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Home and Away Tours: Self Drive to the Home and Away Set - See 78 Hotels near Roseville Station · Hotels near Chatswood Station · Hotels near . 11am then Ross said go walk around ur self meet and greet actors and come NOTHING!, then at we got back on bus and he took us to see brax house and John. Home and Away tour group pose next to tour Bus Previous We cannot guarantee seeing filming or having pictures taken with the cast. Guests will be . Meeting/Redemption Point Trip to the real-life location of Summer Bay in Palm Beach If you get a chance visiting the boat house to enjoy a beer overlooking the bay. Visit the real life Summer Bay with the Official Home and Away tour. Take in Palm Beach, the Surf Club, the Braxton House and more. Book now for $ AUD.

It was quite an intense scene involving an argument between Zak and Leah about him cheating on her with a woman called Sam. They came over to where we were all watching and I managed to get my photo taken with them. Shortly afterwards I saw Emily Symons coming out of the trailer nearby!

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It was quite surreal actually seeing her and Lynne McGranger close-up after seeing them on Home and Away since I was a child. As we drove away from the beach we saw another scene up the road being filmed! This one appeared to involve VJ and Marilyn. As we drove past Emily waved at us as we left and I felt pretty chuffed to have seen the two scenes being filmed. They were very informative and new their stuff. Even though we didn't get to meet any of the actors, we did get to see a bit of filming from afar.

They were up front from the start about not getting our hopes up as it is the luck of the draw, but they did their best to get the most out of the visit.

Official Home and Away Tour of Summer Bay

It was so exciting to see part of the set like the Pier diner and the surf club in real life. Being shown around this part of Sydney and seeing all the beautiful scenery was amazing and really added to the tour.

Kylie Everest Myself Laura, Husband Matthew and my sister Ceri are big fans and always watch home and away in the UK, so when we got the chance to travel Australia in November we had to do the home and away tour experience. The tour guide we had was brilliant telling us lots of interesting facts about the show and cast.

It was a beautiful day at the bay and we got the chance to see some filming and even had some photos with some of the cast which made the day! It was an amazing experience for us which we will never forget.

Laura Tinsley I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing experience I got when visiting the bay. I do love the show and when I decided to go on a trip to Australia that was the first thing that I looked into doing. The staff was lovely, with a good information on the set, the location was lovely just a shame the day I went was the only day that was Raining in 3 weeks being out there. I love the idea of dropping us off in manly and got the ferry back to see the sites.

The whole experience was soo good. They were all staring at us and laughing.


And some were pointing. The worst, and most surreal part, was that two Home and Away characters, John Palmer and Xavier Austin — or the real people who play them — were standing right in front of the windshield, peering in at us and belly laughing. We were frozen in the harsh, unforgiving and blinding Australian morning sun, our half-asleep minds trying to process the fact that two of the people we had come to catch a look of were the ones watching us, for who knows how long.

There was nowhere to hide, we were like zoo animals, completely exposed. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a minute, she managed to start the engine and we got the hell out of there, random layers of clothes falling from our bodies in the panic.

As soon as we were a safe distance away, we pulled over and allowed the humiliation to wash over us.

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We pulled down the sun shades and surveyed just how bad we looked. Our faces were an attractive combination of puffy, sweaty and bright red, with streaks of mascara smeared under our eyes. We had Balinese sarongs wrapped around our necks and heads, and thick jumpers and hippie trousers draped over us. Eventually, after some coffee and more hysterical laughing, our red cheeks faded. We knew we had to pull ourselves together. We had come this far, driven for hours, slept in the car, and suffered utter mortification.

Summer Bay Stalking - visiting Home and Away in Sydney

From our vantage point behind some bush, we watched Xavier film a scene. Not wanting to get any closer, we wandered around to get a photo of the iconic lighthouse. When we were distracted, two of the crew approached us, and had a good laugh at our earlier humiliation.

We were red-raced again, but the guys were extremely nice. In a bizarre twist of fate, our rude awakening led to us being well and truly taken in by the Home and Away crew. Perhaps they felt bad for us, or maybe they were grateful for the early morning laugh we had afforded them. Either way, we had two new buddies and our surreal day continued. First up, they told us to jump right in the car so we could get some better photos.

Then, we were introduced to the catering staff who invited us to hang out in the food truck. Then, the guys called Zac Drayson over, an actor who played Will for years on the show and who was back for a guest role. We were so happy to get a picture with one of the cast so early in the day.