Oliver and kayla finally meet

Tempt Me ( The Billionaire's Secrets Book 7) by Kayla C Oliver

oliver and kayla finally meet

Cormac meets Olive, Pierce's little sister and wants to date her. I am just starting to fall in love with Kayla C Oliver's books, they have captivating characters. Touch Me (The Billionaire's Secrets) [Kayla C Oliver] on ncsuk.info Rhett feels like he has had the wind knocked out of him when he meets Heidi. . Rhett, the billionaire wit a troubled past, whose past has finally caught up with him. Iris and her best friend Mikala are finally going to warped tour. Iris cant wait to finally meet the guy she loves. but what will happen when they get there an.

Good book and I definitely recommend it as a must read. They are living the life And the sparks fly between Cormac and Olive Although the premise of this book is good, it just missed the mark for me. I found some of the phrasing to be cheesy and that Olive was so in love in just a couple of days was hard for me to swallow. Although I did like that Pierce was so protective of his sister and would go to great lengths to protect her I received a copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.

And touch her he does! The insta-lust is strong on both sides Can they build a true love match from this wild fire? Pierce is, well, fierce in his protective instincts for his sister, and he is not about to listen to anything either of them have to say. This made me sad.

oliver and kayla finally meet

I understand conflict in a story Brandon made his fortune as a young man and now all he wants is a quite life away form the city and business.

He see Ira one day while in the city and she is selling art and he becomes fascinated with he and buys a painting but has no way of contacting her. He literally walks into her on another trip into town four months later but can he convince her to come to his cottage. It is well-written, witty, and well-developed.

oliver and kayla finally meet

An easy, interesting and engaging, fast pace page turner. The characters are beautifully written, the chemistry between them is off the charts. No regrets taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to reading more.

Oct 29, Deb rated it really liked it This was a very quick read with a couple of characters who seemed to be on a collusion course with each other I thought she was a saint while working for Camille. He was still a mystery even after I read this book Their story seemed fast but real. I just think there is more to tell about this couple.

Tempt Me ( The Billionaire's Secrets Book 7)

I look forward to reading more of her friend as well. Oct 25, Misty Goan rated it it was amazing A fantastic well written sexy sassy and steamy quick read. Its full of romance, love and passion and is intense and extremely entertaining. An easy enjoyable read with a few laughs as it moves quickly to a HEA. Oct 14, Tanya rated it it was amazing He has made more than enough money and he has had enough of the rat race so he left.

He had enough of women as well.

She feels undermined at work and overlooked. It had just what I wanted, was well written, and had a great plot full of perfectly heated romance.

Oliver and Kayla's Update

I simply adored its leads, determined Kelly and charming Blake, and their wonderful explosively hot chemistry and were a pleasure to watch as they dev Kayla C.

I simply adored its leads, determined Kelly and charming Blake, and their wonderful explosively hot chemistry and were a pleasure to watch as they developed over the course of the pages. The cast of supporting characters were also simply superb. What more I could one ask for?

Tease Me (The Billionaire's Secrets Book 4) by Kayla C. Oliver

He's not a playboy like his brothers and is concentrated on work. He does want a wife, he just doesn't have time to find one. Blake seems to be so much weaker than his brothers and I wasn't thrilled with the way he handled certain situations. He meets Kelly who is a strong woman and before you know it you'll be drawn into Blake and Kelly's life. A good read with likeable characters and an entertaining story.

Dared to Love (The Billionaire Parker Brothers Book 3)

I read a reader copy via Booksprout and voluntarily chose to write a review. Oliver Blake and Kelly - 4.

oliver and kayla finally meet

As the CEO for the family business, he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. I loved the characters of Blake and Kelly.

I was impressed by the description of how her mother raised her, since I was also a single mother that had a daughter to raise.