Where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

Temblors where Three Plates Meet

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

A few boundaries are newly interpreted from topography, volcanism, and/or . ensured that the active plate boundaries meet at triple‐junction points that are common to all The Australia‐Pacific (AU‐PA) plate boundary south of New Zealand was . (For example, “North American Plate” is non‐standard, and the preferred. Tectonic plate interactions are of three different basic types: Divergent boundaries are areas Subduction zones occur where an oceanic plate meets a continental plate The oceanic Pacific Plate subducts under the North American Plate. Once breakup was complete and the North American and African plates There are very similar issues associated with the deep-water exploration on the . Joseph A. DiPietro, in Landscape Evolution in the United States, This is the location where the North American, Pacific, and Juan de Fuca plates all meet at a.

Between and million years ago, this humongous landmass began to break up along what is now Africa. As Pangaea continued to drift apart, it created most of the tectonic plates which constitute the present lithosphere.

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One of them was the Pacific Plate, the largest of all modern plates at million square kilometers. On its northern side, the Plate subducts under the North-American Plate, forming a convergent boundary and the Aleutian Trench along the islands of the same name. Southern and Western Dynamics The southern side of the Pacific Plate forms a divergent boundary with the Antarctic Plate, and gives rise to the Pacific-Antarctic underwater ridge.

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

The western edges of the Pacific Plate meet the Okhotsk Plate, which forms two underwater trenches off of the coast of Japan. It has created the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, or any other ocean of the world for that matter.

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In the Pacific Northwest movement of three tectonic plates drive our earthquake hazard. The North American plate is moving to the west-southwest at about 2.

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

This may seem like small and slow motion but over geologic time scales these movements add up to hundreds and thousands of kilometers, and can reform parts of the surface of Earth. Vancouver Island to Cape Mendicino California and a large tract of sea floor real estate in between.

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

It was subducted beneath California leaving the San Andreas fault system behind as the contact between the North America and Pacific plates. The Juan de Fuca Plate is still actively subducting beneath N.

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Its motion is not smooth, but rather sticky; strain builds up until the fault breaks and a few meters of Juan De Fuca slips under North America in a big earthquake.

This action takes place along the interface between the plates from the Juan de Fuca Trench off shore down-dip until the fault is too weak to store up any elastic stress.

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

This zone extends from Northern California all the way into British Columbia. The boundary line between the Pacific Plate and the Gorda Plate west of the cape is a fault very similar to the San Andreas.

It is called the Mendocino Transform Fault.

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It points from Cape Mendocino for several hundred miles straight west into the Pacific Ocean. Along this fault, the Gorda Plate slides horizontally to the east with respect to the Pacific Plate with a speed of about 2 inches per year. This continuous motion is the cause for earthquakes along the fault line. The last significant quake there had a magnitude of 7.

where do the pacific and north american plates meet joe

It happened in Septemberabout 60 miles west of Cape Medocino. The focus of Thursday's quake was almost 40 miles further west. However, the Mendocino Transform Fault is not the only place in this region where strong earthquakes occur.