Nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

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nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

Nodame Cantabile** **Format:** TV (45 episodes total, plus that if you watch the whole series, you'll be left satisfied with their relationship. of the sea of High School romcoms that end without so much as a kiss. . The live action drama is more like anime and the anime is more like live action drama. So when I heard that Crunchyroll picked up the live action drama Nodame Cantabile is based on a manga of the same name by The story cares less about plot holes and more about giving This, while played for slapstick comedy , still carries enough overtones of an abusive relationship to make me. Nodame Cantabile is a manga by Tomoko Ninomiya. It was serialized in Japan by Kodansha in The series depicts the relationship between two aspiring classical musicians, . Nodame Cantabile has been adapted as a live-action television drama 2), and the ending theme was "Tokyo et Paris" (東京 et Paris, lit. "Tokyo.

I have no complaints about the side characters either. They're all memorable and lively. As for the English or other dubs, I can't tell you, sorry. But I think this show is best watched with subs anyway.

NodamexChiaki: Nodame Cantabile Grand Finale!

One thing to note: I didn't find it confusing, but it's something to keep in mind. This is where the show's true strength lies. Putting the main two characters aside, the rest of the cast are well written, interesting, lively, and often interact with the main characters in ways that serve to develop both parties.

They feel like real people, even if a couple of them can be a bit goofy. You really start to feel attached to them almost as much as the main characters.

nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

As for the main couple themselves, their chemistry is just spectacular. They play off of each other for great comedic effect although that's not the main focus of the show, it makes up a good part, which is good and over the course of the episodes and time, you can really see firsthand how their relationship deepens and becomes more nuanced.

nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

They're both dependent on one another whether they admit it or not and resolve their issues the way you'd expect mature adults like them would. They can be direct and get angry and make mistakes and fix them. It's not totally conclusive but we're not left hanging, either.

nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

Both the audience and characters understand their feelings. I'll also mention that there are side character relationships that get a bit less development but are great, too.

nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

Finally, the diversity of music in Nodame Cantabile is no joke. But the romance is what I want to get to. Here are 7 reasons why Nodame Cantabile is a stand-out in the romance genre.

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The romance in Nodame Cantabile takes a good amount of time to develop, like say three whole seasons. One-sided obsession mode 2 No School Day Romance. Nodame Cantabile provides a picture of real-life romance.

While students have plenty of free time to hang out at and after school, adults have to compromise a lot just to find time for each other, with lots of tears and fists thrown along the way. Part of why I love Chiaki X Nodame so much is how they made their romance work despite everything that is against them. Desperate times calls for desperate measures… 3 No White Knight.

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Instead, the show seems to actively undermine its serious tone. The show cares about its characters. Most are kind-hearted people, who, when given the chance, help their friends achieve their ambitions. Stresseman, the comedic pervert of a conducting teacher, genuinely cares about Chiaki and gives him chances to pursue his goals.

nodame cantabile drama ending relationship

Chiaki learns to care about his orchestra members and inspires them to improve. The show becomes an interconnected web of friends and acquaintances helping each other towards their ambitions, which is a truly heartwarming sight.

If Nodame Cantabile is a show about friendships and ambitions, then nowhere are the themes most poignant than in the concerts and the after-parties. The show is divided into several arcs, each featuring one or more characters with a goal to achieve and obstacles to overcome. The giddy joy continues into the moments after the concert: There are enough flaws and problematic elements that could drive viewers from the show, but I personally loved the ridiculous humor and the uplifting camaraderie.

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