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hoshi-ko88 is a fanfiction author that has written 10 stories for Teen Titans, Demon Diary, Ouran High School Host Club, and Homestuck. Hunny dwells on the upcoming graduation and his future with the newly formed relationship with Mori. Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1. Mika is a fresh high school student who starts texting a mysterious boy. It chronicles the love relationship between a boy called Motoharu Yano and a girl .. Three stories of never-ending love. Hoshi ni negaio (). Welcome to this % completion guide for Highschool Romance! you went for Selina's ending first, then Lea's and then finish off with Hoshi.

Rated T for later chapters. I brought this back! Bart teaches Raven the fine art of Goofing Off. This is not part 3. Bart Teen Titans - Rated: How will Raven deal with the problems of a splintered mind, and rogue emotions running all over?

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Another narrow escape forces her to stay with a changeling she doesn't even know.

But her problems cease to go away as she trys to hide the truth of her past This is a one shot, unless an overwhelming damand for more comes in. Sorry if the formats off, Fanfiction is being stupid.

K - English - Romance - Chapters: Maples reviews Raven, Beast Boy, and a honeycomb. The same with Robin and Starfire. What happens when the 'truth' is revealed? K - English - Chapters: What will happen when he meets the Teen Titans? Only slight romance, meant to build to larger story I have in mind, this is my first Fan Fic ever, please Read and Review! Then, dollars was thrown in.

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BB turns to the only girl he can to save his butt in a bet, by dragging her to a comic book convention as his "girlfriend". Star reviews After making a deal to go on a hayride, go trick or treating and spend an entire night in a haunted house, Beast Boy and Raven have an unnoticed battle of the wits. Can they make it through Halloween alive? Beast Boy loves Raven.

What else is there to say? Could someone be pregnant? Who's baby is it? I don't mind flames! There is a Shadow plaguing Raven's mind. Who would be brave enough to save her? And what about Shadow?

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Raven seeks her friends out to warn them. But something happens along the way. And the consequences of never having experienced either. Original by Susilo reviews [RaeBB] Some people believe that those in a coma can hear everything around them.

Beast Boy finds out that it's true the hard way. His situation alows him to realize just how imortant he is to those around him. And some dreams are best left unexplored. Rated for adult situations and language. At the same time, a new problem arises. Can these two forget their differences in order to save Spira? Final Fantasy X-2 - Rated: What happens when she has a few questions about a certain topic? And can Raven help him stop banging his head against the wall?

Starrobin fluff with some humor. She goes to live with her aunt, and starts school, meeting Inuyasha. Can he heal her heart and she heal his? Or will they end up hurting each other more? She takes a walk in the park which leads her to the hospital. What happened to Kagome? She moves and her new 'Skoule' sucks. Really, I have no complaints here. The game design is where problems start to show up. Of course you realize this means war!

One of the most crucial of all being the skip read text feature which is there to make repeat playthroughs easier. While the game can be patched to fix this and may have, as the version this review is primarily based off of is 1.

Route-wise, Highschool Romance does feature three routes, and getting through them is pretty easy. In fact, the game tries to explain this by noting the school was originally co-ed until a few years ago and that his parents merely checked the wrong box for gender which can still raise several other questions. A trap story really has only a few key points to hit to be successful. The character should struggle with maintaining their identity as the other gender.

And, finally, the unveiling of their true gender should be dramatic. Essentially, dramatic tension should be kept so that the payoff of the reveal feels rewarding to the reader; we can see the true colors of our characters, and the better aspects or flaws of humanity.

This is where the story falls apart for me. There are several problems with this premise alone, namely the fact that neither the United States 21 nor Japan 20 allow students in high school to buy alcohol. Yes, it can be done and does happen, but visiting a karaoke bar and having the class rep get drunk feels out of place for the story.

Headdesk It would have been nice if we saw you putting the pieces together! Visual novels often have a main character that the story focuses around and whose thoughts we most often hear. However, many visual novels either will shift perspective at times so we can see how other characters are considering certain situations, or at least give us another perspective.

Remembering How We Metfor example. The most egregious being the handling of the main plot point: Shoji being a cross-dresser. No, there is a good message to be had here, and that is one of acceptance. One of the things I really do like about Highschool Romance is how accepting everyone is of Shoji. Especially in this day and age where sexual and gender identity are major concerns, this is a good message and one that may resonate with players.

Particularly those who enjoy trap-themed games. The cast falls pretty flat for me. He feels guilty about the lies, but also tries not to take advantage of his situation by being a pervert. Hoshi is the class representative and is my favorite of the three girls. Sadly, however, we never see this. Selina is the most athletic of the three, and the most wild.