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meet and speak japanese nhk world english news

Direct Talk is an in-depth interview program featuring influencers, artists and business leaders who share NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO .. Easy Travel Japanese . Kids Meet the World . Keep up with us on NHK WORLD-JAPAN Facebook; Get the latest news from NHK WORLD-JAPAN Twitter. Kono: top court ruling 'unacceptable'. Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has called the South Korean Supreme Court ruling extremely regrettable. Visitors here and can enjoy the scenery while sipping on Japanese maccha tea Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese seafood product made from a white fish puree. Keep up with us on NHK WORLD-JAPAN Facebook; Get the latest news .

Useful Column This room was where the imperial couples would stay for the night. The garden outside is sloped so that the view has width and dimension. Its moral tone and tranquility gives it a subtle taste of elegant simplicity.

meet and speak japanese nhk world english news

Autumn foliage covers the garden with red and yellow, like a painting on a canvas. Let's see what happens next Useful Column These black eggs are a product of the onsen. The hydrogen sulfide and iron contained in the waters cause a chemical reaction on the egg shells. This reaction produces iron sulfide, thus dyeing the egg black. Peel off the shell Useful Column Here is a shop that sells ekiben lunches from all over Japan.

The Japanese people often eat their lunch boxes on the train or at the station while traveling, and look forward to this time!! Their next stop is the historical city, Kawagoe. Useful Column This is the Toki no kane, the town symbol. It strikes at noon, and 3 more times through out the day. Kawagoe is known for it's prosperity during the 17th century. Remnants over 30 warehouses can still be seen here today. Review This time we have explored the many characteristic places around Tokyo, and now it's time for a recap.


Tokyo The trio has met up at Haneda Airport, one of Japan's biggest air travel hubs. It has four runways, the most of any Japanese airport, and it handles the most flights, too. Ina new terminal opened here, greatly increasing the number of international flights. Now more and more travelers from abroad are using Haneda. Useful Column From Haneda Airport, there are train, monorail, and bus connections to central Tokyo and other parts of the metropolitan area.

NHK WORLD - English

There is also an information center for tourists from abroad. Going to Niigata Niigata Niigata enjoys good fishing all year long, and that means fresh, delicious seafood is always on the menu here. The prefecture has also long been known for growing delicious rice, among the most coveted in Japan.

The rice is mainly grown on rice terraces cut into the steep and scenic terrain. This is one of Japan's most iconic landscapes. And since rice is the main ingredient in sake, Niigata is also a premiere sake-making region. During the summer, Niigata hosts one of Japan's largest fireworks displays: Useful Column In your room at a ryokan, you will find Japanese-style robes called "yukata.

Here's how you put on a yukata: Tuck the right flap inside and pull the left flap over it. Wrap the belt twice around and tie it like this. Spoon-making in Tsubame City Niigata Tsubame has a population of around 84, and is famous for silverware-making. Metalworking factories are scattered among residential districts all through town It is known worldwide as a center of advanced metalworking technologies.

Strolling around Murakami City Niigata Murakami City is full of historic charm, evoking the streetscapes of the Edo and Meiji Periods dating back a more than a hundred years. Useful Column Murakami has a huge salmon fishery.

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Salted and dried salmon is a preserved food that can be eaten all year round. But it can be cooked in many different seasonal recipes, for spring, summer, fall or winter.

meet and speak japanese nhk world english news

Modern architecture and leisure facilities, shopping and sightseeing are some of its attractions. Niigata City is also known for launching new food trends, and is home to many unusual rice-based foods.

These pasta noodles are made from rice flour and have a unique, chewy texture.

meet and speak japanese nhk world english news

In Niigata you can also feast on sushi made with locally-caught seafood and locally-grown rice. Useful Column The Japanese name for this fish means, "black throat", because its throat is black.