Jesus calls exam prayer meet 2013

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jesus calls exam prayer meet 2013

Loving Father I have been called to a job interview and I ask that You guide me for this meeting and also prepare the panel that will be interviewing me I pray. For any who wonder if they're called, consider the following three points December 29, After all, the final command of Jesus began with go into all the world . the Cross conference have been praying for years that a conference .. The best test of a missionary call is that a healthy church agrees. Address of the Nagpur Prayer Tower: Jesus Calls Prayer Tower, Patni .. I came to this meeting with a broken heart because of so many .. peace of Israel, on November 4, , the Israel Prayer Tower was .. I came to know about the Karunya University just before I wrote the Karunya Entrance Exam.

jesus calls exam prayer meet 2013

And joy also spreads. And joy, true joy, is contagious; it is infectious Instead when you meet a seminarian who is excessively serious, too sad, or a novice like this, you think: The joy of the Lord is lacking, the joy that prompts you to serve, the joy of the encounter with Jesus which brings you to encounter others to proclaim Jesus.

St Teresa — there are many Spaniards here and they know it well — said: It is not worth much When you see a seminarian, a priest, a sister or a novice with a a long face, gloomy, who seems to have thrown a soaking wet blanket over their life, one of those heavy blankets Something has gone wrong! The joy that comes from Jesus. It might happen, some, poor things, fall sick It might be so. However in general it is not a psychological problem.

Is it a problem of dissatisfaction? But what is at the heart of this lack of joy? It is a matter of celibacy. I will explain to you. You, seminarians, sisters, consecrate your love to Jesus, a great love.

jesus calls exam prayer meet 2013

Your heart is for Jesus and this leads us to make the vow of chastity, the vow of celibacy. However the vow of chastity and the vow of celibacy do not end at the moment the vow is taken, they endure A journey that matures, that develops towards pastoral fatherhood, towards pastoral motherhood, and when a priest is not a father to his community, when a sister is not a mother to all those with whom she works, he or she becomes sad.

This is the problem. For this reason I say to you: It is impossible to imagine a priest or a sister who are not fertile: This is not Catholic! This is the beauty of consecration: However I do not want to embarrass this good sister [addressing an elderly nun in the front row] who was in front of the crowd barrier, poor thing, she was really squashed, but she had a happy face.

It did me good to look at your face, sister! You may have had many years of consecrated life, but you have beautiful eyes, you were smiling, you did not complain of being squashed When you find examples like this, many sisters, many priests who are joyful, it is because they are fertile, they give life, life, life They give this life because they find it in Jesus!

In the joy of Jesus!

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Joy, no sadness, pastoral fecundity. To be joyful witnesses of the Gospel it is necessary to be authentic and consistent. And this is another word that I want to say to you: Jesus severely reprimanded the hypocrites: To speak of authenticity to young people costs nothing because the young — all of them — have this wish to be authentic, to be consistent. And you are all disgusted when you find in us priests who we are not authentic, or sisters who are not authentic!

This is a primary responsibility of all adults, of formators. And it is your responsibility, you formators who are here: Do we want consistent young people? On the contrary, the Lord will say to us what he said to the People of God about the Pharisees: However, you too, in turn, seek to follow this road.

I always say what St Francis of Assisi stated: Christ has sent us to proclaim the Gospel with words too. The sentence goes like this: What does this mean? Proclaiming the Gospel with an authentic life, with a consistent life. But in this world to which wealth does so much damage it is necessary that we priests, that we sisters, that all of us be consistent with our poverty! But when you find that money is the principal concern of an educational, parochial or indeed any other institution, this is not good.

It is not good! It is an inconsistency! We must be consistent and authentic. On this route, let us do what St Francis says: However, it is in our life that others must first be able to read the Gospel!

Here too, without fear, with our shortcomings which we try to correct, with our limitations which the Lord knows, but also with our generosity in letting him act through us.

Faults, limitations and — I add a little more — with sins I would like to know something. Here, in this hall, is there anyone who is not a sinner, who has not sinned?

Put up your hand! Put up your hands! From here to the back Yet how do I carry my sin, my sins?


I want to recommend this to you: Confess everything, do not be afraid. Think of the Samaritan woman who, to test him, in order to tell her fellow citizens that she had found the Messiah, said to him: Always tell your confessor the truth.

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This transparency will do us good, because it makes us humble, all of us. Tell the truth, without hiding anything, without mincing your words, because you are talking to Jesus in the person of the confessor. And Jesus knows the truth He alone always forgives you! But all the Lord wants is for you to tell him what he already knows. It is sad when one finds a seminarian or sister who in order to be rid of the stain confesses today with this one; tomorrow he or she goes to another, to another and to yet another: It is Jesus who is listening to you.

Always have this transparency before Jesus in the confessor! However, this is a grace. Father I have sinned, I have done this, and this, and this And the Lord embraces you, he kisses you! Go, sin no more! And if you come back?

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I say this from experience. I have encountered many consecrated people who fall into this hypocritical trap of lacking transparency.

Like the publican at the back of the Temple: And the Lord shuts your mouth: Open the door to grace with this transparency! The saints and teachers of spiritual life tell us that to help us develop our life in authenticity, the daily practice of the examination of conscience is very useful; indeed, it is indispensable.

What is happening in my soul? Hence be open, with the Lord and then with the confessor, with the spiritual director. This is so important! How much more time do we have Archbishop Fisichella? He says until tomorrow If it is to be until tomorrow, let them bring each one of you a sandwich and a Coca Cola, at least!

jesus calls exam prayer meet 2013

Consistence is fundamental if our witnessing is to be credible. However it is not enough, we also need education, I underline cultural training, in order to account for faith and hope. Today we cannot take anything for granted! This civilization, this culture But it is certainly also demanding, it requires a good, balanced formation which combines all the dimensions of life, the human, the spiritual, the intellectual dimension with the pastoral.

In your formation there are the four fundamental pillars: And for the latter, formation must be undertaken in community, in the novitiate, in the priory, in seminaries I always think of this: Because this community life is essential. Remember the four pillars: You must build your vocation on these four elements.

And here I would like to stress the importance, in this community life, of relations of friendship and brotherhood that are an integral part of this formation. Here we come across another problem. Why do I say this: So often I have found communities, seminarians, religious or diocesan communities where the most common remarks are gossip!

And this is our clerical or religious world Excuse me, but it is common: But I want to tell you that this is so common, so very common. I too have fallen into this. I have often done it, often! And I am ashamed of myself! I am ashamed of this. It is not good to do this: Fill me with Your peace, remain in my heart throughout the whole process, I pray that I may find grace in the eyes of the interviewing team - and to You be all the praise and glory. You are the one that cares for all our needs and necessities and I pray that You will be with me as I begin to prepare myself, in body, soul and spirit for this meeting.

I pray that with Your help I may be the best that I can be as I attend the interview. Help me to prepare my mind for the questions that I am likely to be asked and also enable me to compose my heart so that I am resting in Your strength and not my own. Give me nights of good rest and sleep I pray, so that I am bright and alert for this meeting and also prepare the panel that will be interviewing me I pray, so that they will show understanding and fairness.

I know Lord that all things work together for good to those that love You and are fitting into Your purpose, and I pray that You will use this interview as an opportunity for me to draw closer to You as I depend on You in preparing myself for this life-changing challenge. Keep my mind clear and my heart at peace as I face this challenge - and help me to answer the questions clearly and without hesitating or fumbling over my words.

Lord You know that I am quite nervous about this interview as I really hope I will be appointed, but I ask that I may rest my soul in You, for You are my strength and my sufficiency. Thank You that You are interested in every area of our lives, and I pray that You will be with me through out this interview. Lord I want Your will to be done in my life, so I want Your will to be done in this interview.