Make it pop jodi and caleb meet

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make it pop jodi and caleb meet

Jodi Mapa is a deuteragonist of Make It Pop. As Caleb leaves, Sun Hi says that he is different, and Jodi responded by saying "in a kinda cute The next morning , they finally meet their roommate, Corki Chang, who is here to study hard and. Linc Harrison, whom Sun Hi met during the holidays, sure seems to think so. . Meanwhile Caleb makes a grand romantic gesture for Jodi, but will it be enough . Caleb and Jodi better known as Jaleb is the friendship/romantic pairing of Caleb and Jodi in Make It Pop. Nickname Jodi and Caleb meet for the first time.

make it pop jodi and caleb meet

Corki and Jared retrace their steps to find the lost watch. Corki suggests it may be in the trash, so Jared searches in the trash can.

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Sun Hi walks by Corki and Jared and asks what they are doing. Corki asks her if she remembers asking to help them and being sweet and helpful, but Sun Hi doesn't recall any of it.

make it pop jodi and caleb meet

Diona informs Sun Hi that her parents can't make it to Family Week, but her sister is coming instead. Sun Hi is able to put the pieces together as to why everyone is acting so weird. Sun Mi meets Linc on the roof and he explains that they have booked a gig at Club RyRi and for Sun Hi to make it up to him, she has to sing backup, to which Sun Mi agrees.

Jodi and Caleb arrive back at the dryer room only to find out that the clothes are missing.

make it pop jodi and caleb meet

Caleb ends up finding them in the dryer shrunken. Sun Hi sees that Linc is hanging up posters about the performance, and she knows well enough that she is not singing backup and knows that it was Sun Mi's doing. Corki and Jared are trying to find the watch with no luck. Corki receives an emergency text from Sun Hi and leaves Jared behind.

Jodi is trying to sew all the shrunken dresses into a big dress, hoping Hye Jung will like it, but she receives the same emergency text from Sun Hi, telling her to meet up at Club RyRi. Sun Hi arrives and informs them that it's not her, but her twin sister and explains everything. To save her own reputation she shuts down Linc's show, introducing him to Sun Mi. The crowd wants a show, so XO-IQ performs.

Later, Jared sees Mr.

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Chang and apologizes and confesses that he lost the watch and couldn't find it after looking for it all day. Chang appreciates Jared's honestly the great lengths Jared went to looking for his watch, but Mr. Chang shows Jared that he had the watch the entire time and sees that Corki is very important to Jared. On top of the roof, Linc thinks that Sun Hi and Sun Mi were plotting against him the whole in order to embarrass him in front of the whole school.

He doesn't care anymore and says that Sun Hi ruined his performance a second time in front of the whole school.

make it pop jodi and caleb meet

She is later seen at the school assembly sitting next to Sun Hi. After the assembly, Jodi is seen with an angry Sun Hi, who is insulting Mr. She later tells Caleb that his beats are sick, in a good way, not like his grandma's old cat, Maurice.

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Sun Hi and Jodi went back to their room, and got a package from Mr. Stark, which is actually for their mystery roommate. Sun Hi then drags Jodi into finding the identity of their roommate.

make it pop jodi and caleb meet

When she heard Mr. Diona coming, they decide to hide in Caleb's locker. Diona closes and locks the door and leaves Sun Hi and Jodi trapped in the locker. The next morning, she is seen using Sun Hi's face as a pillow. When the bell rings, they pound frantically for people to help them get out. Caleb then helps her out of his locker first, they then lock eyes. They stare at one another for a moments until they got interrupted by Sun Hi, and they help her out also. As Caleb leaves, Sun Hi says that he is different, and Jodi responded by saying "in a kinda cute way", implying that she has a crush on him.

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When they walked into their room, they find their roommate, Corki Chang. Jodi calls Sun Hi weird when Sun Hi thinks that her new roommate is an alien. They then went to class.

When Sun Hi realizes that she forgot her phone, they race back to get it. They then sing Spotlightz. The episode ends with Jodi saying to Sun Hi, "I thought you were gonna be the weird roommate".