Teen titans robin and starfire first meet

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teen titans robin and starfire first meet

From the new movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Teen Titans Meet Starfire (Flashback) - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract . Teen Titans: The Truth Behind Robin And Starfire's Complicated Relationship - Duration. Description Clip from before Robin and Starfire became Teen Titans, when they were still just Batman's side kick and weird speaking alien. From Episode Starfire and Robin have been through a lot in Teen Titans — and their relationship is 22 Their First Kiss Wasn't Until The Series Finale.

If you wanted your favorite couple to have babies together, your wish has come true. Her name is Mar'i Grayson, or Nightstar as she goes by as a hero. Mar'i has all her mother's superpowers, though her costume and name take more after her dad's Rightwing identity.


On the downside though, Mar'i is attracted to Batman's illegitimate son Not by blood granted, but that's still icky. They always seem to be able to do things human bodies never could. Case in point, Starfire's species, the Tamaranians, can learn a language through skin-to-skin contact with another. She usually does this by kissing people.

teen titans robin and starfire first meet

It's how she learned English, by planting a big smooch on Robin. This was their first meeting and he thought she was a rampaging alien invader at the time too, so it was somewhat awkward.

As neither had any feelings for the other yet, it didn't count as a "first kiss". They mutually went their separate ways when he went off to college and joined the Teen Titans, but he might not be completely over her. Because on one occasion Starfire put on an old Batgirl costume as a prank and Robin became, eh, interested. Especially when she said it was too tight for her to take off. Still, it made the Boy Wonder all red in the face.

teen titans robin and starfire first meet

It tends to have political ramifications. So it's not too surprising that she was married twice in the comics, both times to guys from her home planet Tamaran.

The first was simply to formalize a peace treaty and didn't last, but the second time occurred after she and Nightwing's relationship was on the rocks. Her second husband, General Phy'zzon, she did love but he ended up sacrificing himself to save their planet.

teen titans robin and starfire first meet

Maybe the third time will be the charm? It was always present certainly, but in five seasons it was only the focus of an episode's plot five times. That's only once per season. Robin's obsession with the villain Slade had more episodes devoted to it.

It's a testament to the writers, animators, and voice actors that they could make something so memorable with such little screen time. Apparently not though, as he might not even be aware of his own adopted son's romantic partner. Seriously, Batman has encountered Starfire personally on at least two occasions and doesn't acknowledge their relationship. It's clear he knows who she is, but it's never clear if he knows she's Robin's girlfriend.

That seems like something you would be aware of when you're saving the universe together. But Batman never goes, "Hey, that's my son's girlfriend. Like when your spouse is resisting the oppressive body you're the face of.

teen titans robin and starfire first meet

That's what happened in the Nightwing: New World Order storyline. In an alternate future, Dick Grayson becomes the public face of an anti-superpower government that's forced many of his friends underground, including Starfire.

She's joined the resistance against the very people he works for. This strained not only their relationship, but her relationship with their son Jake too. Nightwing eventually saw the error of his ways though, reuniting with Starfire and helping the resistance.

Robin's case is more well-known of course. It was the accident that cost him his parents' life that led to Bruce Wayne adopting him.

It was his need for closure that led Batman to train Dick Grayson to be his partner. Starfire has lost her parents too. The King and Queen of Tamaran fell defending their planet from the Gordanians, an enemy species that enslaved Starfire and her sister. Being orphaned has had profound effects on both. It's a little more surprising when you remember they were created decades apart. Back in the s, Robin's creator Bill Finger based the Boy Wonder's iconic red and green costume on the look of Robin Hood, which is also where the name came from.

And in the s Starfire's creator George Perez based her look on the female barbarian hero Red Sonja, though Starfire's outfit was far more modest.

Robin meets Starfire

This is one of the extremely few episodes where Raven hadn't been rude or gave sarcastic remarks to Beast Boy or just in general. The Gordanians make their first and only appearance. However, they were mentioned in "Sisters. This is the only episode where Raven's forcefield takes the form of her soul self.

Robin says at the end of the episode, "When there's trouble, you know who to call. At the end of the episode, Starfire is shown to have changed into the outfit she wears throughout the series. However, it is unknown as to where she got the change of clothes, as she was a captive prisoner when she came to Earth.

This episode shows why Beast Boy uses "dude" a lot. Cyborg called him dude and Beast Boy was very excited. The Gordanians' first appearance in Warner Bros. This is fifth and final episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's romantic feelings for each other until their relationship is finally brought to a conclusion in the series finale movie, Teen Titans: This is the first time chronologically that Cyborg says his famous victory cry, "Boo-yah!

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This is the second known time Raven has called Beast Boy funny, but the first time chronologically. After Raven called Beast Boy funny, Beast Boy said he was going to tell her jokes and this caused Raven to become nervous.

This could explain why Raven thinks Beast Boy isn't funny in the series. Errors When Beast Boy asks Raven for confirmation that his mask is cool, he addresses her by name, despite the fact that she never formally introduced herself, nor was her name ever mentioned, or at least not on-screen. It is possible that she could've introduced herself off-screen, as Beast Boy said, "So