Long distance relationship documentaries on netflix

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long distance relationship documentaries on netflix

Let these Netflix travel documentaries take you away to all the places and how the small living quarters force intimate and intense relationships. From dodging boulders the size of cars on the way to the village of Skardu to. Watching a show on Netflix when you're in a long distance relationship is tough. It's next to impossible to start an episode at the same time, and. Netflix is particularly savvy at burying all its categorical key words; the misery, creating a safe distance that seems antithetical to Panh's intentions. . For some of us, a great sports documentary is the kind of film that makes you . in making the infinite finite, mapping all of the relationships of all the people.

Tan narrates the documentary as a memory piece, recounting her childhood in Singapore with her best friend Jasmine, where they were the two cool kids in their pretty square school, dreaming of being filmmakers and leaving their mark.

In her late teens and perhaps smitten with this man who showed her such attention—the documentary is cagey on the subject—Tan was intoxicated by the rush of making a film that she wrote and would be the star of.

The documentary traces the strange, mysterious journey of the project, which was waylaid by Georges sneaking off with the reels of film with a vague promise of finishing the work. That never happened, and 20 years later Tan decides to open those old wounds, connecting with her old friends and trying to determine what became of Georges. But the documentary ends up being less about tracking down the film canisters than being an exploration of nostalgia, friendship and the allure of mentors.

The Best Biographical Documentaries on Netflix

Tan is lively, self-effacing company throughout—her voice has just the right sardonic tinge—but her visits with Jasmine and Sophia are particularly lovely and illuminating, suggesting how lifelong pals can see us in ways that we cannot.

In 20 Feet from Stardom, music documentarian Morgan Neville introduces talented women like Darlene Love, Merry Clayton and Lisa Fischer, who, for one reason or another, lived mostly out of the spotlight.

Alison Klayman Now one of the oldest contemporary artists living and working today, Carmen Herrera is, without a doubt, an absolute legend, though you might not know her name.

Filmed shortly before her th birthday, this film follows Herrera as she reflects on her life-long career and goes about her daily life—a strict schedule of sketching and painting.

The Last Mile

The criticism immediately made Ai a persona non grata in the eyes of the Chinese state but, to the free world, he was an exciting and shockingly frank artist from a place in sore need of one. Her portrait of the artist as a witty sociopolitical critic chronicles the challenges of finding justice and transparency in a repressive state. Through interviews with Ai, his relatives and art-world colleagues and curators, we get as fully rounded a picture as possible of an artist who—by virtue of his personality and his political realities—maintains a wry, restrained poise.

In her aims to paint a picture of a courageous artist, a revolutionary worshipped by his admirers and Twitter followers, Klayman risks turning her documentary into a publicity machine for its subject. Still, Ai Weiwei is too commanding and fascinating a figure to ignore, and Never Sorry is an excellent showcase for why he matters to the world.

The master code breaker and cryptologist behind the ThinThread program, he was essentially a math geek who delighted in making the infinite finite, mapping all of the relationships of all the people in the world in a program proven to predict catastrophic manmade events over several decades. Presented with the slick production and suspenseful dramatizations of a spy thriller, A Good American contextualizes analytics from the first attacks on the World Trade Center in to Sept.

long distance relationship documentaries on netflix

The Imitation Game, this is not. Zachary Heinzerling Great artists are often forgiven for flaws in their personal lives, but such forgiveness usually hinges on success. He also makes grotesque cardboard sculptures of motorcycles. The documentary follows the passions and struggles of the couple as they live in their small New York City apartment with little income to support their lives and endeavors.

long distance relationship documentaries on netflix

Noriko emerges as the heart of the movie, as she recalls her life while writing a graphic novel about her rocky marriage. But that road takes a sharp left turn when we learn that bootleg recordings catapulted Rodriguez to stratospheric heights of fame in apartheid-era South Africa.

In fact, his uncensored depictions of sex and drugs were so thrilling to South African musicians that he became the patron saint of the Afrikaner punk movement, which in turn laid the groundwork for the organized anti-apartheid movement that eventually brought the regime down.

Or overdosed in prison. Or shot himself alone in his apartment.

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Or… could he still be alive? They have mortgages and alimony to pay, children to support, a record label to run. But the real thrill of Miss Sharon Jones! If you ever had the chance to behold her on stage, then you know how exhilarating she can be. Despite recent tragedy, Kopple has some seriously life-affirming stuff you need to see. John Scheinfeld Those old and new to John Coltrane will find something to appreciate in this vivid, albeit effusive, tribute to the jazz legend.

Filmmaker John Scheinfeld dips in and out of the music—too much so, it turns out, and with too little insight into the specifics of his gifts. Still, the overarching salvation Trane found in music resonates with such joy.

Martin Luther King Jr.

long distance relationship documentaries on netflix

Bulger" James "Whitey" Bulger is one of the most notorious gangsters of all time. In his notorious trial, he was accused of 33 crimes, including the alleged murders of 19 people, but Bulger had no interest in proving he was innocent; he just wanted to set the record straight that he was not a snitch.

You'll especially want to watch this one if you plan to see "Black Mass," Johnny Depp's Whitey biopic. Directors Jane Wells and John Keith Wasson set out to establish this lesser-known reality, that often the relationship between a prostitute and her pimp is not a business transaction, but form of human trafficking.

Still it makes for an interesting look at the way the relatively new position of showrunner has fueled the so-called golden age of TV. The talking heads -- including everyone from Joss Whedon "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" to Michelle and Robert King "The Good Wife" -- give a look at the behind-the-scenes intersection of creativity and commerce that leads to successful programming.

This one is probably best for film students or TV mega-nerds. Anyone else would be more likely to enjoy 90 minutes spent watching one of the many acclaimed shows the cast of "Showrunners" has created.

It was shared and copied on VHS tapes, long before it spread with the rise of Youtube in Director Ben Steinbauer was one of those early fans of Jack "Winnebago Man" Rebney, which led him to track down the so-called " angriest man in the world " and see how the spread of the outtakes from Rebney's commercial had affected him all these years later.