planning a mini-theme based around the Miata-Roadster later on this month. In a car of like-minded individuals, discussions then sprout up about the pros and cons of one model versus another: Days can become brighter with just a single glimpse of a good car — or even the sound.

Sometimes just hearing the sound is actually better! The more eclectic events are the better, and festivals like this are the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast a whole wealth of those lumps of metal we love so much. Each car is surrounded by proud owners answering questions to those browsing through. Brooklands provides a unique backdrop for these kind of events.

ltbmw meet 2013 dodge

For instance, where else could you find a couple of dozen Ferraris parked up next to a real live Concorde? As usual for a meet, cars were grouped together by classification — at Brooklands that being marque and nationality.

Taking It To The Top At Brooklands

TVRs and Italian cars of any denomination were given special privilege and allowed to park up en masse on the Members Banking and the Grand Prix straight cut-through.

That meant that the Italian cars had a great opportunity to show off their diversity, whether green… …white… …or traditional red. See what I did there? Outside the Brooklands Clubhouse an ever-more mouthwatering display of classics gathered as the day progressed.

And we just happen to have a Harrier jump-jet hanging out in the background. Did I mention how great Brooklands is? The Bertone design oozes class, and the slatted front headlight covers retract when the lights are switched on.

Mercedes-Benz brought along more than just the iconic SL Gullwing: Construction of the SL started the year after the Gullwing, and although it has some family resemblance the car was based on the Ponton saloon, using a monocoque rather the spaceframe of the SL. The SL had the option of either a fabric folding roof or a removable metal hardtop.

The passenger footwell is not the usual place for storing the spare wheel! It might not have been as fast as the Gullwing, but it still raced successfully — and won. Victories included the running of the fearsome Macau Grand Prix. Brooklands have restored a number of old sheds around the site to look like racing workshops of yesteryear, and all these areas were full of more delights to take in. There were plenty of direct, side-by-side comparisons to be seen that showed just how much car design has changed — and just how large modern cars are!