Woozie and suga meet the press

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woozie and suga meet the press

Woozie, Cesar and Guppy are in the back office where the photos Carl took at the start of the mission is trying to leave and that he wants her, her sugar daddy. BTS meeting Woozi (Feat. Woozi calling Suga “Father”) *In BTS' residence* * Woozi rang the doorbell* RapMon: Jin Hyung, open the door. When they meet Woozi from SEVENTEEN Omg I love this request ahahhaha. HE srsly does look like mini suga omg ;A; (Suga in his.

What, you think you back on the set? CJ I told you that, bro. CJ C'mon, man, gimme a break. The Johnson brothers are rolling again. Take this paint and go hit shit up. Start with our own set first.

Let's see what you got, pork chop! CJ walks out of the yard, Sweet follows him.

BRAVO Cucina Italiana - Grand Rapids - Knapp’s Crossing

CJ Thought you'd hang with your brother, huh? CJ Yeah, for sure. Sweet sprays over a Ballas tag. CJ Yeah, it all comes back. CJ I'm kinda short, you know. I'll catch up with you. No crack ever made a gang tight. They're idiots trying to be business men. CJ - go down there and show these fools you mean business.

Go put pressure on them. CJ We been putting time in the 'hood, but we gotta get the homies back together, like the old days. So you and Ryder go handle your business! They don't care about nothing. We gotta keep our focus. CJ and Ryder are walking out of Sweet's house.

CJ We need some back up. You seen B Dup? Yeah, them base slangers going to be sorry now. You don't even know which door it is. CJ knocks on door. You sure he still live here? B DUP from behind the door Who the fuck is it? What the fuck you want? Get the fuck outta here. CJ Wait, hold up, man. What happened to 4 life, nigga? B DUP The only thing that matters is the 'hood, homie, but you'll never understand what getting this money is like.

You know what, man? Get the fuck outta here before you be laying on your back. Big Bear, come check this fool. Big Bear, that's you? Hey, you still from the 'hood, homie, or what? Ain't that right, Big Bear? B DUP Hell yeah, what? B DUP Now go make that mother-fucking toilet sparkle. CJ Oh - no, man I'll see you around. B DUP Stay the fuck from around here - punk! CJ Hey, nigga, fuck you! CJ and Ryder walk out of B Dup's front door.

CJ I see what you mean now, man. If crack can do that to Big Bear, turn him into a base slave, the average mother-fucker ain't got a chance. CJ Looks like it's up to us then.

Somebody's selling to one of the homies! I know his place, it's just across the tracks there. Let's check it out! CJ Eh, ain't that Front Yard turf? CJ No, I'm down, homie! Man, you can smell a crack den a mile away!

Grove Street OG's come to do damage! Balla Fuck them Grove Street fools! Maybe these fools should be up for some real bangin'! CJ Yeah, Grove gonna get back on its feet now for sure though. CJ What's happening with you, Ryder? You don't respect me?

Hey, what's going on? I've tried that shit. Carl, you look a little thin, man. You gotta be hungry, man. CJ Yeah, I could eat. What about some tacos? You gotta eat to keep your strength up, man. CJ Hey, I'll take a number 9 - fat boy. I mean I'm just trying not to think about it, is all.

I mean, I didn't even know she was hit until it was all over We been getting into it with these fools.

CJ Shit, them mother-fuckers headed to the 'hood! All you managed to do was eat my damn food up! CJ, gimme a ride? CJ Alright Smoke, let's go.

woozie and suga meet the press

Hey, I've missed having you around, baby. I wish Sweet thought like that. He's still real tor' up about your Moms, man. Here, get yourself a little smokey smoke on Smoke, and relax, homie. I ain't going to pencil whip you, fat sucker. Let me play first. That's game null and void, mother-fuckers! CJ So, what kind of guns we working with now? We ain't got shit now.

CJ Well what you going to do if Ballas roll through, throw shoes at them? Say, what happened to Emmet? Shit, gangstas these days got Mac's, AK's and all kind of stuff. Emmet, on the other hand, ain't got shit.

CJ Well, until we get that plug, we gotta deal with a cat that always been there for us. Get ourselves strapped up. CJ and Big Smoke enter. Emmet accidentally fires his gun. Who shot at me? What you kids want? CJ Hey, hey, pops, hey, what's happenin'?

Say, ain't you dead? CJ No, Emmet - the other one. We want to get the people who did it. Try anything you like, boy. Big Smoke and CJ look inside a bin. Big Smoke is preparing to shoot a glass bottle. Big Smoke shoots the glass bottle. Big Smoke shoots another glass bottle. But remember something, real strength comes from within, my brother. Hey look, let's split. Hey, I'll see you around Emmet. But remember this, you didn't get 'em from me.

Emmet is the place for guns! I've always got high quality merchandise. And I've been proudly serving the community for over 30 years!

Hey look, you drive, man. CJ I seen newer cannons than this strap in a museum. CJ Hey, what you saying about me, fool? Man, you always crashing cars and shit.

BRAVO Cucina Italiana - Indianapolis - Castleton

And for some reason, now you back, all it is, is 'CJ drive here, CJ drive there'. No, no, no, say what you really mean. Show CJ what's cracking. Yeah, CJ, you can drive, homie. Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke are also in the car.

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BTS meeting Woozi (Feat. Woozi calling Suga - Scenarios and Imagines

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woozie and suga meet the press

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