Hamlet and father relationship


hamlet and father relationship

When we dig deeper think about the relationship between Hamlet and his father, the unapologetic admiration and love for his father is extremely evident. FATHER AND SON RELATIONSHIP IN HAMLET. Shakespeare loves to explore the pernicious effects that parents have upon their children. Free Essay: Loyalty between Father and Son Relationships “O cursed spite,/ That ever I was born to set it right!” (Hamlet ).

However, Ophelia is never rebellious. While Ophelia shows her faithfulness to her father dependently, Laertes consciously respect his father. Though they may not have the best relationship before Polonius is murdered, it was clear that Laertes feels it to be essential that he proves his love for his father after his father has passed. These lines show that Polonius is reluctant to let his son leave. When Laertes finally reaches France, it is discovered by us readers that Polonius still has little faith in his son to take care of himself.

However, to keep an eye on his son, Polonius still orders his servant to France to secretly spy on Laertes and to make sure that he is doing alright.

Hamlet's love for his Father

Polonius loves his son and daughter in a protective manner. His act of taking revenge may not completely come from love, but at least it represents the responsibility from a son to his father.

We see responsibility, obedience, and devotion in father-child relationships in Hamlet. But Troy-Cory relationship in Fences is not the case.

hamlet and father relationship

Their relationship never blooms. Initially, Cory may innocently display his admiration to Troy because of his athletic ability and because of a simple reason: Who the hell say I got to like you? This conversation between Cory and Troy clarifies everything.

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Troy takes care of his family including Cory because of his duty. Henry IV believes that his son Hal was born as a curse on his existence. He wishes that a fairy could have switched him at his birth with Hotspur, a man whose business is war.

His father wants Hal to be a bloodthirsty warrior. There is no doubt in my mind that Hal fled the kingdom when his father deposed Richard II to seek out a different father figure in Falstaff. Yet, the influence of his father dominates as Hal grows in Eastcheap to become a far more subtle and craftier schemer—he has learned more than his father imagines how to be ruthlessly political.

hamlet and father relationship

The father draws the son back to the kingdom and the dreadful destiny to wear his crown. In his ambivalent relationship between the two father figures in his life, Henry IV and Falstaff, Hal foreshadows Hamlet, whose soul is at the mercy in a struggle between the Ghost of his father and his uncle turned step-father, Claudius.

I have grown to believe that Act 1 of Hamlet revolves around that favorite high school theme everything is not what it seems. But in ways that are far different than the intrigue of court conspiracy that spurs the guards to believe that there is something rotten in Denmark and generates the cloak and dagger atmosphere of the play. Hamlet has to read and interpret the identity of his father: And now he is further forced to interpret his new father: Perhaps, I dare say, Hero? A little more than kin, and less than kind.

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Right away, Hamlet feels urged to judge which father figure he owes allegiance and love. Look at how much is packed into this one short and sardonic line.

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Kin and kind come from the same root, meaning familiar, related by blood, kindred. At the same time that Hamlet says that Claudius is a little too close to home and he is not very nice—the double meaning of kind—he also claims he doubts his legitimacy to both fatherhood and the throne.

Of course Old King Hamlet was the good guy! Of course Claudius, Polonius and, to an extent, Gertrude are the bad guys! There is no warmth or love when Hamlet reunites with his resurrected father in the darkness and fog atop the ramparts of Elsinore in Act 1.

hamlet and father relationship