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Marco expertly looked past Luffy's reference to his grandfather (he was . But Marco simply dodged it again, looking like it had cost him no effort of his part. . ended with Shanks giving Luffy his Straw-hat and promising to meet on .. synonyms, analogies, and metaphors are before explaining why we like. After the two-year timeskip, Zoro gains a new scar running down his left an ultimate ability of swordsman to fight without using Sight sense. Although as noted in the comments from Bálint its missing from every anime series except in the TV special titled "Episode of Luffy".

He could feel the smooth grain of the wood against his skin and he started to try and push himself back to his feet by Marco abruptly sat down on him back, sending him back to the floor from the unexpected shift in weight. Ace brushed himself off and grinned widely at Marco, thrilled at the idea of improving his fighting capabilities. He had been watching the fight in awe, so unused to seeing Ace being beaten so quickly.

To him Ace had always been the best; the strongest out of all three of them so to see him defeated so easily was quite a shock to him. Of course, he knew the Whitebeard commanders were powerful but there was a definite difference to knowing and seeing something with your own eyes. It seemed like a combination of a desire to grow stronger and the ability to understand what was being taught had captured all of Luffy's attention.

And no, Marco was not mentally preening at the knowledge he had been the first to figure out a way to get Luffy's undivided attention. Ace followed his lead, plopping down next to Sabo and leaning on his brother's side so he could keep Marco in his eyesight.

Interest shone in his silver eyes as he leaned in towards him, keen to know more about this power. It seemed like Luffy had hit upon a mental roadblock when trying to figure it out on his own. Marco wracked his brains, trying to think of a way he could explain it so that Luffy understood. If you had the power to use Conqueror's Haki and the ability to control it you could intimidate your opponents by projecting your strength of will towards them. It can fill them with fear, or it can even knock them out if they have a particularly weak will.

It's quite difficult to explain, yoi. The young teen was biting his lip and nodding his head as he allowed the explanation to sink in. Marco frowned a little at the odd example but nodded anyway. He seemed completely oblivious to the dark cloud of gloom that settled over Marco's head like a crown of depression. Ace snickered lightly at the slight twitching of Marco's eyebrow, watching the blonde man try to regain his usual composure.

Sabo turned to face Luffy with intrigue in his eyes. All Luffy ever told them was that bandits had came to the Party Bar, insulted Shanks, tried to beat up Luffy, and then the leader had tried to drown Luffy before Shanks saved him from the Lord of the Coast: Luffy nodded enthusiastically as Marco looked up, shock seeming to filter through the haze of depression that had settled itself firmly on his shoulders.

It had been really nice weather this week, though they were supposed to be moving into a patch of sea that changed its weather pattern every four hours. Marco knew that Luffy idolised Shanks and that Shanks had saved his life once, but he had not paid too much thought to why Shanks would even need to save Luffy's life in the first place mainly because he did not like thinking of a world where he didn't know his baby brother and where Luffy's light had gone out.

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He had seen Shanks' missing arm for himself all those years ago but never once had he thought about enquiring where the swordsman had gained such an injury.

And now he knew that Shanks had sacrificed his arm, his rivalry with Mihawk, half of his strength how many one armed swordsmen were there in the world after all? Sure he had been rubbed the wrong way by the redhead so many times that it was now a routine but he supposed he could at least try to be more civil towards the man who saved his baby brother's life For Luffy, he could at least try.

Several people in his old crew had it actually: Including his captain and the first mate. Ace was running a hand across his throat with a glower in the universal sign for 'stop-talking-now-or-you-are-dead' while Sabo was going for slightly more creative hand signals that involved miming castration along with ripping organs out and hanging Marco by his ocular nerves, phoenix regeneration be damned.

Don't ask how he was miming those things out; Marco only knew the other blonde's intentions were clear enough. Or at least his comfort. Luffy was back to frowning before he turned to look at Ace in confusion.

Didn't you do something similar to Bluejam's men? He remembered how scared he had been during the fire, terrified that because of his stupid mistake both he and Luffy were going to die, slowly being burned to death.

It was incredibly stressful but he had to remain calm for Luffy and not scare him even more by yelling at him to stop his crying. And then when they had been cornered by those phony pirates everything got ten times worse. Now looking back on it Ace could clearly see that they had snapped and, through experience, Ace had learned that fighters who had snapped were never easy to deal with. But when they had almost killed Luffy Could that have been Conqueror's Haki?


All the men apart from Bluejam had been knocked unconscious just by his shout alone Was that the power Marco was speaking of? He would ask about this fire and this 'Bluejam' person later. Despite the fact they had told their blonde brother that they had escaped that fire relatively unharmed they had never told him the specific details about their involvement or their subsequent escape.

Sabo hated having things kept from him, especially when it concerned the safety of his brothers. It never failed to fill Ace with a bitter amusement that for someone who was so good at finding out secrets, Sabo was also one of the best at keeping secrets too.

Ace told them to stop and they did. They didn't just put me down because I asked nicely. He knew they would be swimming with guilt. Sure he may not have planned it but Ace knew his brother well enough to know that Sabo would still feel guilty about being born into the world that caused that fire and the knowledge that Luffy was almost killed defending him would not be easy for the blonde to take. It was one of the main reasons why Ace had never told Sabo in the first place.

They were talking like they were really young when this had happened but Marco hoped that wasn't the case.

He could handle near-death experiences once the brothers had become pirates but he didn't think his heart could take the worry if his little brothers had near-death experiences when they were children on top of having Garp as a grandfather and living with mountain bandits.

It had to be the D, there was no other logical explanation. When I was about one, I think Sabo was having a similar problem. I think my life only starting to be in danger when I was around five. Yeah, sometime before my fifth birthday, although that's only taking into account other things trying to kill me and not the lifestyle I was forced to live His earliest memories were of his grandfather 'training' him and he definitely feared for his life during those times. Marco groaned and ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Ace blinked up at him in confusion before trading a grin with Sabo and Luffy and scrambling to his feet, brothers' right behind him. Like they were going to pass up the chance of getting stronger. Marco was a sadist. Ace groaned as he flopped onto one of the kitchen counters, nursing his right arm close to his chest as he waited for Thatch to notice he was there.

After four hours of being beaten up by Marco the phoenix had reluctantly realised the three brothers to go to their chores or, in Ace and Sabo's case, their 'lessons'. Marco had been relentless, even with Luffy, not allowing any of them a break from his never ending attacks. He was trying to get them to unlock their Observation Haki first, saying it would do them more good to have that one down first before attempting Armament in case they were attacked soon or they ran into a fight it was bound to happen sooner or later; they were one of the most dangerous crews on the Grand Line after all.

That way they would be able to judge an opponent's skill level and be able to dodge their moves. Marco had warned them that as soon as their Observation Haki was unlocked he would ask Jiru to team up with him to increase the brothers' speed in dodging and if that wasn't going to be hell then Ace did not know what was.

Marco had only stopped when Namur had interrupted them to grab Sabo for his lessons in Fishman Karate. The blonde had been serious in his desire to learn and had been taking classes with Namur every Thursday after the shark fishman had finished his inspection rounds.

That of course had reminded Ace that he had a cooking lesson with Thatch at the same time and so he bid Luffy a hasty goodbye as he bolted back down below deck to the kitchens.

Luffy would probably continue training with Marco or go and talk to Pops or something like that. Thatch turned to face him with a smile, only for it to slide off his face when he noticed the blossoming bruises that littered Ace's arms and legs. Marco had even managed to nail him solidly in the face, leaving a shiner of a black eye. Thatch opened his mouth to ask but Ace cut him off before he even had time to start. He had almost tripped in his haste to get to the kitchens and the jarring impact had not done his joints any favours what-so-ever.

Thatch nodded in understanding and smiled in sympathy. You can just read one of the books, complain about Marco, and try out a new sorbet I made earlier, sound like a good deal to you?

Thatch laughed brightly and ruffled Ace's hair as he moved to collect a recipe book and to dish up two plates of sorbet. Whatever would I do with you? He watched as Ace took an experimental bite of the sorbet and grinned at the appreciative moan the raven-haired teen let out.

Thatch quickly dug into his own, having learnt by now that any food near Ace was quick to disappear if left alone for too long. They ate in silence, the occasional flutter of turning pages the only accompaniment to the soft melody of their breaths.

Ace looked up from the page on caponata to nod in confirmation. Usually that's not a problem for me but shutting everything down and just concentrating on using Haki is proving a bit more difficult that I imagined. Sabo's better at it than I am, he managed to avoid a hit to the face. That had certainly hurt a lot. Seeing Ace's confusion, he elaborated.

He's not going to take this lying down and I can foresee an epic screaming match going down soon with Izo doing most of the screaming. Can you imagine what the people of Whiskey Peak would have to say about Izo's screeching if Sabo's face had been harmed as well?

Izo was scary when he was mad and Ace knew he would have to try and avoid the crossdresser at all costs over the next week, or at least until his black eye went away. Ace pouted as an unpleasant thought entered his brain; because of the bruises he was going to have to wear a stupid shirt for a while.

Ace was starting to get really tempted to join Izo in screaming at Marco later. He really did not want to go back to wearing a shirt for long periods of time. Thatch noticed the growing irritation in his young friend and quickly shoved a pear into his mouth, taking Ace's mind off the dread of having to wear a shirt for a week as he chomped down on the sweet flesh of the fruit. Thatch laughed as he watched Ace's attention shift.

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The raven's mood swings would never fail to amuse him. He got a nasty shock when Ace slid down as his bad knee buckled under the sudden pressure and he slammed into Thatch's chest. The cook automatically slid an arm around Ace to steady him before turning serious eyes to the flustered teen. It's time to get that leg sorted out. Sorry ending is so bad, I really struggled with this chapter. Anyway as always I will now be answering reviews and I'm sorry for the quality of this chapter compared to the last one.

But if there is anyone out there that wants to draw fanart then please be my guest! Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I think they're all very attractive but I think Luffy is mainly cute, Sabo is mainly beautiful, and Ace is mainly a mix between cute and handsome. I mean that's just how I view the characters so if you don't see it, you don't see it but I hope you enjoyed the makeover scene anyway.

Well thank you, should I be concerned that you showed this to your little sister or be flattered by it? Good question, when you know the answer could you tell me please? Is that your hint that you want previews of later chapters or preview of the sequel's chapters?

As for why Sabo refers to Luffy as his 'liberating angel' and Ace as his 'avenging angel' it's because when Luffy joined Ace and Sabo they became brothers together; before that Ace and Sabo had just been best friends. In my opinion Luffy would have represented liberation to Sabo, it was only when Luffy came into their lives did they become free of the burdens the world had forced on them, if that makes sense.

As for Ace, whenever one of his brothers is hurt Ace will always try and get even with the ones that hurt them unless they tell him not to and put up a solid argument for why he shouldn't beat them to a bloody pulp. He wants to avenge any pain his brothers are put through.

And as for why Sabo refers to himself as a devil, well; he is noble-born and any noble he has had experience with has turned out to be worse than the people they paint as devils Ace and Luffy being a key exampleplus the way I write Sabo has him slightly darker than his brothers.

He does have a sadistic side and he knows it but he also knows he can hide it behind his looks. I will be re-editing this story at some point in the future and I am aware that there are several spelling mistakes and I apologise for that as sometimes I miss things in my editing and then I don't realise until I'm re-reading the chapters that are up.

But if there is something specific you want to see really badly I will try to draw it and put it on tumblr Miranda- I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Anna- I'm sorry I was away for so long but I'm glad you liked the bonus chapter! We're English nerds, okay? It's weird and wonderful and I love playing around with that idea. I understand what you mean and I'm happy you're interpreting it in different ways, it's nice to see people thinking about meanings behind words and imagery I often slip a lot of hints in to later things but a surprisingly few people ever pick up on it As for what will happen to Sabo Thank you very much!

I can't explain it any other way other then what Defchris has written without really dumbing it down. But I think you'd think it is obvious. This is some basic Japanese translation here I note Otherwise, didn't Mihawk said that after losing his arm he is no longer able to fight him, or something like that?

Mihawk said that he did't feel it would be a fair match if they dueled when Shanks only had one arm, I think, even if Shanks was still just as strong.

One Mihawk is saying it isn't fair. If he wins, people will accuse him of beating a handicapped person. If he looses, people will accuse him of going easy on Shanks. Alternatively, he acknowledges Shanks cannot be fought because of his status of Yonkou puts him in a position beyond his reach part of me wonders if when Zoro beats Mihawk, Mihawk will point to Shanks or something as his next target.

However, this is all speculation and on top of things a forum type of discusson, so means nothing and I'd go deeper into it then I have if it were allowed. Wow, was that true, million.?

Amazing if that's true I don't remember seeing a bounty for him either. Shanks page has now been reverted by someone, but I'm looking up the other edits done by the same IP address and he also stated that Mihawk's bounty was million. Did I miss that info, or is this just speculation? This must have been the umpteenth millionth time its been put on the page and I wrote th at mythbusters section just for it.

Oda hasn't yet reveals the bounty of those great pirates. I think the amount must be incredibly high. Oda is slowly building up to them, his letting us be wowed one by one. If he throws us off with something incrediably high so soon, little in between will wow us anymore.

It's obviously too soon for Luffy to be considered a greater threat to the World Government than Shanks, so if for example Oda had set Shanks' bounty at million a few years ago, Luffy's next bounty increase would have a hard time matching all the things he's done that'll make the World Government even more determined to take him down.

I know the year gap gives Shanks a higher possibility of consuming one, but Kaku and Kalifa ate theirs just days after meeting Luffy, and most charactesr have been away longer. I don't think it should be placed here unless it's placed in the profile of all characters that may have eaten a DF. We know he didn't have one in the past, thats ALL we need to know for now. The ones adding it are just being specutive and impatient. I said that "the year gap gives Shanks a much higher possibility of consuming one".

The 3 that were cofirmed ate theirs during a short "while" away from Luffy. In Luffy's past I think we can all agree this is his most important appearance. In Buggy's flashback in - I think it was chapter 19 or Just before the Straw Hats arrive at Loguetown where he wants to party with Mihawk.