Spongebob and friends meet aladdin part 2

spongebob and friends meet aladdin part 2

Grimaced Souls Part 2 SpongeBob & Friends Adventures Wiki · 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Will Test the Franchise Like Nothing Before FANDOM · A Spongebob. Ash's Adventures of Aladdin: Part 1: ncsuk.info Ash Ketchum Meets Tarzan: Part 1: ncsuk.info Part 2: I don't roleplay but I'll be a friend indeed. .. starring My Pooh's Adventures team, SpongeBob and his friends, Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Alex, Marty, Melman. SpongeBob and Friends meet Aladdin is the 6th moisode of the 1st Season of were almost stopped by Audrey 2, who Aladdin stopped by destroying Jafar's staff, Sandy was actselly intended to take part in this, but due to her clips being .

At the shelter, Lilo immediately takes a keen interest in Experimentdespite serious misgivings that Nani and the shelter worker have about him being a dog. Lilo names "Stitch," and shows him around Hawaii. Stitch quickly discovers escape is impossible as he would sink and drown past the island to the sea. After a tiring day, Banzai's behavior at a Luau causes Nani to quit her job as a worker there. The next day, Bubbles comes back, and talks to Nani about her job.

But then he is book p'wned by Stitch. Bubbles orders Nani to find another job, and have Stitch become a model citizen. While Nani finds another job, Lilo tries to make Stitch a model citizen by teaching him how to behave like Elvis Priesley. Stitch's antics ruin Nani's chances of getting a job. David, a friend of Nani's, sees her at the beach, where she was trying to get a job as a lifeguard, but failed as Kuwahgamon attacks.

Especially as Lilo's teachings on Stitch were becoming successful. The Lodge is failing to defeat it until another Digimon dives down from the sky, and defeats Kuwahgamon. The unknown Digimon is identified by Biomon as Piximon, a skilled Digimon fighter known for his skills and training. The Lodge is frustrated that the Villain League couldn't even accept the fact that they are on vacation.

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Bubbles saw the whole thing and tells Nani he will come by in the morning to take Lilo away. After SpongeBob hears Bubble's words, he walks away in depression. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley are failing and decide to change plans after The Grand Councilwoman calls. After Stitch sees the Villain League's impending attack, he leaves, with Lilo saying "I'll remember you though.

I remember everyone who leaves. Nani tells Lilo to stay at home while she goes to secure the job. Stitch, hiding in the nearby woods, encounters Audrey 2, one of Galaxhar's required Allies, who tried to captured Kairi before Stitch, but foiled by the efforts of Sandy and in a lesser extent, Spongebob.

Stitch and the gang race to Lilo's house, followed by the Space Pirates firing at them with everything they got.

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The Lodge and the League fight, while the Space Pirates and Galaxar Clones were quickly defeated, Audrey 2 was a real challenge till Izzy found his weak point, the prime vine, which Thundera and Kabutarimon attack.

The house is ultimately destroyed by the end of the fight, with Nani and Cobra returning shortly after. After delivering Jasmine, Aladdin is captured by Maleficent's minions who were summoned by Facilier who chained Aladdin and throwing him into the ocean, and drowns.

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Crane, who rescues Aladdin, and returns to land with the Hyenas waiting to greet him with a dumb joke, stating that he should be thankful they were there to free the others while the other villains were gone. They returned to the palace, revealed the plot, but were almost stopped by Audrey 2, who Aladdin stopped by destroying Jafar's staff, Audrey 2 was destroyed by the lighting from the destroyed staff.

The staff turned out to be an artifact from Facilier's friends, which causes Facilier's friends to take Facilier back to the other side, defeating him for now till he is to appear in later projects.

As for Jafar, he was arrested, then jailled, but Iago was able to get away. Aladdin wishes for Genie's freedom, much to Genie's surprise and happiness. Since Jasmine loves Aladdin, the Sultan changes the law so they can marry. Genie leaves to explore the world while Aladdin and Jasmine celebrate their engagement. Shenzi was able to give Banzai'a proposeal a second chance, but only when she is truely ready. The rest of the villain leagers assumingly retreated. Unlike in the real film, Jafar was arrested by the guards and Iago joins the Shell Louge Squad in Spongebob and Friends meet Mulan, where Jafar has broken free out of prison, and unexplainably turned into a genie.

Banzai asked Shenzi to wed him, and She refused. Sandy was actselly intended to take part in this, but due to her clips being less in supply back when this project was being made, she appearently did not appear at all. Audrey II sings his song twice in the moisode. Bruton and the scout, meanwhile, are assaulted by Lord Dread and his minions. The scout is killed, but Bruton is able to survive with a wound.

Back at the lake, after Aladar helps 2 young dinosaurs get water, he talks to Neera. Just then, Kron is informed by Bruton that Dread has come with Carnotaurs, raptors, and a flying snake, and has declared war on the herd. Kron wakes up the herd, and informs Aladar and Neera about the situation.

Aladar says that the ones in the back won't make it, but Kron insists that they'll slow down the predators. Aladar tries to stop the herd, but Kron angrily attacks him. He warns him not to interfere, or he'll kill him. He forces Neera away from Aladar. Aladar and the gang try to get the 7 dinosaurs to follow them, but they are too weak to keep up. Back in Lord Dread's clan, Lord Dread insists that they rest outside.

But Larry insists they find shelter from the oncoming storm. Lord Dread, informed about Larry's compassion of herbivores, kicks him out of the clan. The clan chases Larry out of their area, and Larry is suddenly all alone. Meanwhile, our heroes find Bruton wounded from the Carnivores. Bruton refuses to come with them. They suddenly find a cave where they can get out of the rain from. They now see that Bruton, along with an unexpected Larry, come in with them.

Thundera suddenly explains to the Lodge about her weather powers, Malcho, and her responsibilities. Larry also explains what his clan was like before Dread, and that he didn't trust him. He said that Dread declared that he would give the raptors a chance to spread their generations by stealing someone elses.

Just then, the 2 carnotaurs and Malcho attacked. There was a big fight, and when a Carnotaur slammed into a wall, rocks came raining down.

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The downpour killed one of the Carnotaurs and Bruton. As they mourn the death of Bruton, the gang moves on. They come near a dead end, but soon discover something on the other side. With help from Rico, they break through, and finally find the nesting grounds. They meet the Chronticler, who had actually been expecting them.

spongebob and friends meet aladdin part 2

After showing the gang about Spyro and Cynder's pasts, Spyro insisted that they learn about Lord Cobra's origins. And so, they learn that Lord Cobra was one of Oogway's students that was power-hungry. Then Facilier, Scroop, and the Cheetahs show him about the Darkspawn's dreaded medallian. The medallian mutated Cobra, and causing the second cartoonian war. As the boundaries of the universe were made to prevent any future cartoonian wars, King Arthur removed the Sword from the Stone, bringing the universes back together.

The boundaries that hold the banished realms were not destroyed. Cobra plotted revenge on Oogway by corrupting Cynder once again.

spongebob and friends meet aladdin part 2

Malefor had told Cobra about her in a vision as an act of revenge for his second banishment. The corruption of Cynder was one of the Villain League's most crowning achievements.

After that, and more members being recruited in the Villain League, there came many crimes, such as the fall of Atlantis. The ancestors hoped a miracle could stop this crisis, until a heroic team of misfits that originated from Africa destroyed the medallian, and caused Lord Cobra's very first death.

Then he was revived once again by Excalibur. But obviously, the same team he came up against, now growing in size, defeated him again. Then he was back again thanks to the Horned King.