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As a result of this, airlines are also launching tie-ins with popular streaming services. Meanwhile, it's not only food that passengers can choose on KLM flights. The dutch airline has introduced a 'Meet and Seat' feature, allowing people to view the Why brands should be bothered about (voice)bots. Recently, KLM introduced a new program known as Meet & Seat. As a result of their continued effort to serve passengers socially, KLM was. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is at least one airline which offers a social check-in feature called Meet & Seat, where you can find out who will be on.

It differs from using a telephone, for example, as only one party can speak at a time, and has no idea what his message actually sounds like over the air. If two or more microphones are clicked at the same instant, the transmissions cancel each other out, delivering a noisy occlusion of static or a high-pitched squeal called a heterodyne. Rarely are heterodynes dangerous. But at Tenerife this is the last straw. Ten seconds later there is one final exchange, clearly and maddeningly audible on the post-crash tapes.

Focused on the takeoff, Van Zanten and his first officer apparently miss this. But the second officer, sitting behind them, does not. Alarmed, with their plane now racing forward at a hundred knots, he leans forward. A few moments later, the lights of the KLM emerge out of the grayness, dead ahead, 2, feet away and closing fast.

The true story behind the deadliest air disaster of all time

Goddamn, that son of a bitch is coming! Attempting to leapfrog, he pulls back on the elevators, dragging his tail along the pavement for 70 feet in a hail of sparks. He almost makes it, but just as his plane breaks ground, its undercarriage and engines slice into the ceiling of the Victor, instantly demolishing its midsection and setting off a series of explosions.

The worlds best airlines - according to you Badly damaged, the Rhine settles back to the runway, skids hard on its belly for another thousand feet, and is consumed by fire before a single one of its occupants can escape. Remarkably, of passengers and crew aboard the Pan Am jumbo, 61 of them survived, including all five people in the cockpit: These men were there, emerging from the wreckage of what, for some of us, stands as an event of mythic proportions. The 10 deadliest air disasters of all time One of those survivors was Bob Bragg, the Pan Am first officer.

I met him in Los Angeles, on the set of a documentary being made for the thirtieth anniversary of the accident. Bob Bragg died in Februaryafter the original publication of this extract]. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. Gray-haired, bespectacled, and articulate, he looks and sounds like what he is: You can read all the transcripts, pore over the findings, watch the documentaries a hundred times over. Not until you sit with Bob Bragg and hear the unedited account, with all of the strange and astounding details that are normally missing, do you get a full sense of what happened.

His arm groped helplessly. When he looked up, the roof was gone. Turning around, he realised that the entire upper deck had been sheared off at a point just aft of his chair. He could see all the way aft to the tail, feet behind him. The fuselage was shattered and burning. He and Captain Grubbs were alone in their seats, on a small, fully exposed perch 35 feet above the ground.

KLM ‘Meet And Seat’ Officially Underway

Everything around them had been lifted away like a hat. The second officer and jumpseat stations, their occupants still strapped in, were hanging upside-down through what seconds earlier was the ceiling of the first class cabin. A memorial to the victims of the disaster, unveiled 10 years ago Credit: Bragg stood up and hurled himself over the side. He landed in the grass three stories below, feet--first, and miraculously suffered little more than an injured ankle.

Grubbs followed, and he too was mostly unharmed. The others from the cockpit would unfasten their belts and shimmy down the sidewalls to the main cabin floor before similarly leaping to safety. Once on the ground, they faced a deafening roar. The plane had been pancaked into the grass, but because the cockpit control lines were severed, the engines were still running at full power.

It took several moments before the motors began coming apart. The fuselage was engulfed by fire.

Air France-KLM positive on ticket prices, to offer more seats

Bragg ran over, encouraging them to jump. Eventually, authorities opened the airport perimeter gates, urging anybody with a vehicle to drive toward the crash scene to help. Bob Bragg tells the cracked story of standing there in fog, surrounded by stunned and bleeding survivors, watching his plane burn, when suddenly a taxicab pulls up out of nowhere. Bragg returned to work a few months later. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Dorothy. Captain Grubbs has since passed away, as has second officer George Warns.

During the documentary shoot, I travelled with Bob Bragg and the producers to the aircraft storage yards at Mojave, California, where he was interviewed alongside a mothballeddescribing that incredible leap from the upper-deck. A day earlier, using a flight deck mock-up, director Phil Desjardins filmed a reenactment of the Tenerife collision, with a trio of actors sitting in as the KLM crew.

To provide the actors with a helpful demo, it was suggested that Bob Bragg and I get inside the mock-up and run through a practice takeoff. We read through a makeshift checklist and went through the motions of a simulated takeoff. But I could barely keep the astonishment to myself. KLM has made expansion in China the centerpiece of its Asia focus and is the only airline to operate direct flights from Europe to second-tier cities in China such as Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiamen.

As China is home of no less than cities with a population of more than 1 million, KLM expects to start more direct flights to second-tier cities in the future in order to maintain its first-mover advantage. Route-dedicated service In order to make Chinese passengers feel at home, KLM has localized elements of the onboard experience on flights to and from China.

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Each flight has three Chinese-speaking cabin crew onboard, announcements are also made in Mandarin and Cantonese, while language assistants are available to assist passengers upon departure and arrival. In Business Class, KLM has teamed up with Chinese high-end restaurant chain South Beauty to offer passengers the choice of a Chinese menu, and a local meal with jasmine tea is also served in Economy. Social media KLM, which has over 1. The service allows passengers to pick seatmates with similar interests before their flight by linking their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their seat number.

Passengers must opt in for the service, and can adjust their privacy settings to reveal as much or as little information as they wish. Screens in the social media hub feature colorful charts that show the real-time sentiment about KLM and other relevant topics. KLM has deployed Salesforce. DestinationCRM reports that about 50 KLM employees use the system to review, on average, 1, tweets and Facebook comments per day.