Tom and jerry meet santa claus

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tom and jerry meet santa claus

Going out to look in the sky and thus sparing Tom and Jerry for a while, the magician realizes in shock that there was Santa Claus, who was finishing his. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Tom And Jerry Meet Santa Claus on Discogs. A, Bret Morrison, Tom And Jerry Meet Santa Claus, Holmes, Gregory, Rate. B, Bret Morrison, Tom And Jerry In Nursery Rhyme Land, Holmes, Gregory, Rate.

The train encounters Auroras, and finally reaches the North Pole. Upon arrival, kids form in lines, while the hero boy, girl, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy see Billy depressed and alone in the observation car. They encourage Billy to go, but the carriage is separated when the hero boy accidentally steps on the coupler cut lever.

While trying to find their way back to the group, the trio explores the city's industrial area, until falling on a pile of presents. Meanwhile, the kids discover that the know-it-all kid is also in the sack.

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As the reindeer are prepared, Santa arrives. A bell breaks loose from a harness, and the hero boy, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy retrieves it.

He first hears nothing, but when he believes, he hears the bell ring. Santa entrusts the boy and Tom, Jerry and Tuffy with the bell, and then he leaves with his reindeer.

tom and jerry meet santa claus

The elves re-attach the lost observation car back to the train, and the kids prepare to head home. The kids request the hero boy show the bell with Tom, Toodles, Jerry, Tuffy and Cherie, but when he is devastated to learn that he has lost it through a hole in a pocket; he regains his spirit after Billy is taken home.

tom and jerry meet santa claus

Frosty and Rudolph introduces Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and the others to Crystal, and she then learns that Clarice is currently in love with the red-nosed reindeer. Realizing that Frosty was the cause of his failure, and that Professor Hinkle is being aware of his plot in which Hocus had overheard and warns him about four days ago, he swears revenge on Frosty and make sure that Frosty's friends including Tom and Jerry will not interfere with him.

But before returning to finish his job, he magically returns the hat to Yip. Frosty presents Crystal his frost flowers which he had made from snow, and Tom, Jerry and Rudolph gives Toodles, Toots and Clarice some red roses passed to them by the Woodland Animals. As these flowers magically glow and surround the group with multiple, colorful trails of magic dust, the four ladies were very pleased to thank the four gentlemen.

The group was delighted, and they set off on their way to the town to spread the word to their friends about their marriage in the festival. But as Frosty and Crystal ran ahead in front of the others, above the tree, Jack uses a gust of icy wind which blows Frosty's hat off, turning him back to his lifeless state or clearly transferring his soul and ice heart together back to the hat and taunting the gang that he is gone for good.

Furious with Jack's dirty trick, Professor Hinkle after realizing his own cruel-evil tricks long ago prepares to bring Frosty back to life with his own hat that is a duplication of Frosty's and filled with magic before challenging Jack to a magic duel, but Hocus, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry inform him that it may not be necessary to do so, and Crystal states that she has another way to make Frosty alive and prove Jack wrong.

She sculpts a corsage out of snow, places it on Frosty's chest and gives him a kiss which immediately brings him back to life the same kiss that Frosty had give to her. Befuddled by his reanimation, Jack throws Frosty's hat back on his head as he, Crystal and their friends resume their journey not wanting to put up a fight with Frosty. The whole gang returns to the winter festival, announcing their wedding to the children. Starling, Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, the other children and all the animals gather together in front of the winter festival's ice castle after bringing in their wedding dresses and tuxedos, neckties and bows, the local preacher; and his church companions Puggsy Dog and Frankie Da Flea, were summoned to marry Tom and Toodles, Jerry and Toots, Rudolph and Clarice, Frosty and Crystal and even Pristine and Lickboot, to which Robyn's aunt have convinced her lawyer and boyfriend to be his groom to extend the Starling family.

But upon seeing Frosty and Crystal, Brown says that he can't perform the ceremony, as he can only legally marry real people and animals.

tom and jerry meet santa claus

Everyone is dejected until the Parson, Puggsy and Frankie suggests they build a "snow parson" with their assistance. After the parson is built, Brown states that "A parson is not a parson 'til he holds the Good Book in his hand.

Jack witnesses this and decides to spoil the wedding and destroy the winter festival along with Tom and Jerry with a blizzard. Crystal, Clarice, Hinkle, and Tuffy decides to reason with him. Hinkle tells Jack about his taught-lessons long ago and how he felt, and Crystal and Clarice asks for him to be the best man at the wedding after all, they said the whole wedding should be wintry, while Rudolph's red nose will be the symbol of romance, and so it would only be appropriate for him to be the best man.

Finally feeling appreciated and apologizing for his tricks, Jack agrees. As a live show in front of the ice castle, the wedding goes on without a hitch, to the song "Winter Wonderland". Tom and Toodles, Jerry and Toots, Rudolph and Clarice, Frosty and Crystal, and Pristine and Lickboot are wed, and at the stroke of midnight, Professor Hinkle uses his own magic to create a fireworks display above the ice castle to honor both the New Year and the Christmas Town folks.

The whole gang and Jack have fun with the children all winter through the winter months and other holidays with more excitement of Frosty and Rudolph's Annual Winter Festival.

After the wedding, the couples made their appearance in the festival's New Year's Day parade. On Valentine's Day in February, everyone receive from each other gifts, and Rudolph uses his red nose to illuminate the ice castle as part of its fireworks show. On Easter Sunday in March, Peter Cottontail and Donna also marriedalong with their son Junior and their friend Antoine the Caterpillar perform with Professor Hinkle, Jack and Hocus in their Easter magic show, while Tom and Jerry spar in the cherry-blossom edition of their martial arts competition.

And in April, Karen and her friends build Frosty and Crystal two snow children that are perfect for twins. Once energized, Hinkle and Jack then brings Millie and Chilly to life The duo even creates a snow dog with a red plum nose and two brown sock ears, giving him life and naming it Willie.

And from this point on, the Frosty Family was completed.

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But afterwards, they notice the weather is starting to grow warm again. Jack decides to make it so that winter lasts forever and the Frosties can stay. As the overly long winter and festival continues, Parson Brown, Puggsy and Frankie decides to talk with everyone. He tells them that winter can never last forever, or the trees will never sprout leaves and flowers will never grow. The Frosties, the Reindeers, Professor Hinkle and Jack are saddened along with everyone, but acknowledge it's time for them to leave, and they declare that Frosty and Rudolph's Annual Winter Festival is closed for the year.

Santa then arrive to get his sleigh, using his teleporting spell taught to him by the Winter Warlock. He congratulates the group for all their hard work on their winter festival, their extending friendship and lessons, and the marriages of the five duos. After Santa, Tuffy and the entire reindeer team fly to the North Pole to meet up with them there, the snow family, Tom, Toodles, Jerry, Toots and their friends once again head for the train station of Spike and Tyke Bulldog for a one way ride to the North Pole; this time, in a skating parade through town.

Frosty and his family say their goodbyes to the same traffic cop that Frosty encountered in the first special, Butch Dog who is no longer surprised by Frosty's sentience and even gets to know him by his namewho wishes them off only to swallow his whistle in shock again when he hears he has a family.

All traces of winter melt away, but everyone remembered that the winter wonderland was a good memory and good memories can never die, so the narrator Mr.

Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland

Griffith who was Andy Griffith from the dimension of reality said. He explains that because everyone knows the first snowflake will fall on one not so faraway day. The scene then shows Jack Frost up in a tree above dropping a single snowflake on Mr.

Griffith before blowing his snow wind. And in a few months, the whole town becomes a winter wonderland again much like early winter from the Southern Hemisphere during autumn with Frosty and Rudolph's Annual Winter Festival happening every year. The special ends with Mr.

tom and jerry meet santa claus

Griffith saying to the viewers, "May all your winters be wonderful. Like in the previous film, he wears his blue mittens, and his purple scarf and boots. Jeremy "Jerry" Adam Mouse: He wears his white winter clothes scarf, mittens and shoes with red polka dots, as he did in the previous film. Jerry's nephew, and Santa's head elf of reindeer. But for his return to America with Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice, he change his clothes and resumes wearing his white diaper and his emerald-green knit hat, shoes, mittens and scarf.

Tom and Jerry's owner and friend. But the hat bounces off and lands on the floor, releasing Hinkle's rabbit Hocus Pocus and his mouse companion Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, who wears the hat and upstages their master, much to the children's amusement.

When the ring of the bell dismisses the school, the children go outside to play in the schoolyard where they build a snowman with a corncob pipe, a red button as his nose, two round lumps of coal as his eyes. It was then, Thomas Cat and Jeremy Adam Mouse or just Tom and Jerrytwo adoptive pets of Robyn Starling and her father from the military base called Starling Enterprises, came to help the children by bringing the snowman a broomstick after decorating and tidying up the town square during the beginning of the film, and they decide to befriend each of them.

Starling's great, great, great niecenames him Frosty. Just then, Hocus and Tuffy went outside with the hat still over the white rabbit, with the diaper-wearing gray mouse riding on top, and with Professor Hinkle in hot pursuit. By the time Hinkle grabs only Hocus, the wind blows the hat with Tuffy hanging on, and Tom catches it. But by then, he accidentally tripped on a block of ice, and lets go of the hat which then lightly places itself onto Frosty's head before Tuffy jumps off. And suddenly; to everyone's surprise including Hinkle's, Frosty transforms into a living snowman with real eyes through some looping trails of sparkle, saying, "Happy Birthday!

But after he, too, finds out that the hat is magic, Professor Hinkle takes it back when another wind blows it off Frosty's head, changing the snowman back to his lifeless form with coal eyes. After shoving Tuffy and Hocus back inside the hat, the magician vows to use it to become a millionaire or even a billionaire.

When the children, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry state their objections, Hinkle mockingly tells them that when the children grow up, they'll learn that snowmen can't come to life.

And before leaving the schoolyard, he even says that Tom and Jerry will share in the kids' lesson as well, and not interfere with his own affairs. But while Hinkle walks through town, Tuffy and Hocus steal back the hat by switching it with a wreath and escape their greedy master, immediately returning back to the children, Tom, Jerry and Frosty in his non-living form in the schoolyard.

Thanks to Hocus and Tuffy, Karen puts the hat back on Frosty's head, and the snowman is brought to life by the hat's magical power for the second time; again saying, "Happy Birthday! Only his original self-observation is cut short when he notices Tom and Jerry for the very first time.

With Tuffy's help, Tom and Jerry introduces themselves to Frosty, and the three develop feelings for each other to the point where Frosty said that he will forever always be there for them, as long as they believe in themselves.

Noticing a thermometer on the school's brick wall, he worries that when the temperature rises, he will melt into a "wishy-washy" puddle of water. On Karen's suggestions to find some place where Frosty would never melt, Tom names only one place for Frosty to live at: The children, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus then decide to get him to the North Pole, even if they have to take him downtown to the railroad station where he can ride on the train.

While on the way to the railroad station, they stop at the bakery and cafe coffeehouse where its owner, Red, offers Frosty free Christmas muffins for his "handsome" appearance and personality at the same timeso he can share them with the kids who had their healthy lunches during the class Christmas partyTom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus.

After their light snack with tea that Tom and Jerry have recently brewed in a vacuum flask back at Starling Enterprises, the group arrives at the railroad station. But they realize they have no money to buy train tickets as the ticket man with his son, Spike and Tyke Bulldog, refuses to let them go on the train. Noticing a freight train heading north, Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus stow aboard in the refrigerated boxcar full of ice cream and frozen Christmas cakes, waving the other children goodbye as the train departs from the station.

But unbeknownst to the gang, Professor Hinkle — having already discovered that he has been outwitted by Tuffy and Hocus, also sneaks aboard, still vowing to get the hat back.

As the train continued up north, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty notice that Karen is getting cold and realize that she has to get out as soon as possible. When the freight train stops to let a passenger train filled with Christmas travelers pass, Frosty, Hocus, Karen, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry jump off the boxcar just before the train starts off again. But Karen, along with Tom and Jerry, is near hypothermia, and the woods are bitterly cold. And to worsen things even further, when Tuffy and Hocus makes a suggestion of building a fire, Frosty admits that he can't do it, because he is made of snow.

On Frosty's request, Tuffy and Hocus convinces the woodland animals and they agree to build Karen, Tom and Jerry a fire. While Karen, Tom and Jerry are warming themselves up, Frosty ask Tuffy and Hocus who might be able to take them home before they freeze, and him to the North Pole before he melt. He then sends Tuffy and Hocus back to the animals to get Santa, promising them some carrots and cheese.

tom and jerry meet santa claus

But that night, as Frosty waits patiently for Santa, the now-recovered Professor Hinkle shows up and confronts him, Tom, Jerry and Karen once more. Hinkle also recognizes Tom and Jerry as the pets of Robyn's father, and after blowing out Karen's fireplace, reveals to them that he is the long-time partner of Robyn's aunt Pristine Figg. He then told Frosty about how he spent his years sharing his former goal of becoming a millionaire with Figg, and her boyfriend and schemer Lickboot Mr. Starling's current lawyer until their plan is not completed when they part separate ways, leading to Figg and Lickboot's unwitting defeat by Tom and Jerry over the incidents of Robyn and her father as they happen in the events of Tom and Jerry: