Sonic and tails meet fanfiction

How sonic met Tails: My story, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

While stuck at Tails' House during a thunderstorm, Sticks wants to know how Sonic met Tails. This will be a special story in honor of Tails' 24th. Disclaimer: SEGA owns everything but Carson. I own him. P.S.:the Sonic and Tails from this fanfic is from the Sonic movie but younger. The story of how Tails the fox met and became friends with Sonic the Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship - Sonic, Tails - Words: 1,

And probably going to hit him even harder. So he had decided to do as if it weren't there, not move at all, and hope it wouldn't notice him. Sonic had stood in front of the kit for over a minute now, the kit seemingly still unaware of his presence. He couldn't really see it clearly, but the kit seemed to be holding his right upper arm for some reason. He decided to break the awkward silence by simply saying "Hello? Miles had heard the words but they belonged to the scary thing, so he wasn't going to answer.

It didn't make any sense. Don't you think you've had enough of that for today? I saw what they did, you know.

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

Nothing the scary thing said made any sense. His brain wasn't even working properly anymore. He just wanted to be left alone and cry himself to sleep, just like so many other nights. The orange heap gave a grunt. Something moved and for a moment, an orange and white, or should I say dirty orange and gray, face looked Sonic straight in the eyes, then it went back to the position it had been earlier in.

The way that tear-drenched face had looked at him, even for that short moment, was what had made Sonic's decision. Truth be told, he had expected that answer. But, he had also expected to have a shoe meet his face the moment he looked, which hadn't happened.

How Sonic Met Tails, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

So far, the scary thing, whoever he was, hadn't hurt him at all. It confused him, but the pain is his right arm was overpowering any ability to think reasonable. So it remained silent again, until the other decided to break it: Look, let's just start over again. I'm Sonic, what's your name kid? But Sonic knew the other heard every single word he said. Miles was so confused. He tried to think straight. Who was this person? Why is he still here? And why hasn't he hurt me yet? His thoughts traveled back to his right arm.

Sonic patience was running out now. I'll just call you Tails" The moment he finished his sentence, he finally got a reaction from the kit, although it wasn't really the reaction he'd been hoping for. Miles knew what was coming. You had to be blind to miss them. The reason nobody liked him. He braced himself for the witty remark that would obviously follow. Tails" The way the other one said it, so soft, without any trace of venom.

And it described him so well. Just like 'Freak', 'Mutant' and 'Useless' described him so well. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and simply exploded with crying. The way the kit exploded with crying right after he said it, actually scared Sonic. What's wrong with such a nice name? He didn't know what he was saying, or that he was even saying anything at all. Yes, it described him perfectly.

And yes, it was about his bodily feature he hated so much. But for some reason, it was different from all those other names. The way the other had said it. The way he had just said it himself. It didn't have to be How can something directly related to his much hated feature, not sound negative?

It was all so confusing. The person who wouldn't go away. The pain in his arm. The involuntary twitch his tails gave when he heard himself saying it. And then the person's reply: The other person hadn't even hit him so far.

Maybe he really meant it. But could he trust him?

Sonic Meets Tails (Sonic X)

No, he wouldn't trust him. But maybe he would go away if he just did what he wanted, which seemed to be just talking. Miles tried to get into an upright position, but his strength failed him.

Sonic was finally able to get a better look at the kit, but what met his eyes wasn't pretty. Those tear-drenched eyes, looking so empty. The messed up and dirty fur. I'm sorry, you d-don't have to h-hear all this. He wasn't used to people actually listening to what he said, and receiving answers in a verbal form instead of non-verbal.

Day after d-day, people h-hit me. Sonic didn't want to believe what he had just heard. But a kid his age wouldn't just make something up.

How old was he anyway? He didn't look too big. Anyway, just take one look at the kid: He had no reason to, seeing that nobody ever believed anything he said. Like when I said I wasn't going to hit you? He had even helped him to sit upright. Miles clutched his hurt arm.

Miles did notice how he mentioned the name again, it just sounded so B-but is u-usually goes on longer. B-but they s-seem to enjoy it m-more if I s-scream real hard. Someone sounded in extreme pain, so I just followed the noise and here I am. I hoped it would make talking to you easier.

If you don't like it, you could have just said it and I would make up another name. You just said you hated it. Then came his very shy reply, "I-I don't h-hate it. I a-actually quite n-nice.

At least it's not s-something n-negative like everybody e-else does. Are you okay if I call you Tails then? Why was it that he trusted this person so much? Why was he able to talk about such things to this complete stranger he had already forgotten the name of? Was it because he really hadn't hurt him so far, where others would have long done so?

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

Was it because he didn't hate his tails? It was a very small smile, and it was only there for a second before he realized what he was doing and removed it from his face, but Sonic had already noticed. Tails couldn't believe what just happened. This complete stranger had made him smile, something he hadn't done in years. H-how did you d-do that? I'm glad you seemed to like it. Now what was you question? But that reminds me, you still haven't answered my question.

What they did to it. While talking to Sonic about something else, the little joke he had made, the pain in his arm had actually started to get less. Though it was instantly back now that he was reminded of it. But Sonic had listened, and seemed to believe, everything so far, so he decided to tell what happened.

I tore my a-arm on a br-branch. It was bl-bleeding but it could h-heal in a few days. B-but when the kids had c-cornered me and started hurting me, they d-discovered that it-it hurt a lot m-more than n-normal if they h-hit me there. Sonic thought that the kid, having told him at least this much, must at least have some sort of trust in him now, and decided to touch him.

It was just a simple stroke on the head, but it scared the kit. W-what are you d-doing? Touching was just hitting, but then very slow, was it? It also shows that I care for you. I won't continue if you don't like it, but even then I'll still care for you. Until now, that had always had a negative meaning for him. It had also often been preceded with the word 'take'.

The feeling the gentle stroking gave him He was already calming down. Hearing no protest from the kit, Sonic continued a little longer, before he stopped and asked: Not 'I want to see your arm. He knew Sonic probably wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, but at least he had asked it nicely.

It makes so much difference. That was what made Tails' decision. The kit slowly removed removed his left hand from his right arm, clenching his teeth and holding in cries of pain. Tears were once again in his eyes, but he was glad it was his own decision, instead of Sonic just pushing his arm out of the way. Surely that would have caused even more pain. Sonic just stared at it. It looked very ugly. It was a big wound, a gash along the length of almost his entire upper arm.

The skin underneath the fur was visibly red from the beating it had taken earlier, and though the bleeding had stopped now, the wound was filled with dirt. The students got surprised to see that he had two tails. His name was Miles Prower.

He stood at the front of the class and told everyone about himself and that his family were new in town. Afterwards, he then sat down in the back row. Sonic and his friends thought he looked pretty cool having two tails.

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

At Noon, everyone was having lunch outside the cafeteria. Amy, Cream and Big were sitting at a table waiting for Sonic who had just gone to get a take out. He zoomed back to the table with a take out dish. He opened up the dish and started eating his Chilli Dog in the messiest way possible.

I dunno how you can eat that stuff. The whole cafeteria can smell it! I'm more sense able than you. One of them knocked his book on the ground.

He hit Miles knocking him on the ground. Sonic then stood up and walked over to the bullies. What did he do to you?

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

Have you looked in the mirror lately? He zoomed around the bullies making them dizzy. He then ran into the gym and ran back out carrying a skipping rope. He ran around the bullies tying them up.

He stopped as the bullies got tied up and dazed. The whole cafeteria applauded. Him, Amy, Cream and Big walked over to Miles and helped him up. But I can do something incredible with them. Can you show us? He twisted his tails together and spun them like a propeller. He then appeared to lift off the ground and was 9 feet into the air. The cafeteria applauded as they watched. Miles landed as Sonic, Amy, Cream and Big dropped their jaws.

Tails leaned in to tell them all a secret. After school, Tails brought them all to his house.

sonic and tails meet fanfiction

He showed them all a biplane in his garage. So, Sonic was the first passenger on the plane. Tails was the pilot. He took off and flew the plane above the city.