Sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

Supernatural- The French Mistake (Reversed)

sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Cas, Dean and Sam get sent to an alternate reality except this time they're sepearated. The alternate reality is where Misha, Jensen and Jared live. Who will find. Fanfiction. When Castiel, Sam, and Dean meet Misha, Jared, and Jensen, they start off liking each other. But when Sam starts hitting on Genevieve, Jared's Wife .

To their surprise, Misha comes walking up again. I'm still trying to figure out how the heck Misha is actually his name. Where are Jensen and Jared then? Jared takes a minute to look at all of them. What's your name again? Jensen shakes his head, laughing. Dean is the character, I know. What is your real name? Dean, tell him to stop. The actors look at each other. And why are you married to fake-Ruby?

I'm not a douche. I don't know what more proof I need that you're an A-class dou-" "Hi, honey," Daneel says, walking up to Jensen and pecking him once on the lips. Daneel looks at Misha. He looks like he could use some space. Castiel just looks up Dean with the most confused and sad expression. She leans up to Jensen's ear to whisper the next thought. They would go crazy over it.

Misha, come on, leave the guy alone. Dean watches closely not as Castiel clings close to him but as Daneel kisses Jensen goodbye and walks off. You actually were Robin? Sam is still incredibly off-put by Jared, who is far more cheerful and happy than his own presence. Jared tries showing Sam around set, sharing some of his rainbow candy, and finally lands at the set for the bunker.

It's a parallel world of some sort. I don't understand how, but I get that she can't be Ruby. Plus, Ruby's been dead for a long time now.

If you want to research, if that would make you more comfortable. He's really fun to prank. Jensen tried to nod, but the pain prohibited it. But why do I need to? He pulled out a wallet, but it wasn't his. This is Dean's," he muttered. The man behind the driver's wheel frowned at him. Whose did you think it was? He felt like he should be able to stand up on his own.

Before the Jared-look-alike could walk to his side of the car, Jensen tried to stand up. Oddly, his legs were not as muscular as they should have been.

Instead of bone and muscle, his legs seemed to be filled with thick jelly. He sank slowly toward the pavement. Those strong hands lifted him up before he reached the ground.

The French Mistake All Over Again Chapter 1, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction

His vision blurred again and he could only see what was directly in front of him. His peripheral vision had turned into a black cloud ringing everything. Jensen felt himself being steered toward the emergency room doors as the blackness overtook him again. He could see the bright lights even through closed eyelids. Dean held up a hand to shade his eyes before daring to look around.

Dean squinted against the light.

Supernatural- The French Mistake (Reversed)

He was in a hospital room, surrounded by strange faces, except one. He spotted his brother and gave him a weak smile.

sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

He stood up, "Okay, he's alright. His head throbbed from where the branch had hit him. Me, that guest director, the producers, the whole crew. Everyone has been waiting to see if you were okay. He felt where his gun should have been, but that spot was empty. He decided to take the chance anyway.

You want me to call him for you? Want to call them, too? I talked to your parents earlier and they're really worried. You should probably call them. All I have is my brother. Jared froze, his eyes slipping across his friend's face. He put his cell away. He waited for the wave of dizziness to pass. With both hands firmly planted on the hospital bed, he slipped off the edge to his feet.

The dizziness hit him again, but Dean was ready. He ignored the swaying room and the feeling of being on a ship in a storm. It did not last long. As soon as the room settled down to just a ship in motion, Dean lifted one hand off the bed.

He reached for the hospital closet that was stubbornly swinging just out of reach.

Jared and Jensen - When they first met.

Dean growled to himself, stretching harder. He pointed an angry finger at Dean. I said I wouldn't go anywhere. The man who looked and sometimes even acted like his brother turned pointedly back to the door.

He asked, "Can you give me that again, Doc? This time in English? Jared's eyes flicked back over Dean's face. His brow furrowed as he stared at Dean's forehead. He is suffering from a mild concussion. But if he is also suffering from an identity crisis…" "No. My mistake," Jared cut her off. The doctor leaned down to whisper, "I haven't watched Days since you left.

Dean pointed to the closet. We're getting out of here. Sam was talking in low voices with the doctor in the hall outside his brother's room. I've never heard of that. He was a young doctor, maybe the same age as Dean. He had short, straight black hair that swept across his forehead and gold-rimmed glasses. Sam did not look happy. But try to get him back in his normal routine as soon as possible.

Keep him around familiar places, familiar people. He should snap back within a few hours, maybe days. We should keep him overnight for observation, he has a slight concussion. But if you take him home tonight, right away, maybe…" he shrugged.

With heavy steps he returned to his brother's room. It looked like Dean was awake. Sam forced a smile on his face. How are you feeling? The doctor said we can go as soon as you feel ready. I don't have a concussion? There was something very wrong here. What about the studio? What do they want me to do?

The room seemed steady enough and the throbbing in his head was less intense. The sound of someone sitting in the chair next to his bed reached his ears. He had the uncomfortable feeling that he was being watched. Jensen cracked open one eye. A pair of light brown eyes were staring at him from a worried face. Jensen sat up again. Sam held up both hands. I'll be outside the door. Jensen noticed these were Dean's clothes, not his. He rubbed his forehead, still not understanding what exactly was going on here.

Jared was acting really weird, weirder than usual. And where were the producers? They flocked all around Jared when he broke his wrist on the set. They even had to write it into the show. Jensen lay back on the bed to pull on the boots. It took him a minute to catch his breath after the exertions.

Jensen waved him closer. Confused, Sam moved the chair closer to the bed. Jensen sat up, waited a moment, grasped one handle of the chair. With a deep breath, he moved off the bed into the chair. His head pounded furiously, waves of pain threatening to start shoving pieces of his brain out his ears.

He rested his head in his hands. I'm not in the mood. So what should I call you? Jensen heard the automatic doors slide open and then shut behind them.

sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

It was still night. The lights over the hospital parking lot were not as blinding now as they had been earlier. Who did he play for? There was a pain there he could not identify. That feeling that this was not Jared washed over him, stronger than it did before.

His mind reached out and grasped the first band to pop into his head. That tree limb really did a number on you, didn't it?

sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

His head tilted to the side as he stared into Jensen's face. A bright smile lit the man's face. Oh, man, you really had me scared there. Everything is going to be just fine. We'll get you back to the hotel, get a good night's sleep, and everything will look better in the morning. Dean scowled at the car Jared was driving. They usually stayed in their trailers while filming, but the studio called to suggest they stay in a hotel until Jensen was more himself.

The hotel was not far from the hospital, conveniently. Dean let out a huge sigh, staring out the window. So, what," he turned back to look at Jared, "you're an actor? Dean did not get out.

sam and dean meet jared jensen fanfiction

So nice to have you staying with us again," the young man grinned at them. We're on our way to the bar. The young man jumped out of the way, waving happily. I don't like it. The doctor did say you have a mild concussion. I don't think I can get through this evening without alcohol.

Have we, uh, come to this bar before? Sam waited inside the car while Jensen got out. Jensen stood, stretched and took a deep breath. He leaned back down to look inside the car. You don't need to be drinking. You worry too much. Sam groaned, resigned to following him inside.

There were so many things wrong about Dean, but he knew that it was not a shapeshifter or demon. It had to be Dean. Dean with a concussion and maybe an identity crisis. As he entered the bar, the smoke billowing out the door, Sam's eyes searched rapidly until they hit Dean.