Quirrell and harry first meet

quirrell and harry first meet

Quirrell says that Snape tried to referee the next game to protect Harry too. He got back in the nick of time, to save Harry from Quirrell – although at first he. Is there an explanation as to why Harry's scar didnt react when him and Hagrid bumped into Quirrell in the Leaky Cauldron towards the start of. Harry doesn't have prophetic dreams which are unrelated to Voldemort. noted how distinctive Quirrell's turban was at their first meeting.

Role in the Books[ edit ] Beginner warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level. Philosopher's Stone [ edit ] A very timid person, Professor Quirrell first appears in the Leaky Cauldron, where he is pleased to meet Harry ; Hagrid comments at the time that he always seems nervous, ever since he took a year's holiday and met up with something he had been teaching about.

At the Arrival Feast, Harry notes that Quirrell looks rather odd, wearing a large purple turban on his head.

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It is while Professor Quirrell is speaking with Professor Snape that Harry first feels the searing pain in his scar that becomes his companion, on and off, for the nearly all the seven years in this series. Harry and Ron get into trouble with Filch on the very first day of classes, when they are found trying to get through a locked door, which turns out to be the door to the forbidden third floor corridor. They are saved from being locked in the dungeons by Professor Quirrell, who happens to be passing by.

In Defence Against the Dark ArtsProfessor Quirrell says that his strange purple turban was a gift from an African prince for dealing with a troublesome zombie. When Seamus asked excitedly how he had fought the zombie, Quirrell turned all pink and started talking about the weather.

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The magical construct most closely allied to the Muggle concept of zombies is the Inferius. There is also a strange smell of garlic that hangs about the classroom; the Weasley twins insist that it is because Quirrell has stuffed his turban full of garlic to ward off vampires. We don't hear much about his teaching, except that it is not as interesting as Harry and the rest of his class had expected; we do find out that he is concealing something, and that he and Professor Snape may both be looking for something, possibly the mysterious little package that Hagrid removed from Gringotts.

He bursts into the Hallowe'en feast warning that a troll is in the dungeons; Harry and Ron defeat it and save Hermionethus bonding the three. At the first Quidditch match of the year, against SlytherinHarry's broom is jinxed and tries to buck him off. Hermione and Ron believe Snape is casting the jinx.

In her haste to reach Snape and set his robes on fire to break his concentration, Hermione knocks over Quirrell. The Weasley twins charmed several snowballs to bounce off the back of Profesor Quirrell's turban, in the snowfall during Christmas break. Harry overhears Quirrell arguing with Snape about where his loyalties lie, and later hears him arguing with someone else about something he does not want to do.

At the conclusion, Harry, Ron, and Hermione pass through a series of chambers to find the Philosopher's Stone. One chamber contains a Troll, who fortunately has been knocked out. Harry alone reaches the final chamber, where he finds Quirrell. Quirrell boasts about his skill with trolls, admitting that he let the one troll into the school at Hallowe'en, and that it was his troll that Harry passed.

He also says that Snape had been useful as misdirection, "flapping about like a great bat. Quirrell's turban actually conceals Lord Voldemort's face that is attached to Quirrell's head, and Voldemort has been controlling Quirrell all year. Ordered to kill Harry, Quirrell is unable to touch him without getting burned; when Quirrell is preparing a killing curse, Harry grabs his face, causing him so much pain that he is disabled.

Harry is also in much pain from his scar, triggered by Voldemort's nearness, and it causes him to pass out. It is uncertain whether Quirrell actually dies here; it is suggested that he does, but while Professor Dumbledore does explain much of what happened, he never actually states that Quirrell is dead.

Goblet of Fire [ edit ] Expounding to the Death Eaters as to what had occurred while he was disembodied, Lord Voldemort describes his stay on the back of Quirrell's head. He mentions that "The servant died when I left his body". Though Voldemort never names Quirrell, referring to him always as his "servant", context makes it certain that this refers to Quirrell. Harry gets into trouble for pointing out that he had Voldemort stuck to the back of his head. This is not strictly true, Professor Binns clearly died at the school, though as it was of natural causes it likely would not concern Slughorn either way.

It is true that Quirrell's death is the only one Harry knows of that could be attributed to Voldemort or his organization.

Strengths[ edit ] Rather than magical ability, Quirrell's greatest strength was probably his intelligence, evidenced by his having been sorted into Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts, home to more intellectual students.

Although timid in nature, he apparently had an adventurous spirit, traveling to many foreign countries whenever he could. Quirrell, during the course of the first book, had been carrying what remained of Lord Voldemort on the back of his head. As such, he could partially utilize Voldemort's powers: Weaknesses[ edit ] Quirrell possessed an extremely timid and nervous disposition.

And though intelligent, his magical powers may have been rather ordinary. This may all have contributed to his becoming susceptible to Lord Voldemort's powers, resulting in the disembodied Dark Lord riding on the back of Quirrell's head while he attempted to resurrect his own physical body.

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As a result, Quirrell had to bow to Voldemort's commands, whatever they were, and was subject to any punishment Voldemort chose to mete out. As he was a relatively weak-willed wizard, Quirrell attempted to attain distinction by attaching himself to a powerful being, though that power instead latched itself onto him.

quirrell and harry first meet

Quirrell was never seen performing magic, so it is uncertain how powerful a wizard he actually was. However, he was apparently able to control Trollsand most likely had been able to before his encounter with Voldemort, as he seems proud of that ability.

quirrell and harry first meet

Relationships with Other Characters[ edit ] The closest relationship Quirrell appears to have had was the one with Lord Voldemort after being controlled by him. Quirrell was basically Voldemort's slave, doing his bidding without question. Harry's dream not meaning anything and being simply a reflection of his fears makes the most sense. Harry has no talent for Divination. The Horcrux in him wasn't particularly active, and the dream was nothing like his other Horcrux dreams.

Also, thanks for mentioning me in your answer! Us Dark wizards have to stick together. It wasn't a clothing choice that anyone else at Hogwarts went with.

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Fred and George thought it was a noteworthy thing to bounce snowballs off. I think it was just a distinctive object that vividly took on a life of its own in the dream. Yay for fellowship among Dark wizards! Agreed about the turban, probably everyone at Hogwarts noticed it. There are certain things that just stand out, and dreams can bring them up in weird ways. Don't worry though, I made sure I said it was your idea!

My answer makes a lot more sense now.

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The only part that could be prophetic is the part about Quirrell's turban. The presence of Draco and Snape doesn't seem to connect with the events later in the year. Neither Draco nor Snape were working with Quirrell or Voldemort. Snape was a double agent and Draco, although he hated Harry, didn't have any real loyalty to Voldemort during his first year.