The lying game emma and sutton meet press

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the lying game emma and sutton meet press

The Lying Game follows long-lost twins Emma and Sutton. Separated under mysterious circumstances, Sutton was adopted by the wealthy Mercer family in . The relationship between Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer is based on their attitude towards eachother. Ethan and Thayer think Sutton is pulling one of her Lying Games on Emma to get back at her in a . Emma and Sutton never met before Sutton died and her Spirit watches over her. About · Careers · Press · Contact. Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days and goes Emma and Sutton are identical twins separated at birth in this new drama . Pleased to Meet Me . did not miss the complete First season I only purchased one episode due to a Major Strom or Breaking News I was unable to watch the show I was.

While Sutton lived with the Mercers, Emma was in foster care and lived with her foster mother Clarice and foster brother Travis. Travis stole money from Clarice and blamed it on Emma and called the cops. When they arrived, Emma hit Travis with a tennis racket and ran. She called her sister Sutton and told her what happened and Sutton told her she would pick her up from the bus station.

The next day, Emma arrived in Phoenix and met Sutton. Sutton told her she had a lead on their birth parents in Los Angeles so they need to switch places for two days.

the lying game emma and sutton meet press

After they changed clothes, Emma got in Sutton's car and drove to her house. She later met Sutton's friends Mads and Char and her "boyfriend" Luke. Emma later found out he was cheating on Sutton with her enemy Nisha and broke up with him. Sutton's real boyfriend, Ethan Whitehorse met Emma and kissed her to see if she was really Sutton.

When he discovered that she wasn't she told him everything. Each and Ethan developed feelings for each other and began dating.

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When Sutton found out she slept with Mads older brother Thayer to get back at him. When Emma found out she didn't tell Ethan when she did he got mad at her and broke up with her. Meanwhile Mads was in a relationship with her ballet teacher Eduardo and he had been in an accident and Thayer came to the hospital with Emma, Ethan, Char, and Mads there Ethan punched him for what he did since then Ethan and Thayer weren't on best terms.

On in the season, Sutton comes back trays to break Emma and Ethan up but fails tells Emma her work is done. Sutton gets inn accident and is missing for a few days. She begins a complicated relationship with Jordan, her step-sibling, in season 2 after spending a one-night stand with him, not realizing he is her step-brother until later on.

Christian Alexander as Thayer Rybak, the former step-son of Alec and the maternal older half-brother of Mads. He has had feelings for Sutton since childhood, and gets involved with her in LA by sleeping with her. When he realized Sutton didn't want him, he moved back to Phoenix and met Emma, whom he developed feelings for.

Despite being in a strong relationship, it ends when he gets jealous of Emma's potential feelings for her ex-boyfriend Ethan.

Sutton Mercer

She returns to town after many years, now going by her middle name. Her motive for coming back to town was to reunite with Ted. She married Alec at the end of season one in order to achieve this plan. He is Ted's best friend. His ex-wife Caroline is the mother of both children and she ran away a long time ago with Thayer's biological father, which might be the reason as to why he resents Thayer.

In the season one finale, he marries Rebecca, and is arrested for the murder of Derek Rogers.

The Lying Game

He was cleared with Theresa's help at the beginning of the second season. He knew about the twins all along and turns out to be the one who split them up at birth. He has been spending his time trying to get Rebecca convicted for the two murders that have occurred, though Rebecca insists that he himself is hiding the real killer. Tyler Christopher as Dan Whitehorse, a police officer and Ethan's older brother.

He used to work for Alec, but turned against him when Alec tried to have Ethan charged with murder. He later proposes to his former sweetheart Theresa, set on having a future together, but the two never make it to the altar due to her mysterious and abrupt murder. Adam Brooks as Baz, Laurel's fellow band member in Strangeworthy. Laurel kissed him after she and Justin broke up, though their relationship never grew into something more.

When Sutton finds Ruth in Los Angeles, Ruth, after realizing she can't make a quick escape, confesses the truth and explains that the girls each were to go to a well-to-do family where they would be taken care of- Emma to the Websters in Beverly Hills Bethlehem, and Sutton to the Mercers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unbeknownst to Ruth, Annie Hobbs later showed up at Websters' home, claiming she was Ruth Peterson and possessing official documentation to support it and took Emma as her own.

Webster later admits to Sutton and Thayer that it was a very 'back channel' adoption, involving a 'baby broker'.

the lying game emma and sutton meet press

He admits he and his wife looked into the woman who took Emma, and found out what Sutton had- that Ruth Peterson was not, in fact, their birth mother. Sutton asks if her parents would have known it was a 'back channel' adoption, and Mr. Webster responds that he doesn't know how they couldn't have.

Just when Sutton and Thayer think they're out of clues to go on, Mr. Webster gives them an old photograph Annie Hobbs had sent them after taking Emma. But somehow, Emma made it out of the fire alive and ended up in the foster system in Nevada.

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Despite being separated their entire childhood, and having little to no contact with one another, Sutton frequently had nightmares where she couldn't breathe, and felt as though she were drowning- a result of Emma's experience being trapped in a fire.

Sutton, convinced her parents are hiding something, is desperate to find her birth mother, and with Thayer's help, she comes across the surprising existence of a twin sister, Emma- which convinces her even further that no one is being honest about her birth and adoption.

Season One After Sutton and Emma discover eachother they constantly video chat, and email eachother at the beginning of the summer.

The Lying Game 2x09 - Emma and Sutton scene (with Ethan)

Sutton and Emma talk about their birth parents and how Emma could go up to Phoenix with her Sutton and Emma first hug and stay there with her.