Dxpnet capricorn and aries relationship

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dxpnet capricorn and aries relationship

bulgy-eyes: So this guy that I'm kinda messing around with is a Cap and I'm an Aries after digging through our horoscope compatibility I kinda. Aries woman is dominant fearless and ambitious the Capricorn man is dominant ambitious and controlling. As a Aries woman if we truly love the Capricorn man we will compromise because we know he needs us more then we need him. The best relationship I ever had with another female was. This website will show you how to save a marriage and avoid divorce, even if you 're the only one trying Wrote about Gemini. Yeah Dxpnet Pisces Sags annoy the heck out of me and Aries is too firey for me to deal with.

Their approaches can seem almost opposite to one another — Aries is all about acting without bothering to consider where the action is directed or what it will attain, while Capricorn is all about judging whether or how much it will benefit them before they take action. Aries moves fast and, to Capricorn, at least, seems to risk it all. Capricorn abhors unnecessary risk. They move at a slower pace, working inexhaustibly toward well-defined goals usually related to career or other forms of public advancement.

Capricorn is generally rather quiet and unassuming while Aries is much louder and more flashy. Their philosophies are very different: How does this manifest itself in a romantic relationship?

Capricorn, on the other hand, likes to analyze how much a potential love partner will be able to help them advance in life, and will use that as the basis of their decision of whether or not to pursue the relationship.

These Planets often work against one another, just as Aries and Capricorn have to struggle to find common ground. These two can definitely help one another, however, especially on a project: Saturn has strong powers of perseverance, but Mars has the energy and drive it takes to get things done. These two Signs might make a better duo in the workplace than in the bedroom! Men don't know all things about a woman. I always wanted my Capricorn to slow dance with me and he would always talk his way out of it.

So I just went on vacation from my job and spent my 10 days traveling with my man, and asked him and "why do you always blow me off when it comes to you slow dancing with me!

He wasn't doing it right. To my surprise he didn't know how to do it. He said that he always wanted to slow dance, but his embarrasement wouldn't let him tell me that he didn't know how. When I finished teaching him, he said "he liked the slow dance and he wanted to do it with me again.

dxpnet capricorn and aries relationship

I thanked him, and let him know how much I appreciate him for slow dancing with me, and giving me that opportunity. Our time together and learning something new has brought us closer together. I told him I would like for us to have an open communication relationship good or bad. Our job in a relationship is to get to know our significant other and what they like and don't like, and know their style of loving and romantic ways.

Decide right then and there if you would like to deal with them or not. If someone is willing to give a little then you give a little if they aren't giving in then do it for yourself and don't do anything for them until they start doing something nice for you. Good Luck to everyone! Sparkle I am a Libra women with a Capricorn man.

But a cap with addiction problems I was not aware of until we moved in togeather and the closet door slowly and shockingly begin to open! When we first started dating he was very attentive to me he would tex me over and over I liked this he would use poetic words and I would answer back the same. I would see him about 3 days a week. I was truly drawn to his masculinity! And I enjoyed flirting with him.

I had confidence I looked good was in shape ect. When we moved in I noticed he changed like bam who is this man and where did mine go. I started to see his me side and wow is it a me! His addiction is alcohol 4 to 5 pint of bud ice and loco drinks 9percent alcohol! I started giving him loans then the loans turned into never get backs or dare mention too. He perfers porn in the back ground and forfrount of us.

THis crushes me but I settle for what ever I can expereince time has passed and now I will raise my voice to him when he always would shreek at me I do not like this but I am at the end of my rope I like to compromise and self sacrafice to try to make things work. Are every caps like this or just the oneswho have addictions to alcohol and introduced toporn at a young age! I have gained weight and let my self go He watches tv all day long he perks up to other people and treats me like the ball and chain when I was always the bright bubbly one the social butterfly happy and full of gleeI f this cap could care for my fealings a little bit and compromise and stop drinking and watch the porn when the time is right only things would be so different but if I could turn the clock of time backwards and never of meet him Would I?

YES ,because now I am draggin my life I don't know if he cheats but I think he looks all the time I think he gets numbers and saves them at his mothers for a rainy day or just incase we don't make it he has back up typical? I don't know fun relationship not any more. Help I am a Libra woman and have dated Capricorn men and have come to the conclusion that they aren't for me! Really possesive, controlling, don't like to take other peoples advice, they think they know everything!

I also felt like they could never truly open up to me, like they had a wall up. I could never really feel "connected" besides for one of the Capricorn men I had dated. I was really into him, but I felt like he really wasn't in to me. I have never had sexual realtionshsips with Capricorn men where it was bad! They all have been good, probably my best and they ALL had nice size packages too lol No complaints there. On an intellectual level they are really bright and smart but I felt like sometimes I had to force conversations out of them.

Either that or they were too much into one thing and thats all they cared about. That was his life.

dxpnet capricorn and aries relationship

Then when I asked him he told me that he was giving me attention and he really liked him. He told me I was thinking too much into it but I wasn't lol. Although with that Capricorn I wish he was, he just wasn't the one for me. I feel like I would be very unhappy with a Capricorn if I married one.

Although, I did like feeling like a housewife.

Capricorn man Libra woman

As a Libra, I am very organized and I like to clean, esp. So sometimes when I would stay the night at his house, I played the housewife role. I washed the dishes, took out the garbage, just over all tidy'd up his house so when he came home from work he could just relax! I am dating a capricon man and am a Libra woman and Man its a roller coaster!!! Capricons, I have come to realise, are selfish in realtionships and don't reciprocate at all. He wants you to listen to him but not him u!!

He is overly possessive, childishly jealous and does not welcome any questions what soever!! Capricons have good sides yes but the bad side out weigh the good. Its really not worth it for a Libra. Am at the point when I Know I made a mistake but its hard to get out of it coz I am in love with him I notice a common theme in a lot of posts: But I looked at the qualities of people who are compatible with Capricorns. Perhaps the fact that we Libras always feel the need for constant approval and attention makes the Capricorn men feel like their efforts to impress us achieve nothing.

I feel I can't break away from the "rollercoaster" because I feel lost without his influence. Somehow, even though he is very opposite of me, I learn a lot about myself when I try to understand him. To him, your words might seem too frequent and too emotional, so he doesn't value them. Let your positive thoughts about him translate to a touch or a smile. Also, I know it is hard, but don't tell your relationship problems to anyone but a counsellor from now on, unless you think he is being truly abusive.

I agree with the advice to flirt and play when he is not initiating sex for a long time. He may be growing to love you deeper, even though it feels like rejection. I think he also needs your trust, so, I would suggest looking more objectively at your suspicions and believing the best.

I'm a Libra woman that has been dating the same caprcorn man on and off for 25 years. I love him with everything in me but it has been hell. Wish I would of known all of this before I met him! I have sat and read all of the above. I am a Libra lady dating a cap man, it is amazing! It doesn't matter what star sign you are, if it works it works. Apparently Libra and Gemini are a perfect match, not in my experience, was the worse relationship ever.

If you like each other and are lucky enough to fall in love, then make it work. Love is something that is living, it needs to be nurtured and given time to grow. Happy loving guys The 3 top things I dislike about capricorns 1.

Insecure-very afraid of getting hurt 3. If you are a Libra, or any girl that has a track record from your younger years, they will hold it against you forever!

Are Aries & Capricorn Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

I have had my fair share of boys when I was younger and my CAP knows this and hates it. He keeps bringing my past up and holding it against me and doesn't give me any room to show him that I have changed, because I have.

Although sometimes I can't blame him, I always let him know that if he plans on staying with me, he needs to learn to accept that so we can both grow together because right now, his sheild is up, and theres no getting past it. He needs to realize that I, nor him can change my past but he he truly loves me and wants to move forward he is going to NEED to trust me and accept what is done is done.

But being a capricorn, he is extremly stubborn and will say all he can to make it seem like I'm wrong, even though I can just sense he feels like I'm right-I wish he would just make it easier for the both of us and tell me. I love my Capricorn so much. Although he can be mean and tactful when he gets irritated, or thinks he's right about something and your wrong, he has a very sweet and loving side of him.

He holds a lot of that side back though because he is afraid of getting hurt. He told me that he has never delt with a girl with a "track record" like mine and he makes decisions to date girls who have only been with 3 people total. I can't go back and change who I have and haven't been with, and quite frankly, If I had the chance, I wouldn't. People can change its just the people like him who refuse to see that people can change and hold grudges against them that they have already moved on from.

I told him I would stick with him for as long as I could but someone can only take some much. You are giving this person all your love but then your only recieving half the love back, it hurts and it makes you wonder, is there someone els e out there who will accept me and my love and what I have to offer them and vise vera.

Don't get me wrong, I want it to work out with my Cap, but he makes it more diffuclt than it has to be just because he won't let go and view me in a different light.

Besides from that, he is very up front most of the time with how he feels. Sometimes he can be vague-he doesn't like me knowing a lot of information for some reason, I guess that goes along with his insecurity and protecting himself. He believes in stupid questions, so if I ask him a question that seems stupid to him, irrelevant, or something he has told me before maybe even just 1 time he will either refuse to tell me, or say something mean to me and try to break me down.

He says he doesn't do that, but he does, its kind of tormenting. He feels like the way I take what he says is on me. He feels like I need attention way to much and he tries to cut it down and make me realize that I don't need all this attention to prove to me that he loves me-which is true and I love that about him. I love that he gives me tough love-because with tough love, you have to work at it and when you work so hard towards something, the reward is always better than just when you recieve it and po ssibly take it for granted.

I also love that he is a family guy. He cares so much about his daughter and wants the best for her and his family. He talks about getting his family out of debt, and doing this for them and that. He has a really good heart. I also love that he is hardworking and that he brings out that side in me as well. I could see us being the best business partners and making so much money! His masculine and is very attractive. His controlling nature turns me on: He doesn't really give me a lot of praise.

Marriage and divorce rates among the Sun Signs: Do you agree or disagree with yours?

My Cap doesn't really believe in that. Yes, he tells me he loves me every so now and then but he feels like once he said it the first time, I should never lose sight in it. He tells me a lot more so when we are in bed. He'll talk to me about anything. I always felt like I had to do something extra to get someone to notice me.

With my Cap, I don't have to do that at all. He actually thinks its stupid if I do, he doesn't see the point because he loves me the way I am. Even if I talk about doing something like working out more, or buying something to make me look better-he never sees the point, esp. I do like to make my Cap feel good and make him feel like he has the upper hand in the relationship-which he does to an extent but I know it makes him feel good to know that im under him and will listen to him-he likes to be the dominator lol we have bumped heads in this area before because im the independent type, I like to think for myself, and do what I want to do when I want to do it.

I don't like people holding me back because then I just get very unhappy. Other times, I wish he would see it from my side but he always thinks he is right and that the way I feel really doesn't matter because I shouldn't feel the way that I feel lol I don't know if that made sense but thats how it is with him sometimes.

I hope it goes far, but it all honestly depends on him and if he will accept me for me. He says he's in love with me, but I know he cant possibly as in love with me like he says he is when he doesn't accept me for me. I am a Libra female who recently met a cap male.

I like him and see the potential in him however there are a few things I am afraid for and dislike. He talks a lot which is great but he tends to over talk me, he doesn't show consistent attention which is a HUGE deciding factor for us libras, and he has this know-it-all I'm right mentality. He is however a great guy. For me, I don't even need too much as I am independent and working on my own career, however, please have some type of consistency. Two weeks I will hear from him everyday for hours at hand and then dead silence.

He's a musician and works so during that time he was preparing for his first show however I really didn't hear much from him as he "can't multitask.

One OR the other. Actually, he don't know, but in my younger days I prayed for everything I see in him, and now im like is this GOD showing me, or have ive changed and don't want this no more. From the beginning we will text, talk, and everything, and now all what he used to do have totally change.

Do I still fight for it, cause this could be the right man,or do I just let it be? I am a Libra woman im dating a Capricorn man weve been going out for 4months now he is everything that iever wanted we do fight agrue don't everyone in a relationship do that?

I have never felt so in love so submitted and consumed to another person and he shows great strides that these intense feelings are reciprocated if anything I think the fact that we knew each other so long has a lot to do being friendly aquaintances but always being extremley drawn to each other and extremely attracted to each other we have a very big very mutual sexual appetite for each other I feel like he is my soulmate!

There is no way for me to keep this brief, so I won't even try. Meanwhile, I am actively involved in my community in varied interests including; cultural arts, sports, community safety and etc.

Middle aged, never married mother of one teenager. Both my child and I are high achiever's and have a very busy schedule that has a tendency to change on a moment's notice. I am easy going but have not 'put myself out there' in the dating scene for many reason's. Subsequently, I'm completely naive to the dating games. Especially the test's of a Capricorn Man. I am attractive but no runway model. In the past two year's I have gone through Catechism which has increased my faith and studies in religion.

I have also, made a hobby of astrology, which I find is complimentary to my faith. He is a salesman job is insecure due to the economy - and is looking to start his own businessself proclaimed 'Pirate' though he has told me repeatedly that he is shy- hmm? At 5'9", stout figure, I find him handsome but am drawn to our intellectually stimulating conversation's. We live about 80 miles apart. We originally began conversing on Facebook, in response to a mutual friends wall posting.

That was almost a year ago. There is almost a psychic connection that we share. Completing each other's sentences, mostly unspeakable understanding of one another, in each other's heads It is, for the most part VERY cool and sometimes a bit trippy.

Totally in his control! If he does not contact me, with few exceptions I do not contact him. He completely lifts my spirits and by his admission, I do the same for him. There have been a number of weekend's and a week here or there where we didn't communicate.

I just give him his space. I do not get jealous or behave erratically because there is no need to, we're friends. The foundation we have in friendship has been very well laid and if our astrological chart reading's are correct, we can anticipate being life long best friends. Besides which, I'm quite busy myself. I think of him often and intuitively know when he is thinking of me.

I just feel it, and vice verse. Typically when I get that feeling, within moment's I will receive a call or text from him.

D I'm getting very mixed feeling's about thing's lately. I strongly sense that he is falling for someone. When I delicately asked him recently if he is, he quickly changed the subject. As he and I are not dating, naturally I assume it is someone else in his life. I later thought to myself, "He's been in constant contact with ME. Could he be falling for ME?!?! Of course, I've been a good friend and so I naturally come up in other conversation's b.

He admires my skills as an accountant and might find me useful in starting his own business but really doesn't see the relevance in introducing me to his inner circle c. He might like me as more than just a friend but is really shy and will introduce me when he figures out his feeling's for me 2. He has had me over to "Hang Out" a handful of times but has not asked me out on a "Date" a. Of course, you've been a good friend, DUH b. He's looking for a booty call but wouldn't come out and say that c.

He's too shy and fearful of rejection so he is testing the water's by getting to know me better and see if I am "Date Material" 3.

I read on many astrological sites that Capricorn Men appreciate independent women with traditional and more conservative character traits. Which may be another reason why he and I seem to click so well as friends.

Though there was one astrological site that indicated a Capricorn Man will not get involved with a woman who is too independent or whom he views as more prestigious than himself. Recently, when expressing an interest in going on a future camping trip, I told him that would be a great thing for him to do to escape and get back to nature for a while. He's been under a lot of stress lately.

He corrected me and and said " I should go? Why wouldn't he invite you? It's cool to go camping with friends b. He is making future plans with you in it, He is "In to you! Happy in our developing friendship b. Considering more than friendship c.

dxpnet capricorn and aries relationship

Falling for me I am a Libra woman dating a Capricorn man for the past three months and find him sexy, smart, challenging, wonderful, passionate, driven And yes, he keeps me on my toes but I enjoy the challenge.

He does exactly what he says which was unexpected and a joy. Being a Libra, I can get whiny about not having the everyday call and focus on me, on US, but, once you realize that your Cap truly adores you and only you, that insecurity fades away. And yes, the intimacy is amazing, they are open to anything smile To make him blush just give your Cap a compliment; they are shy when receiving a sincere one!

Since they are not the ones who will be overt with their feelings, tell him you like him, love him, want him in every sexy way possible and watch how they respond! They can be workaholics so it is important to discretely make sure you get some "us" time.

They have a HUGE love of fa mily which is wonderful. Caps might appear withdrawn and hard shelled on the outside but they are lovely and soft on the inside.

We are both 41 years old and share many of the same interests. Since the very beginning of our friendship I have been forthcoming in where I stand with regards to any potential relationship. I do not have the constitution for meaningless sex and would only be interested in a loyal long-term relationship with someone.

I have not "put myself out there" on the dating scene. Though he is aware that I have a handful of admirer's, I have not accepted any offer's for dates. He and I share an almost psychic connection. We finish each other's sentences or will say the same thing in unison.

We share positively everything with each other EXCEPT his feelings with regards to me or any other woman whom he may or may not be dating. He claims that he is a Pirate and boasts of illicit relatio ns with numerous women, eluding to his bachelor life style as a player.

I sense that is partly true and partly just a facade. Meaning; he may certainly have a past to reflect such but that now he chooses to be alone or possibly may be loyal to one special woman.

He said a month or so ago that he hadn't met anyone, but astrology reports are strongly indicating otherwise. He is most attracted to younger women what man isn't? Through time he has shared his desire to find his Perfect someone and start a family.

He can get genuinely depressed that he doesn't already have a child of his own already. I have also been sensing recently, that he is falling for someone.

Based on subtle thing's he has shared. I am just not certain who and if it could possibly be myself. I'm not certain if he does the same with any of his other friends. It is not unusual for him to phone me at 2AM or text me at 4AM. It is normal for him to IM during our favorite TV shows so we can discuss and share in it together, though we are miles apart. He texts me in the morning when he wakes up and again at night before bed.

There have been a number of weekends and very few weeks when I don't hear from him. In those disappearing moments, which I have read are common with Capricorn's he later claims that he was in meditation and serious thought. He has much going on in his life, and as we are just friends I listen to what he has to share. I do not ask a lot of questions. Rather, I respect his independence and bachelor life. This is new to me. I cannot think of any other friend of mine who would or has ever asked such a thing of me.

Initially I would accommodate his request and quickly observed that when I'd phone, my calls would go to his voicemail or that he would not respond to my text messages. Now I do not initiate contact with him. It's not at all intended to be a game on my part. The simple truth is that I am quite busy myself and will not spend my valuable time attempting to contact someone who cannot give me the courtesy of taking my call or respond to a benign text.

Though, he has told me repeatedly, hearing from me lifts his spirits. When he phones me, he has something to say. He is in control of the conversation and when he is through he ends the call. I'm not used to that either. As a Libra, it is quite natural for me to engage in natural and sometimes very lengthy conversations with regards to virtually any and all topics that arise.

He has not asked me on an official date. He has asked me to come hang out at his place. I could not resist. After all, it was like we had known each other our entire lives. On our first meeting, he did not say a word as to whether or not he was attracted to me. He took what he wanted and I was happy to oblige. He knows for certain and without any doubt what it is important to me and where I stand. A few weeks later, he invited me over again.

I agreed, under the premise that it would not be intimate in any way. Seriously, I can be very naive and gullible. So we have met a handful of times in just under one year of our friendship.

He is even more interested in who I'm with and what I'm doing. He is helping me out when I need something ie. He wants to take a camping trip. When I told him that would be a wonderful thing for him to do, he corrected me and said I meaning him, should do it? Then moments later he said that of course I meaning myself, would be welcome to join him.

He is sharing more intimate details of his past with me, without me asking. He tells me when he speaks of me to family and friends, but has not invited me to meet any of them. All this has me wondering so many things. I do not want to jeopardize our amazing friendship in any way. I certainly wouldn't want to interfere with a relationship that he may be developing with another woman, and that would bring him all the happiness he SO longs for. He is definitely in control, and I am at complete peace with that so I wait patiently to see how this will unfold.

Now, I need to know from a Capricorn Man, is this a typical friendship development between a Capricorn Man and female friend, or are my friends actions indicative that he may be falling for me? I am Libra petite, brown and look like Halle Berry it's true. My cap it handsome strong and with a nice pkg. He is so boring but I don't know why I love him.

The sex is great when I get it. He works 2 jobs and not very romantic. We broke up for a year and then he called me so much I started to ignore his calls. I love him but can't do the roller coaster. I need sex sex and more sex.

Maybe I will try for a Scorpio I am a Libra woman stuck with a capri man for 6 years. I think they are too dominating, too aggressive and they think that they have the last word in everything. They are successful and think too much of themselves and think that they deserve the best. Always looking for a "perfect match"overly critical about the wife.

They are self obsessed, cold, insensitive and think others around them have no brain. They have some charming, smart and positive aspects in their personalities but it is not worth living with a capri for a libra. Just run away asap. I am a Capricorn man and after reading all of these posts, I have observed that cap man are supposively insecure, dominating and not romantic.

This is not all true, we liked to be controlled and persuaded, it's just the fact that some women are indecisive and the cap man has no choice but to become dominating. I personally dislike domination and love harmony of a firm, independent who is also high spirited and able to take control.

It keeps me going! Insecurity is not like the Capricorn, we are awed by the high spirited Libra but sometimes we don't how to handle it. If a Capricorn makes one false move then we do feel like we screwed up, so the Capricorn hides in the cave or at work; but that does not mean we are insecure just not sure how to handle things logically. It's also probably because he doesn't want to embarass the Libra. So in a sense, our energies are down but enchanted by the Libra and we need a little help understanding the Libra into lover's lane.

It is true that the Capricorn can be sometimes boring and personally I think it is the Libra's job to show him some fun! Then he will learn it, feed from it and keep going. Ladies, you Libras are like a drug to a Cap because we want that high spirit addiction! So we will do anything to keep you happy but we need a little practice to understand you and for you to understand us. Keep that drive coming and be creative and you will see we are not always serious or bu sy or boring.

We've been together for 5 months. I love this man with the deepest kind of love there is, and I know he loves me the same. We do have different interests, he's a sports man, coaches kids' football, baseball and basketball.

I'm more into books and artsy things. We both like music, but not always the same music, which is fine. It's not a deal breaker, I believe that having different interests could actually strengthen the bond since we both respect each others need for independence.

My Cap was married for 10 years and has been divorced for 3 years now, as a result of his marriage she was a cheater and a liar he tended to be a bit shut down at first, like he didn't want to admit the fact that he was in love. We have argued about stupid things, some jealousy issues, he is controlling in a way, but not in a way that I mind. I need to be kept "in check" because I am SO much of a libra, I can fly off the handle with no war ning- this has not happened between us- because of his dominant nature.

He is very very loving, extremely attentive, he is a pleaser, he owns his own business and is determined to succeed, failure is not an option for this man. He is definitely the one with the sense of humor, where I am more reserved and quiet. He is an animal in bed. We have the most explosive sex I have ever had in my life, he is truly talented there. He is emotional and expresses himself freely, he dotes on me and isn't afraid to show it.

Sometimes he changes his demeanor in public, to be sorta macho or something,which irritates me. He is a bit possessive, I can tell he doesn't like it if I have male friends, I'm friends with my ex husband, who is also a Capricorn, lol, and this bothers him, although he tries to play it off.

If I get a text at a weird time, he'll make a comment, it's usually my teenager, but I think he wonders if I'm talking to a guy. I am above average looking, thin and big smile, flirty, which he likes but it could possibly become a problem if he doesn't get over his jealousy. I don't think we are incompatible, no way!

I am dating a Capricorn and I couldn't be happier. I am a single mother and we work around my schedule as a parent. It does limit the time that we have to spend together. When we do see each other the laughter does not stop. Although we have different tastes in music, there really isn't a whole lot we don't agree on. I love being around him. He is always making sure I'm taken care of and comfortable.

He has full interest in my home life, which he currently is not involved in, and respects my dicision to keep the two seperate for now. He does not want to take it slow whereas I, recently seperated from the father of my child and my ex of 6 years, do want to take it slow.

We have talked about it and his understanding leaves me in awe along with his ability to open up. Our sex life is amazing! It is by far the best sex I've ever had and our connection is unbelievable. It is very possible that I am falling in love with him. I'm a year older than him, we're both in our early twenties and have been dating for a couple of months.

We met by chance, there were many situations in life in which we could have met where we were in the same place at the same time and never knew it. We met through friends in common then started talking about conferences we attended and wanted to attend and realized we had more in common than we could ever imagine.

Our life and career plans seemed to have been designed to match. From the very first start we found ourselves in amusing chats which could last for hours, we have a similar way to think and analyze things while from different points of view, which make our talks even richer. We both can stand and stare at the same thing and agree in the conclusion we make about it and we both arrived to the conclusion from a very different reasoning that when shared within the two of us makes it even clearer and stronger.

He's somehow shy and not very expressive of his feelings. He's very devoted to his studies and his projects, very determined too.

We are both idea people that tend to think big and long term. He would start and finish what he does, what I can't say of myself. Attraction has been somehow magic. At first he was very shy and timid while I'm so straight-talking and impatient. Our first kiss was the sweetest thing ever and passion flourished as it had always been that way. I must say I could see in his eyes he was dying to kiss me and didn't dare. I don't think Caps are so insecure but scared to had their ego damaged.

Between the sheets he's the kind of guy every girl would want. He's sweet and tender while passion conquers the room. Shyness can be an issue at first, sometimes we drink a little, it makes him lose himself a little bit more and act more freely. As he's determined with his objectives, he's with our relationship. From the moment we started dating, he looked into my eyes and said he wanted me to be his first and last girlfriend.

As little issues raised, he was the one to pursue we talked them through right away, which is not so easy to do for us Libras and feels great to have the encouragement of a strong Cap. I had never met a guy so respectful and sweet as he is and never had the inner feeling that who I'm with is the one to belong forever. We've been playing the same song at the same time in different places without knowing it until we talked about it later. He's the kind of person that texts me in the same time I'm writing to him and has a song in his mind the whole day and we later realize it was the same I had had in my mind too.

Sometimes it's hard to know what's in his mind and ever harder what he feels. I can see it in his eyes when he's not telling me something, I just know it's not the right time for him and wait until he feels it is. When we are busy and we don't see eachoter for several days can be painful as we Libras tend to need a lot of attention and when he gets his mind inside his projects he forgets about the world. Sometimes I just worry he might not think of me as much as I do or may not care about us as much as I do.

Do Capricorns and Cancer make a good match?

Later I understand, we just have different ways of expressing our feelings. He may not say it that much but when our eyes meet, love is there and will remain as pure as it is as long as we believe in each other and share the love and passion that goes beneth our souls. We are very different and even opposites in some aspects. What would be love without disagreement? How could we love with no challenges to overcome?

From differences we grow and from challenges our mating becomes stronger. Love is a team game where the players should have different roles and perspectives and always pursue the same goal, with ups and downs and mountains to climb. Together we're stronger, together we're better. Its so funny to read these because I am a Libra Married to a Capricorn man. We met and fell in love instantly.