Josh pyke lyrics where two oceans meet youtube

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josh pyke lyrics where two oceans meet youtube

Aussie great Josh Pyke has a 10th Anniversary tour coming up so Karen . The last two winners are absolutely kicking ass (Alex Lahey and Angie You have many reoccurring themes in his lyrics, seasons being one. on the cliffs, above the ocean, and if you fell off the cliffs, you would die. . YouTube. Where two oceans meetI will find you there'neath the wind worn heathUnder cliff tops bareAnd I will find you thereAnd I will cover theeAnd you will cling to. Subscribe · Twitter · Facebook · Instagram · Soundcloud · YouTube Longevity in music is rare, but for Josh Pyke there is an endless In the song White Lines Dancing the lyrics describe 'white lines dancing in the ripple of a heat wave. the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, and so is Where Two Oceans Meet.

When I have a busy day, I order three egg McMuffins, two hash browns and a large black coffee. Ed college admission docker windows is searching for bash. Now that is no longer true. He is very polite, thorough and does amazingly well with his physical challenges.

They should shut down the McDonalds until the construction is done. You are good but not that good to constantly wait in those types of lines, If that location s are that busy then adjust to a quicker staff and add more order stations.

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I feel sorry for those after me who ordered decaff. We werent running late and we expected to get there 15 minutes early which we did however we wouldnt have if we had gone back to McDoanlds to show them the egg they had given to my daughter.

I worked for a McDonalds franchise for many years and Im appalled at the behavior of the workers at this store.

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The reason why I am voicing my issues is because this is my first job working with food. If you are dine in you get your food in a paper bag, which is a waste and have to spread your food out on a table which may not be perfectly clean.

What could be better than a free classic Subway sub? Well we had to wait another 7 min for them to make our meal. Our local McDonalds has went down over the last year to the point we will not be eatting there anymore. Im actually surprised she noticed it and the only reason she did was because she doesnt like ham and took hers off to put in my sandwich.

We do feel very safe at their locations that probably is the main reason. Delivery and catering is available and we have over 30 years of experience. If you can find one Uber driver that likes to deliver from McDonalds it would be a miracle. Todays top Subway coupon: I think this is a huge, huge problem.

In my senior year I am voted club captain. After wearing too much hair gel and sitting next to Elvis Connelly on the school bus, Grade ten Matthew Rolls says the immortal words: Start wearing contact lenses.

Write my first serious and comedy songs. We win the audience vote but get no prizes from the judges. She writes back, beginning a fruitful friendship. Have my first proper kiss with a girl, Chantel, on a Christian camp.

I win all my races at the school swimming carnival, but miss out on the record for the fifty metre freestyle by. Later, a grade nine girl says: Girls finally notice me. It means we get to hang out in person after a year of writing letters. Get first job at KFC, frying chicken and cleaning ovens out the back. Record first proper collection of songs Ad-Liberation. Have first ever drug experience, smoking a joint with my best friend Billy.

I freak out, think I am going to die and get driven to hospital by his Mum. She is not impressed. My heart continues to beat irregularly for most of the year.

Perform again in the high school talent contest. It ends a week later because the girl cheats on me. Write short film script Infinity for English writing project. Finish up High School. Get to Hellyer College. Perform in the College musical Godspell. I am a member of the chorus, and also part of the warm up entertainment as people walk in. In relative secrecy from my friends, I continue to pursue Christianity.

I pray every night and attend church with my Mum most Sundays, a new experience for both of us. Become president of the SRC. My most successful campaign pitch is a poster with a piece of toast stuck to it that reads: My Disastrous 18th Begin playing music regularly at school concerts. Break up with Erin in our 19th month. I do the breaking. I begin a long distance relationship almost straight away with Jade, a Youth Insearch leader from Deloraine.

I sit in on the lessons. Have second major drug experience, and my first ever bong. Win school prize for creative writing and theatre performance subject award. Canberra seems fine as my Uncle Ken lives nearby in Michaelago. My theatre teacher, Amanda Mureste, talks me out of it. It features dodgy singing but some eclectic uses of backings and harmonies.

This upsets me and causes us to have a messy break-up. With one week until I leave for Canberra, I meet Jacci Holness at a party and start going out with her. Jade is furious and refuses to speak to me. As an explanation of how much I loved her, I post her a detailed diary of our relationship that I was planning to give her on our one year anniversary.

Move into University Ressies, the largest in Australia. Audition for my first play Psycho Beach Party. Form the band Urban Turban with Adam and Matt.

Josh Pyke - Where Two Oceans Meet (Live in Sydney) - Moshcam

We play our first gig at 9am the morning after an all-night dance party. The limited audience are hung over, crotchety and throw rubbish at us. At the end of one song Matt says, very slowly and very precisely: As we have never been there before we wander about aimlessly before deciding to go watch the latest James Bond film at the cinemas.

I almost immediately start going out with Margi, a girl involved in Three Dice two years older than me. I am turning into a serial monogamist. Margi comes to visit me in Burnie — my Canberra and Tasmanian worlds combining for the first time. We have some fun in Cradle Mountain, but there are some dodgy moments including taking her to a Burnie pub where a man with no ears accosts us, and choosing to go and drink with my school buddies at my old primary school, leaving her at home.

As soon as I get back to Canberra she breaks up with me. This is the beginning of his power over me. After being best friends for a year, Tammy and I kiss. We start going out. Continue my pursuit of Christianity by making contact with the youthful Catholic priests on campus. They pressure me about my sexual involvement with Tammy.

Start writing for the University magazine Curio. This includes a session where I walk on hot coals. Star in Skin, a comedy about the porn industry written by Toby. I play Jack Hammer, a pornstar who ends up being gay.

In the play the actors are asked to simulate sex scenes, wear strap ons, and watch porn on the theatre camp. Many of us, me included, are not very comfortable with this. We are made to feel silly for complaining and I end up keeping quiet, much to my personal detriment.

Jack Hammer has a secret identity as an Aussie bogan. I take the role so seriously that I have my long blondish hair, not trimmed for a full year, cut into a mullet. I return home to Tasmania with this mullet. One night I am out in a Burnie pub wearing a West Indies cricket shirt. I still get called poof.

I play the lead. Tammy brings her parents on set one day. I am standing in a carpark wearing speedos and a Carlton scarf.

We take great delight recording a hit phone message: We end up spending all the club money on sausages and haircuts. After a minute I press stop and read my essay as if nothing has happened. No one ever mentions the dance. Complete my leadership training with Youth Insearch. At the graduation I am MC, which I find incredibly difficult in my increasingly troubled state. One of the judges writes: Some of them are very good.

Everyone else involved is older than me, and tease me for being such a convincing mental cripple. Spend a lot of time down by Lake Ginninderra, marveling at the sunlight diamonds on water, writing in my journal, trying to regain control over my life.

Adam and I lay on the floor in the dark and listen to it in its entirety. Walk the overland track, a five day bushwalk from Lake St. Clair to Cradle Mountain with my Nan, aged My Nan, not me. Return home to Canberra. Attend a five day national Heywire camp, which includes an all expenses paid trip to…. Start writing for local streetpress BMA. It is an autobiographical conversation about myself to myself.

Become co-president of Three Dice. I am beaten by a guy telling stoner jokes. We continue to do sporadic gigs at the Pot Belly and Shooters.

Matt pays out the now deceased David Branson who performs a very strange poem about eating his own face. After growing unrest, Urban Turban disbands. I find myself growing increasingly alienated from the fun sexy world broadcast around me. For my major writing project, I pen a feature length play, Cyclone Beryl, a comedy about the Australian Music Industry.

Graduate University, receiving a High Distinction for my play. Come to terms with not having school on after eighteen years. Start working at the Canberra Labor Club. As I am the only employee with mid-length hair and glasses, I pick up the nicknames: After attending a Christian camp and feeling tired of sitting on the fence, I vow to fully commit by becoming celibate.

She suggests hooking up with Jim Trail and recording some stuff. Have the ecstatic sensation that a career as an artist is possible. Realising that my guitar has a terrible pickup, I take it to a music store to be replaced. I settle on a Maton C. I am often found lurking near the poker machines at work, writing lyrics on the back of a Keno ticket. I find myself playing down their compliments and acting sheepish. It is a combination of film clips for my songs and sketches.

Receive my first fan letter. After years of standing awkwardly in the kitchen, people are turning up to my party. Begin the routine of writing a blog style diary on my laptop. I write words every few days. This coincides with an increased distance between Tammy and I. There is growing tension between Adam and I also. Due to contention over its consistency, the Urban Turban album is deleted.

This is relatively easy as it has never been released. I take my songs and turn it into a lightly distributed solo album. After two and a half years Tammy and I break-up. We play our last gig at the Pot Belly in late June.

Move into another house in the same street. I live with two girls. It seems convenient to make this my character. They are going on holidays, and I can sense the wind-down of my own song writing blitz. I have written and aired twenty-five new songs in a six month period. The crowd seems to like me but the bands seem to hate me.

I meet the girl I will eventually move to Sydney for. I wake up with a shadowy imprint in one eye. One of my blood vessels has tried to push through my retina, like weeds grow through cracks in the footpath.

Controversially, I go out with the girl, ten years my elder. I say goodbye to Canberra and move to Sydney. Go on the dole. I am desperate to prove myself. The album is a modest, unmastered affair, featuring twenty tracks from my Triple J segment. Having already decided on a tracklist, at the last minute I get my girlfriend to pick them, so that whoever plays the CD will find that the track listing is different to the album listing.

We think this is funny. I appear as the odd spot on Channel Seven news that night. Perform nine shows at The Butterfly Club. Each night I end up crawling off stage drenched and confused. Tammy and I remain terrific friends. The Sydney girl is extremely jealous and threatened by this.

Play a gig at the Cat and Fiddle pub which no-one turns up to. I have to contribute my own money to pay for the sound guy and then walk home in light rain. It is the most emotionally damaging relationship of my life. After remaining friends for a while I discover she still has my email password auto-saved on her laptop and has been reading my mail. In both my personal and professional life, I consider myself to be in a rut. After an intense ten year journey, I decide that I am no longer Christian.

I still believe in God. Until this point I have considered myself a musician who happens to be funny, rather than the other way round. I do a ten minute support slot before Wil Anderson.

I go with it and end up on my knees singing into the mic — the place erupts.

josh pyke lyrics where two oceans meet youtube

It is a sublime moment. A potential manager Chris Macdonald approaches me after the show saying he likes my stuff. My confidence is restored. The house is directly next to a train line and underneath a flight path. One day there is a plane and train going by at the same time and the phone rings and I scream. Find myself unable to create a follow up segment on Triple J, but do some work experience with the Morning Show.

Hold a CD Launch in Canberra. Only two film clips make it to air. I am sent the two un-aired videos in the mail. While I am sitting on my bed staring at them, I receive a one-off anonymous text from a Struth Be Told reader telling me to keep it up. Chris agrees to manage me. He is a dock I can tether my little boat to. Decide to leave Sydney. Perform at the Hobart Comedy Festival. I do minute spots over 16 nights.

The 45 minute spot is supposed to be The Hobart audiences are warm and supportive and my confidence soars. Fall nutso in love with Janita, a vague and cryptic fellow comedian. Spend the best part of the year being embroiled in her abstract tundra.

I set the record at First perform it to Josh, Janita and her brother Joe in Launceston. It gets the first of many laughs. After a couple of years of passionate suggestions from friends, I move to Melbourne. Move into a terrific share house in Clifton Hill with four others and a troubled cat named Squirty. It is a runaway success. It runs away with a lot of our money.

I also spend a lot of time talking to Kerry The Metaphysical Drummer. The show gets some good reviews, and one Saturday night I have a killer opening, but manage to blow it half way through. This night is full of important industry types including the head of Token and an Age reviewer. I vow never to know when important people are in the audience.

To promote the show, I perform another publicity stunt.

josh pyke lyrics where two oceans meet youtube

I lie down on a mattress outside town hall. After a moment of insanity my attempts to trim the back of my hair ends up with me completely shaving the back of my head, but leaving my fringe as normal. I accidentally give myself a trendy Melbourne undercut ahead of its time.

My Uncle Nigel dies after being hit by a train in Lithgow on the 24th of April. It is my first experience of death. Am shortlisted for a Moosehead award. During the song I mention Systems Corrupt, an underground posse of which Megan is a member. Many members are in the audience and go wild at being mentioned. Bedroom Philosopher Gig Round-Up After sleeping with a fan, she writes about it on her blog within twelve hours. I find it the next day and am weirded out.

I ask her to take it down, for fear that my Mum might see it. He is very supportive of my album and takes it into Triple J for me. It is particularly popular on Super Requests. Once again my playful subversion of the medium inadvertently sabotages commercial success.

My poetic alter-super-ego Super Poet makes his debut at a Melbourne poetry gig. Finish the year with a set at the Falls Festival, playing after Butterfingers to people. A young girl approaches me and offers to have my baby. My name is Wow Wow. I am here to tell you some stories. The voice is a combination of my cave man voice with a dialect inspired by an alternate personality that the Sydney girl had.

To me, Wow Wow is a little caveman trying to understand the world. They even have a racing car bed on stage for me, on loan. During Folkstar I jump on it and break it. Wow Wow proves to be a big hit, getting lots of laughs. Perform in Laughapoolooza at the Kaleide theatre — a prototype musical comedy gala that my manager Chris has devised. I come up with the name. Chris begins courting me with the former manager of T. During a late night spot at the Seymour Centre, I flip out.

I turn around and pick up a huge metallic abstract sculpture behind me. I once again manage to do my worst show infront of an Age reviewer. We bond over our mutual dislike of the new Simpsons. It is not a pleasant experience. It is one of my lowest performance moments. At the end, it seems like a good idea to take all my clothes off. The performance appears in the special features of an upcoming Scardies DVD.

It is still being regularly requested six months after its radio debut. She saw Pyjamarama and kept emailing me asking about my Alf doll. We kiss briefly but then she has to go to a party. The show is based on a uni revue stage show created by Chris.

We have some nice conversations, but she is in a relationship. Am asked to open for long time musical comedy heroes Tripod on a fourteen day regional tour of W. This includes Broome, Port Hedland down to Kalgoorlie. It is about the best two weeks of my life. At a party one night I snort what is probably speed for the only time in my life. I live in Alexandria with a friend of a friend and his three dogs.

X-Press Magazine – Entertainment in Perth – JOSH PYKE Thinking of a place

I have never lived with dogs before, nor particularly liked them. I am paid well but save no money. I find writing for television more disillusioning than I had imagined. At dinner she tells me I could be a lot further along in my career, that I wear glasses to hold onto a high school idea of myself and that we should break up. Try my hand as the warm up guy at the Ronnie Johns live nights.

This involves walking out in a cold, sterile television studio and geeing up a crowd of young, middle class wogans. On top of being funny, I must also wear an ear piece and constantly be aware of what the director is saying. During one stint of handing out merchandise to the crowd I hit a lady in the face with an Australian Idol notebook.

On top of this, the regular warm up guy sits in the audience watching me. This year I am up against Sarah Blasko. A good crowd turns out to witness me. With no money and no ideas I enlist the help of Ronnie Johns performer Dan Ilic and make a film clip for it. The song is chosen to appear on the Hottest DVD. In forums and conversations, people are often focussed on whether the song is post-modern or not.

The seriousness with which it is analysed bemuses me, as it was just meant to be silly. The new remix is added to the latest batch of Doona albums. It proves hugely popular on radio for a while and at gigs. I consider releasing it, but the copyright implications are tremendous.

My love life is a tangle of flings. I am seeing girls in Sydney and Melbourne without telling either. Wind up Sydney operations in March and return to Melbourne. Ronnie Johns has rated fairly well during the year and a second season appears likely.

The Chopper character is particularly popular. Audiences love it but all our friends and peers seem to hate it. We also find it strangely impossible to get reviewed. First meet future band mate and close friend Andy Hazel, who bounds up to me after a show. During an outdoor performance in the Comedy Festival, I am disturbed by the presence of a man in a purple Comedy Channel Star suit.

I make up a song with the chorus: The actor inside eventually presses charges against me for inciting violence. Bedroom Philosopher or Bedroom Terrorist? I play music venues, with mainly straight musical supports. While an enormous job to orchestrate, it is an unprecedented joy to perform, with especially healthy turnouts in my home bases of Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart.

Nationalish Tour Diary Change management. Ronnie Johns is commissioned for a second series. I again work with my Uncle Ken in Emu Plains. This album aspires to be a more ambitious affair, and Magical Mystery Tour comments are bandied about.