Lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

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lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Originally piloted for Nickelodeon,[1] it was eventually picked up by Disney Channel in The Proud Family is an American animated television series that aired on Disney .. However, Penny sneaks out of the house, and meets the rapper 15 Cent. The following is a list of Lilo & Stitch: The Series episodes. The Proud Family is an American animated sitcom that ran on Disney Channel from two Los Angeles area arterial roads that meet in West Hollywood, California. . The Proud Family visit Hawaii on an episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series as part of Disney Replay on October 1, and aired again on December Feb 15, One of the Federation Ships tried to get away, but Naleke tossed her sickle at it and pulled it back. . As part of the Ohana, I refused to surrender you to her. . Lilo, and Stitch got into the BRB with Penny Proud, Dijonay, off to Wizville to meet up with the friends and families of Penny Proud and her friends.

Smith and was produced by Jambalaya Studios. Originally piloted for Disney's One Saturday Morningthen Nickelodeonit was eventually picked up by Disney Channel and started airing in September An original pilot was made and produced by Nickelodeon in but was never shown to the public resulting in Nickelodeon passing the show on. It marked the first animated Disney Channel Original Seriesand, incidentally, the only original animated series from Disney Channel not associated with, and to be produced exclusively by Disney's Television Animation arm.

The main protagonist of the series, a year-old girl who is usually embarrassed by her father, Oscar. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, even though they have gotten her into trouble, and left her to face danger by herself many times. She always listens to and respects her parents, but often caves in to peer pressure and acts very bratty when she does not get her way.

She is a talented singer as shown when she becomes a solo singer for Wizard Kelly productions but quits after missing her old life. Penny is a straight 'A' student, and is part of the school newspaper staff. At one point, she tried out for cheerleadingbut due to having an accident with the stage being converted into a giant CD, LaCienega got the last spot on the squad.

Penny is also good at writing and reciting poetryand becomes jealous when her friend Dijonay becomes just as good as her. In The Proud Family MoviePenny turns 16, and she begins to want independence, but her father has issues letting her go.

She saves the world and makes up with him, and he finally realizes she is her own person who can make her own decisions. Oscar Proud voiced by Tommy Davidson: Oscar is characterized as hyperactiveimmature, childish, but still a well-meaning man.

Oscar owns and operates his own snack food business called "Proud Snacks" whose flavors are unpopular. She comes from a relatively wealthy family, including her father who is a doctor and her sister Diana who is a famous actress. She often gives Penny advice when Penny is in trouble. Trudy is married to Oscar, and in turn often forces him to see the logical side of an argument.

She is the level-headed one in the family along with Suga Mama, though she can be bossy and jealous sometimes. She is very nice but sassy, and always gets straight to the point when she talks.

She can even tease and beat up Oscar, but loves him deep down during The Proud Family Movie, she finally gives him some respect and listens to him for once. She has the highest respect for Trudy. Her age is unknown although in She Drives Me Crazy, it said she had a driver's license that expired inand is often made fun of by Oscar.

An event from 20 years ago shows her looking exactly the same as before. Suga Mama is in love with her neighbor Papi, who often makes rude remarks about her in Spanish which she thinks are compliments. She shows extra amounts of love for her poodlePuff. She is really into pink dresses and afro puffshence the name of her dog, Puff. Like Puff, Suga Mama also displays a really warm relationship with Penny and sometimes even agrees with her ideas. Penny's troublemaking one-year-old fraternal twin siblings.

BeBe is a boy with an afro and always has a bottle in his mouth, while CeCe is a girl with brown hair and a pink dress with pigtails. BeBe's eyes are never seen, due to his afro hairdo. They love Penny very much, but at times they play too roughly with her. They are often seen playing with Puff, and most of the time, Puff ends up getting injured.

In the episode "Twins to Tweens", Penny wishes that they were teenagers so she would not have to babysit them anymore; her wish is granted but later reverted because they were ruining Penny's life. Suga Mama's beloved pet poodle.

All of a sudden, the air started to blow around the Proud Family and the Boulevardez Family.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Everyone looked around before the Big Red Battleship landed. She and Oscar happily ran up to their now grown up daughter and embraced her while Sunset and Felix did the same with LaCienega. He looked up to Lilo and gasped. How much you've grown! She looked to Suga Mama and chuckled. You're still in your prime! She's going after you, and it's only a matter of time before Lady Nebula discovers where we are!

She took out her Ohana Communicator to show everyone what Lady Nebula looked like and what she could do. Now, she wishes to target all the families and friends of Team Ohana… and that means you. That giant Land Shark who threatened to kill my Granddaughter?! She smiled at Penny.

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You exposed Happy Endings, you took down Dr. Carver, you aced your driving tests, and now you're going up against a danger that could threaten the lives of everyone," she said.

Everyone's eyes widened before they all looked to the side. Standing there was a younger version of Penny Proud, armed with a gun and aiming it at the families and Team Ohana. The serum should have killed you after I took down Dr. Everyone gasped as the rest of the Clones of the Proud Family appeared. He lifted up a car nearby and threw it at the Proud Family's Clones.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Penny's Clone, however, caught it easily and threw it to the side. She let out a scoff. He let water out of it and sent it towards the Proud Family Clones, knocking them all back.

He leapt into the air and grabbed some cables from the power lines. Seeing that the ends were sparking, he stabbed them into the water, causing it to get electrocuted. The Clones of the Proud Family all yelled in pain.

The Proud Family

Papi and Stitch both stopped their attacks, but the Proud Family Clones got back up again. Penny Proud stepped up and took out a pen. She aimed it at her Clone Family and clicked it. Immediately, green lasers fired out from them and hit each of the Clones of the Proud Family.

This time, all of the Proud Family Clones fell down without even making a sound. Everyone looked to Penny Proud as she sheathed her pen and made her way back to the Big Red Battleship. We need to find the rest of our friends… if they still even live here. If Lady Nebula could do it too, we're in deep trouble! All three narrowed their eyes at the unconscious bodies of the Proud Family Clones, all readying their Ohana Communicators in Blaster Mode to shoot at them if they regained consciousness.

They've got a metallic armor hidden under their skin that makes them almost invincible," Delores explained. It won't be long until they're awake. At that moment, Clone Penny's Arm clenched and broke some of the road. Everyone gasped before Oscar came out from the house, carrying a sack full of all of his own formulas.

Unbeknownst to him, the Proud Family Clones were advancing behind him, getting ready to take him down and take his formulas away from him. Carver even gave me his own Formula that can melt the Clones should something like this ever happen again. I'm telling you guys, they'll be gone as fast as Sista Spice was when she was chased away by Suga Mama… running scared with their tails between their legs!

He suddenly saw the cautious and shocked expressions of his friends and family, and the smile on his face immediately turned into a deadpan frown. I need a ball! Everyone looked to Penny as she tossed Stitch into the air. He immediately transformed into his ball form before Penny formed a sword from her Ohana Communicator.

With one swing, she slammed Stitch right into the Proud Family Clones. All of the Clones were knocked back before Penny caught Stitch again and bowled him towards the Clones, knocking them into the air. Lilo and Stitch set themselves at the pilot's seat and soon, they flew off. Everyone got seated and rested once they were inside of the Big Red Battleship. They started to be recharged, saving up energy for the next battle. Oscar raised an eyebrow while Penny's friends looked to one another, also trying to find out how to put things.

That duck was harmless until everyone started picking on him. She adjusted the mirrors so that she was now focusing her attention to both behind the Big Red Battleship and to LaCienega's Mom. Care to share it? She pulled up a holographic screen on her Ohana Communicator. Not know when Lady Nebula is gonna strike. Be on guard at all times.

It's much bigger than their home now. Lilo and Stitch both looked to her before looking to the mirrors.

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Everyone's eyes widened with shock and surprise as Suga Mama threw her walking stick into her hand. I swear, if he were to come over with some sort of Space Fighter, I'd take him on while standing on the roof of this Ship! At that moment, the roars of two engines were heard from behind the Big Red Battleship.

Her smile lessened into a deadpan frown. We have to make every action against him convincing. No more hunting seasons. We kill all birds with one stone! All of a sudden, he started to fire back. She threw aside her papers and fired at Gantu's Ship, making sure that her shots were precise.

The Proud Family and the Boulevardez Family all tried to hang onto the Big Red Battleship as it shook back and forth from the crossfire. Gantu fired a missile, but without even looking, Penny shot it apart, causing the Big Red Battleship to shake even more. Everyone gasped as the blasts they had just sent out all dissipated away and formed into the Dragon Wing's Dark Blast. Penny and Trudy both looked to the jar and then to Oscar. Bethany Jones came over to the Chang Triplets and Duke.

I thought they would've just noticed by now. You won't believe what's outside! Everyone ran outside and looked to see the Big Red Battleship land. They all gasped as it came to a complete stop. Everyone looked into the air with shock and awe at the sight of Gantu and Lady Nebula's Ships fly over them before they flew back around for another attack. Stitch tried to regain his balance, but because of the crash, he started to stumble around the field.

The Gross Sisters all looked to Stitch before Lilo came over and picked him up. The four looked to one another strangely before Lilo ran over to Penny and the rest of her friends, as well as the Prouds, Felix and Papi.

We have a Terrorist Emergency here! Everyone looked to each other, doubting whether or not if this was true. Not long afterwards, Gantu and Lady Nebula landed their Ships and walked out, causing everyone's eyes to widen.

The three suddenly saw the surprised expressions of Penny's friends and they immediately made deadpan frowns. Both of them crossed their arms before the Clones of the Proud Family leapt out of nowhere and joined their Masters. Or run away in shame? Everyone watched as Oscar was sent tumbling to the side. When he hit a pole, he stopped. Everyone cringed and oohed in pain before Oscar regained himself.

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Lady Nebula and Gantu both looked to each other as Oscar got back up again. He filled it up with the peanut butter and aimed it at the Clones. I've destroyed at least two cities and laid waste to an army. No Earth Forces can stop me! Speak now… or forever hold your peace. Everyone looked to her as she looked to Lady Nebula and her forces. It was always about the mission. But something about that changed when you were with few people who cared about you, let alone respect you," she started out.

You had a reason to be loved. She will be appearing in the upcoming crowd funded film The Circle. She maintains a website at http: He released a rap album Trade It All in In Februaryhe was arrested for domestic battery, obstruction of justice, and drug possession.

Phil LaMarr as Michael Collins One of the most prolific voice actors of the 21st century, LaMarr has extensive credits in television, film, and video games, including Avatar: She married on July 10 and gave birth to her first child four days later.

She maintains a Twitter account RocsAstar. Carlos Mencia as Felix Boulevardez Mencia starred in the Comedy Central comedy show Mind of Mencia, a blend-up of stand-up and sketch comedy, which ran for three seasons. He continues to perform stand-up, albeit suffering from frequent claims of plagiarism from George Lopez, Bill Cosby, and Joe Rogan, as well as accusations of racism.