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John Michael "J.D." Dorian, M.D. is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the . Kelso advises J.D. that he is the one who will have to press for hospital matters if In the first episode, when Turk suggests the two of them seek separate He meets and forms a connection with Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) in the pilot. Carla's brother who hates Turk comes for a visit. J.D. tries to get over Elliott when he meets Danni who *seems* nice. Cox asks J.D. to back him up in front of. And when JD meets Murray in the airport. “He smells like jet fuel. . If you're on PC you can press 6. permalink; embed; save The final moments between Turk, JD and George in My Last Words (s9e2). The entire episode is.

The sequences played out in his daydreams are of surreal scenarios and situations that have just been mentioned or wondered about, often in an exaggerated manner.

scrubs jd and turk meet the press

Many of these are followed by a comment from him which, although in keeping with his daydream, sounds strange and is often highly unrelated to the initial topic, very often earning him odd looks from nearby characters in the scene. Despite his numerous mistakes, quirks and personal neurosis, J. He is described as having compassion for his patients, and a lot of determination and enthusiasm for his job.

Work[ edit ] J. Perry Cox John C.

  • 11 Things You Didn't Know About 'Scrubs,' Even If You've Seen Every Episode
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McGinleywho generally refers to J. As much as he hates to admit it, however, Cox respects J.

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However, he later confesses to Cox that he still looks upon him as a hero, and admires him for caring so much about his patients that he takes it hard when things go badly for them. At the end of the episode, Cox thanks J. Bob Kelso Ken Jenkinsin earlier seasons. The Janitor is trying to open a jammed door when J.

scrubs jd and turk meet the press

When it turns out that there is a penny stuck in the door, the Janitor vows revenge. In the eighth-season finale, it is revealed that J. The Janitor saw him drop the penny, but because he never admitted it, decided that J. The pair continue to be roommates even as they progress to become interns and residents. By their own admission, their relationship is a " bromance. Tell him you need him," but they end up roommates again by the episode's end. In seasons 1 to 3, a running joke in the series was that J.

scrubs jd and turk meet the press

Chalke was once dared by Lawrence to go order coffee at a Starbucks in a burlesque outfit where she apparently had to wait 20 minutes in line. It's unclear whether anybody followed through. The medical cases in the show were based on actual stories from physicians, whose names would then be written into the show. Getty During NPR's Fresh Air interview with Braff and Lawrence, the show creator said that every single medical story on the show was handed to them by real physicians.

The show never used real patients' names, but Lawrence and his writers would make sure the doctors' names were written into the episodes.

Lawrence's wife -- who played Jordan -- would dictate her acting schedule while they were in bed. Lawrence said that he'd take elements of their marriage and put them into the writing, presumably for the relationship between Jordan and Dr. He jokingly added that it was the one time a week he could tell his wife what to do and she'd have to listen. Lawrence also said that Miller had "the world's cherriest gig" for an actress because she could wake up next to him, say she felt like working Thursday, and then Lawrence and the writers would write her into the script for that day.

Braff quit his job as a waiter when he got hired for "Scrubs," but didn't realize filming wouldn't start for another four months. He wrote "Garden State" during this time. During the "Garden State" press tour, Braff was interviewed by Uncut and was asked how long it took him to figure out the movie. Braff said it actually had to do with how the beginning of his "Scrubs" job worked out. So I sat down for that time and hammered out the first draft.

Then once 'Scrubs' started, I spent the next two years trying to get someone interested in making it.

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The "Scrubs" scripts were kept top secret from even the main cast during the early seasons. When Stewart asked what sorts of plot developments were coming up, Braff claimed that the writers told him nothing and he didn't find out what would happen until the day he'd show up to set. Braff also asked Stewart to come on the show as a patient or a corpse, which unfortunately never came to be.

NBC changed the show's airing time so often that Braff's mom would regularly call him to ask when she could watch. Getty IGN also interviewed Braff inand he said that he felt that a lot of the trouble with the "Scrubs" ratings at the time was caused by NBC moving the show around so much in their schedule.

Braff even told a story about how his mom had a hard time finding out when to watch her son, saying, "My mom will call me and be like, 'When are you on this week? If the show only lasted one season, Janitor was going to be just a figment of J. It wasn't until about midway through the second season that the actor who played Janitor, Neil Flynn, was able to interact with another actor aside from Braff. There was also a couple competing reasons for why the Janitor was always picking on Braff.

Lawrence felt, personally, that he'd always had someone in his life latch on to teasing him for seemingly no reason, and so Flynn's character was based on this idea.