Geralt and ciri relationship help

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geralt and ciri relationship help

Spoilers regarding Geralt and Ciri's history I looked through the wiki page of Perhaps a silly question but I couldn't help myself: I know invoke. You couldn't possibly fit every relation and story elements between vast . a deal with Emhyr and helping him capture the remaining Lodge members. . If the devs want to focus purely on Geralt and Ciri's relationship rather. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " (Spoilers) The Witcher 3: About Geralt and Ciri's relationship.

In the end it is Geralt, you, who can bring her to Emhyr or not. She just used any ressource she could find to find her, save her, rescue her.

geralt and ciri relationship help

Because it's her daughter. And yet, what does she get for all her effort, for all her work, for all her sacrifices, for all her denouncing by others?

A hug, a very emotional hug to be accurate, but still it's just one hug and what does the game offer else for her? What does Ciri actually say about her? When we finally find Ciri on that Isle of Mist, her first question isn't about Yennefer, but about Avallac'h?!?!

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Yes, it is mentioned times that Ciri was looking for Geralt and Yennefer, she even does it in this dialogue, yet when she finally meets Geralt, she wonders where Avallac'h is instead of her mother? She doesn't even ask how she is Just Geralt and Ciri or all three, the whole family?

We see an emotional hug, see a side of Yennefer, she almost never show, pure emotion.

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Something she was taught is a weakness long ago, but she didn't care anymore. She let everything out and was almost overly emotional, for someone who always keeps her composure, she was overfilled with emotions: She even says then: After all that time, all that struggle, they finally find each other, the family is finally united, but they do absolute nothing together, why?

Ciri doesn't even call her mother or Lady Yennefer and Yen doesn't call her my daughter or my ugly little owl or whatever it is translated in your language.

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In German it's Eulchen, a cute little owl. Just look at that owl: Yennefer even tells Ciri that she should be happy that she doesn't need magic to look already beautiful. Why not like this: When I compare that to the books I mean, I hoped it would be like there, Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri on 3 horses doing their business as a family, but despite we have finally Yennefer in the game, it's only Geralt and Ciri doing their business First, why is Geralt sleeping in the big hall instead of with Yennefer, when he is back to his love of life?

It would be a good situation to let Yennefer explain, why Ciri should see Emhyr at least once and then decide what she wants to do. It would also give Yennefer the time to explain herself, why she thinks it is something Ciri has to think about. Anyway, Ciri asks Geralt to come with her to kill him, they go, meet and kill him and 2 witchesall of it without Yennefer.

After killing Imlerith they sit together and talk a bit: That's it again and someone is just missing After that fight you go to Novigrad and when you meet Yennefer, you will talk about that fight with Imlerith and it shows again how much trust Yennefer have in both of them: Yet, Geralt is surprised and Ciri doesn't even mention it near Yennefer nor does she.

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The next scene about them and the family is, when the Lodge wants to talk with Ciri. Geralt can go with Ciri to meet the rest of the Lodge or wait and let Ciri talk with them alone.

geralt and ciri relationship help

First of all I don't understand why Yennefer isn't part of this in the first place, especially if you consider that she is a sorceress, she knows what the Lodge wanted and wants from her now and she was the one in the books going with Ciri, because she actually knew what to do in this situation.

This would have been also the best moment to implement the "But I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.

Relationship between Geralt and Ciri : witcher

If Geralt decides to let Ciri do it alone, Yennefer joins him, because she is of course worried about her, it is clearly visible in her gestures, facial expression and acting: When Ciri comes back she says again that: The whole scene is really great though, especially when Ciri comments again about how both of them haven't changed a bit, the second time.

Lady of the Lake said: The people who had seen me at Cintra, and came to Nilfgaard to have audience with me, no longer recognized me. And you saw me only once, after all, sixteen years ago.

geralt and ciri relationship help

I was so etched in your memory? I figured out who you were some time ago. Not without outside help and guidance, I guessed what role you were to play in family incest with Ciri. And in one of my nightmares, I once dreamed of hideous incest. And here you are, in the flesh. Emhyr, the biological father of Ciri, had a fancy goal in the books.

geralt and ciri relationship help

He wanted to father that prophecized son of Ciri, so that his oh so special very own blood would end up being that prophecized "The Chosen One, ruler of the world" figure. His reasoning might have been: In short, he's a really sick fuck.

geralt and ciri relationship help