Left 4 dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

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left 4 dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Zoey and Ellis is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of The survivors of L4D1 meet the survivors of L4D2, will everyone survive?. Don't warn me again for Left 4 Dead 2. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. The survivors of L4D2 meet those of L4D. Ellis falls in love with Zoey and will risk everything for her, even rejection. How do their destinies.

Ellis is unfailingly polite toward Rochelle, referring to her with the outdated Miss honorific throughout the first Dead Center chapter. Rochelle perceives Ellis as a non-threatening, what-you-see-is-what-you-get character, and this explains why Ellis is the only one who is able to make her laugh.

Overall, theirs is a big sister—little brother relationship, and this is why Rochelle stands up to Nick when he picks on Ellis' crush on Zoey and tells Ellis that in order to win Zoey's heart, "You just be your sweet self.

Francis Ellis seems to like Francis. He refers to him as a cool guy a number of times and believes he is trustworthy. He takes Rochelle's joke about having respect on him lightheartedly. He and Francis will even talk about cars and motorcycles until they are stopped by Zoey.

Both of them also believe that if there are zombiesthere must also be vampires and mummies. Their only conflict comes over Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Zoey Ellis has a huge crush on Zoey. He considers it love at first sight. Ellis states that he is a nervous wreck when thinking about Zoey and will even tell the others he wants to marry her. When leaving, Ellis will show sadness at having to leave Zoey and wishes to see her again.

On their first encounter when Ellis crumbles into tongue-tied, love-struck embarrassmentshe is never anything other than all business.

However, at the end of the campaign, Zoey thaws somewhat and may wistfully wonder if she will ever see Ellis again or whether it would have been a better idea to team up with Ellis' group. Louis Ellis and Louis get along quite well.

Sharing their enthusiasm and optimistic attitudes, they are quick to wish each other the best. Louis finds Ellis funny when Francis and Nick begin to argue. Louis also feels Ellis will definitely make it to New Orleans, praising him as he leaves. Quotes and Captions See: The logo on his T-shirt is a "Bullshifters" logo. Correspondence with the developers led to an email reply [13] from Andrea Wickland, the person responsible for the design.

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The backstory behind the T-shirt spawns from Ellis' love for trucks. We came up with the idea that Ellis and a group of his high school buddies started up their own truck club, which may or may not still exist, and named themselves the Bullshifters with a logo to boot. A play on words, if you hadn't already guessed: Valve's genius writer Erik Wolpaw gets all the credit for that one. As for the art, Big Daddy Roth is the influence. He's an artist that is notorious for his motorhead appeal.

His style was the obvious one for the shirt design. According to one of his lines upon obtaining a KatanaEllis took karate lessons. In early designs for Ellis, his cap has the Cross of Saint George on it, this may indicate that at one point in his design stage, he was to be English rather than American.

Ellis' tattoo on his right arm resembles Lewis' tattoo, a character in the game, Primal, on his right arm. Ellis is the only character to hold a Pistol or Magnum with one hand.

Coach and Rochelle also do this when their health is below 40, but this is due to them being in pain or tired. Ellis is apparently a Roman Catholic. This is assumed because of his remark about Nick's suit: At my first Holy Communion in second grade.

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The Episcopal faith also believes in the sacrament of Holy Communion, and the Episcopal Church has a significant membership in the South, including Savannah, Georgia.

The Anglican church also carries out a similar proceedure to the communion called Eucharist. Ellis has many stories to share, most involving his friend Keith in his almost fatal accidents. However, one story he tells in The Mall involves another friend of his, Dave. He tells no other story about him. Usually after getting hit Ellis stops talking, but on rare occasions he won't stop, resulting in hilarious effects such as Ellis getting hit with a Tank's rock and still telling his stories about him and Keith.

Ellis' line "Die, die, my darlings, die, die, die! Ellis has apparently been interested in firearms since a very young age, according to one of his lines when picking up an assault rifle: He has also claimed to learn how to shoot a gun before he could walk.

Ellis used to run an auto repair shop together with his friends before the outbreak. They were also in a band in which Ellis played bass. Ellis' cap carries the same symbol as a scrap metal removal poster seen in The Parish. Ellis, for obscure reasons, never replies upon the former doing so. Ellis apparently plays Team Fortress 2another Valve game, as a community line added in The Passing has him stating that a situation is just like Team Fortress 2, similar to Louis' "Oh man, this is just like Counter-Strike!

During this trailer, Ellis is usually carrying a Grenade Launcher. Also during the trailer, he was shown to carry multiple primary firearms at the same time Sniper Rifle and Grenade Launcher on back and Combat Shotgun in hand.

Now that the planet's overrun with murderous zombies, and all of her professors are dead, Zoey at least has the cold comfort that she's been studying up on the right subject after all. She got her love for this film genre from her father who introduced her to movies featuring zombies, slasher murderers and extraterrestrials at a young age.

Her father, Wade, wished for her to become a police officer like himself, often taking her to shooting ranges to get her into some practice. These actions caused tension between her divorced parents one night and started a heated argument between the two regarding their daughter's future. The argument was short lived however when an Infected suddenly found his way into their living room and attacked Zoey's mother, Carolyn. Her father was able to kill the Infected but not before it savaged Zoey's mother.

Holding Carolyn in his arms, Wade commanded Zoey to call for an ambulance. Zoey came back to witness her father being mauled by her mother, who then noticed her daughter's presence and quickly lunged at her. Fortunately before she could reach Zoey, Wade shot her in the back of the head.

His last request was for Zoey to kill him before he became an Infected. She then reached for her father's gun and after a heart breaking "I love you dad", she pulled the trigger. Weeks later, Zoey was shocked to discover that her father may have been a Carrier and the mercy-killing could have been in vain.

The following is conjecture and may not be considered canon.

left 4 dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Overall, Zoey is perhaps treated the kindest by the other Survivors. Bill In many ways, Zoey and Bill have a father-daughter relationship.

When the tragedy of her parents' deaths is revealed, she hugs him for comfort and later she is seen resting on his shoulder in the evacuation vehicle. Bill generally seems to be slightly more emotional when Zoey dies [2] compared to the others. She also seems to reciprocate by caring about his well-being at all times.

left 4 dead 2 ellis and zoey meet