Meet and speak japanese nhk world live streaming

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meet and speak japanese nhk world live streaming

Today it's now a famous Japanese shopping street lined with top local and could collect the entrance fee from all patrons and watch over the whole complex. How to Watch Watch Live behind-the-scenes tales of hit products and creations from Japan: this is Japan's Top Inventions. Your Japanese Kitchen mini. NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Japan's sole public English-language channel, will partner with NJTV to bring live news and Japanese lifestyle programming to Northern on Japanese culture and lifestyle programming to English-speaking Biz Stream , Japan's Top Inventions, J-Arena, and Kids Meet the World.

Useful Column Murakami has a huge salmon fishery. Salted and dried salmon is a preserved food that can be eaten all year round. But it can be cooked in many different seasonal recipes, for spring, summer, fall or winter.

Modern architecture and leisure facilities, shopping and sightseeing are some of its attractions. Niigata City is also known for launching new food trends, and is home to many unusual rice-based foods.

These pasta noodles are made from rice flour and have a unique, chewy texture.

In Niigata you can also feast on sushi made with locally-caught seafood and locally-grown rice. Useful Column The Japanese name for this fish means, "black throat", because its throat is black. Exploring Traditional Culture on Sado Island Niigata Sado Island is known for its pristine wilderness, and home to the crested ibis, a bird threatened with extinction. Sado's gold mines were once the most productive in Japan. The mines were worked for years.

Now they preserve artifacts and mining heritage that can be seen nowhere else in Japan. Useful Column Takigi Noh is a form of traditional Japanese theater that has been performed for years. On summer nights, torches are lit around a Noh theater or temporary outdoor stage, where selected plays are performed.

Drinking Sake in Joetsu City Niigata Joetsu is a historic city that thrived as a castle town during the 16th century period of civil strife.

meet and speak japanese nhk world live streaming

In spring, the castle is lit up to provide a spectacular view of cherry blossoms at night. Recently, its intricate wooden furniture has become world famous. Each piece is assembled without using a single nail. Useful Column Sake is made from fermented rice and water. In addition to being a major producer of high-quality rice, Niigata has an abundant supply of good water.

This is why Niigata produces some of the best sake in Japan. It has a rich natural environment that provides spectacular views regardless of the season. Many people come here to escape the suffocating heat of the cities.


In winter, it attracts countless numbers of skiers. It was the site of the 18th Winter Olympic Games. The mountain climate is ideal for producing all kinds of fruit and vegetables, which are shipped throughout Japan.

The buckwheat noodles are also delicious. Nagano has many historic shrines, temples and castles that have been recognized as national treasures. It's also known as Japan's Champs-Elysees. Useful Column Let's learn how to pray. First throw in a donation. Then clap your hands twice. Keeping your hands together, make your prayer. Then bow once more to finish. They met in Ginza, Tokyo's premier upscale shopping district that has long prospered as a center of commerce.

Brand name shops and long-established department stores as well as high-class restaurants, nightclubs, and shops line the streets, making the area famous as the most valuable real estate in Japan. Traditional Japanese Pastimes Tokyo After last time's long awaited reunion, the three friends try out some old-fashion Japanese pastimes this time. After walking back to Ginza the three friends have taken the subway to Suehirocho Station, near the Electronics District of Akihabara. Useful Column This platform is where the proprietor of an old-fashioned public bath house would sit.

meet and speak japanese nhk world live streaming

The platform stood between the male and female sides so that one person could collect the entrance fee from all patrons and watch over the whole complex. It was an efficient way of doing business without much running around. Our trio begin their journey at Tokyo Station. This sightseeing bus has been used for more than half a century.

It's now a Tokyo sight in its own right. The key to its popularity is that you can visit various Tokyo spots in a single day.

meet and speak japanese nhk world live streaming

Naturally the bus visits the usual shrines and temples, the downtown area, and the latest hotspots. There are also all-you-can-eat tours of gourmet Japanese food, and cruises around Tokyo Bay.

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The wide variety covers every aspect of the city. Useful Column There are ten touch screens placed around the deck. Each explains what the visitor can see from that location. Building history is shown through satellite footage and maps. It seems there was a castle here years ago.

Discovering Shibamata Tokyo Lined with shops and restaurants, Shibamata is a temple town with a friendly backstreet feel. The Edo River flows nearby and the calm scenery makes the area feel less urban. A popular Tokyo tourist destination, the area attracts over two million visitors each year.

Useful Column The difference between visiting a shrine and a temple is that you don't clap your hands at a temple.