Merry meet and expression

Merry Meet – November's Cauldron

merry meet and expression

A Gallup Poll exploring “Free Expression on Campus,” found that even in the supposedly accepting atmosphere of college, 54% of the. Due to some unnecessary rudeness in chat, I've come to wonder what the origin is of the phrase "Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again." It's apparently ritualistic within the Wiccan religion that was pretty much 'stolen' by Llewellyn and turned into a greeting. And who is correct in the proper usage of the phrase? If someone wishes to greet me with a “Merry meet,” I take it as a friendly greeting from.

As we face the East, we connect with the powers of the Element Air and call upon the blessings of Education. Pagan Pride Day reminds us that ignorance creates fear, and knowledge is the key to tolerance. It reminds us that if we ever hope to practice our spiritual paths openly, we need to give the public, and each other, accurate information about our path. Take time today to think about our accomplishments but recognize how far we still have to go. What can you do to help educate those around you?

Merry Meet Origin?

As we face the South, we connect with the powers of the Element Fire and call upon it for the blessings of the Activism. We all have a great number of opinions about what is important, and many of us have participated in arguments, rallies and other overt action in support of those ideas.

Today, Pagan Pride Day is about reminding us that we should take pride in calling ourselves Pagan. We should be proud of the spiritual path that we have chosen. Living proudly and openly in societies where your emotional, physical, professional well-being is constantly at risk is nothing short of brave.

The fact that we are seeing more Pagans today live openly and honestly despite these challenges is a miracle. What can you do to help to make this world better for your fellow Pagans? As we face the West, we connect with the powers of the Element Water and call to mind blessings of Charity.

Pagan Pride Day offers us an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion to our communities where it is needed.

merry meet and expression

It gives us an opportunity to recognize and share our own abundance. What can you do to help demonstrate your compassion? As we face the North, we connect with the powers of the Element Earth and call to mind blessings of Community. As Pagans, we are a community of different races, values, politics, religious and spiritual paths, gender presentations, philosophies, and a host of other diverse elements.

Pagan Pride Day is an opportunity to celebrate our differences, as well as our common interests, and to demonstrate unity as a community. Our community gains strength by interacting with each other and weaving networking webs.

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It gains strength by people volunteering their time and talents in support of the community. It gains strength by people finding ways to complement and help fellow Pagans, rather than using methods such as Facebook to attack or condemn another.

What can you do to help build our community? Setting the Harvest Table [RL] As we have gathered here together to enjoy this beautiful day and celebrate Pagan Pride Day, let us take a moment to show each other hospitality as we set a simple Harvest Table for those present and those that could not be with us today. This festival is a time that we gather to build community and provide support for one another. It is a time that we gather to celebrate the bounty of the harvest together.

Pagan Pride Day is an opportunity to show ourselves and the public that we are a significant. We need to weave networking webs in our cities, in our towns, in our rural areas.

We need these webs to support one another. That support will also show those who would restrict our practice that we are a growing congregation of people who adhere to a faith that, while different, is as valid as their own.

Paganism is often described as an Earth-based Religion, but most Pagans do not believe that they are set above, or apart from, the rest of nature. Pagans see the sacred in everything around them. They not only find nature sacred, but see everything else around them as a part of the Divine. They understand divinity to be immanent, woven through every aspect of the living earth. By reconnecting to the universe, we learn to interact with it.

Pagan worship is mainly concerned with connection to, and the honoring of, that immanent divinity. Early agricultural societies understood the importance of hospitality and the importance of developing a relationship with your neighbors.

Many people, particularly in rural villages, celebrated the harvest with great deals of feasting, drinking, and eating. Think about what you should offer your fellow Pagans. What can you contribute to our circles, groves, and covens? What will be the seed have you planted to build a stronger community?

To have a strong Pagan community you need to be part of the community! We need to get to know each other. We must volunteer when help is needed and not overwork the few until they get burned out.

merry meet and expression

We must avoid the witch wars that only serve to tear apart our community. We must offer helpful advice, especially when it is solicited. We must support our Pagan crafters, musicians, stores, leaders, teachers, mentors, and elders. Certainly the phrase is at least as old as Gardner. Very possibly much older.

It's certainly not new to Llewellyn and although I missed whatever chat you're referring to, I wouldn't give them so much credit. More important, does the phrase work and have usefulness to you? Personally, I don't think it really matters how new or old the phrase may be, only that it's sincerely meant when uttered.

In short, the answer to your question is yes. Which is actually what I like about Paganism and Wicca. There's almost no structure. It's the one "religion" I've found that allows for true freedom of expression and worship.

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But then, that's just me. Permalink Reply by Trent Krestan on January 27, at 7: Wait, so you're fine with the raping of someone's religion? Is that what you're saying?

And please, tell me you're not trying to say that Wiccans can worship anyone and worship any way and that Paganism is a religion What I'm saying is that, whether you are Pagan or Wiccan, you're free to worship in whatever way you choose.